Your chance to win 2500L worth of Gift Cards…. It's a Competition!

Want to win up to 2500L worth of Gift Cards from some of SL’s amazing Mesh Body friendly designers? Here’s your chance!

This one is for charity folks! As many of you know, the Fashion for Life event is currently on in SL, and is aimed at raising funds for the American Cancer Society (sorry edit here – I incorrectly wrote Council!!). This is an amazing cause, as for her part to raise funds, Ashton from AviCandy has created this beautiful HUD-Driven Ribbon that lets you show your support for the cause that is nearest and dearest to your heart.

PIC - Cancer Awareness Ribbon

The ribbon is priced at 50L at the Fashion for Life event HERE, and all 50L of each sale goes directly to the American Cancer Society.

So here’s the deal… To increase the fundraising from these ribbons, I have teamed up with some amazing designers and thrown some money in to make an AMAZING prize pool (I want to thank all of the designers involved in this, their generosity has been so very kind).

So what do you have to do? Easy! Head HERE and buy a ribbon (remember, all proceeds to Charity). Then, wearing your ribbon, I want you to show your BEST Mesh Body style. This means coordinating an outfit with your ribbon, choosing accessories and putting together a well thought out look. It can be dark, light, erotic, thoughtful, funny…. anything you like!! Now don’t worry, you don’t have to be a photography genius to win this one.

The winner will be chosen by a panel of judges based on:
1) Use of the Ribbon
2) Use of a Mesh Body
3) Style and coordination of outfit (does your outfit look stylish and well thought out? Is it unique? Does it serve the purpose of your picture such as matching the theme of your photo?)
4) Accessorising of outfit (are you using accessories thoughtfully and well placed?)
5) Photograph as a whole (quality factors in slightly, but mostly we’re looking for a backdrop that makes sense, some basic use of lighting etc to accentuate your outfit).

To be eligible to win, you MUST:
1) Purchase and use the Ribbon in your picture
2) Use a Mesh Body (of any kind) in your picture;
3) Submit your picture to the Mesh Body Addicts Flickr Group (only one entry per person). Entries close 4th April 2015.

The Prizes include:

So what are you waiting for? Get going! Keep in mind the Ribbons are ONLY on sale for the week the Fashion for Life event is open (event ends 29th March 2015), however our competition will end 4th April 2015 with winners notified on the 5th April 2015.

Please remember, it’s all for a good cause, so let’s keep it friendly guys – it’s supposed to be fun!

<3 Daria

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