MBA Workshop – Frequently Asked Questions!

Hi MAddicts,

Firstly – I’m sorry it’s taken me a few extra days to get this post up for you, I’ve been out with the flu for a few days with a brain too fuzzy to remember how to blog 😉

For those of you who weren’t able to attend (and those of you who did, even), I had the pleasure of running a workshop at the Model’s Workshop once again, this time a question and answer session about mesh bodies and heads. Now I know a few of you there were keen for me to do a ‘mesh bodies for beginners’ session again, and the good news is that I will most definitely do that very soon, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, if you have suggestions for topics you’d like to see in in-world workshops or the like, make sure you let me know by sending me an IM or leaving a comment below 🙂

Now – on to the notes from Tuesday’s workshop. Most of the workshop was looking at various mesh bodies, but I’ve put the questions that were asked below. These were completely random so I’ve put these in a Q&A format – I hope you find them useful! <3

What eyes do I use with a mesh head?

Most people will use mesh eyes with a catwa head, because it’s often not possible to get a perfect alignment with the head using system eyes. It’s also because you can manually manipulate mesh eyes to move them into the ‘right’ position in your head to avoid looking cross eyed. I use IKON mesh eyes, but there are so many different mesh eye creators, such as Mayfly, Bentbox and Fateeyes just to name a few!

Why do my eyes sometimes look cross-eyed or ‘off’ under my mesh head?

Now eyes are a weird thing – they do actually have a ‘bone’ in the sl body, that’s what makes them look around the way they do. The key is to firstly, use the shape that comes with your mesh head – this shape is designed to put those bones in the right place (ie. sticking out of your eye sockets, if you were to look at it in a program like blender). If your mesh head doesn’t come with a shape, then before you use your mesh eyes and hide your system eyes, go into edit appearance with your mesh head on and try and line up the eyes as best you can with the eye sockets of the mesh head. Some of the more common sliders to adjust are:

  • Eye spacing
  • Eye depth
  • Head Length
  • Head Stretch

Once you’ve done this, you can add your mesh eyes and right click – edit on them to move them in to the perfect place. I like IKON’s eyes for this, it comes with a HUD that keeps the eyes still and allows you to move them through the HUD itself, but you can always lock your eyes into place looking up/down/whatever using the free Anypose Expression hud. I also use the Kitty Loves Milk fix Huds quite a bit, which allow you to add ankle/neck/eye etc fixes to stop movement in these body parts.

What’s happening with TMP? Are they ever getting out of Beta?

The answer I’m told by them is yes, they’re working on updates as many designers are right now for the new ‘bento’ avatar bones. For those of you not familiar this is the project that adds extra bones to the SL avatar. Now bento isn’t anything to be scared of, in fact it’s a great thing, it’s just some extra hand/face bones which will be a lot of fun, giving you extra attachment points and functinality. It means however that mesh body/head creators are playing catch up with it in an attempt to use it to it’s maximum potential. It won’t stop you using your mesh bodies or heads as you do now, nothing will change for you except some extra functionality if the designer of your head/body makes their body/head use the new bones.

What about Belleza? When are we getting an update or a male mesh body?

Belleza have stated that the Venus V4, Isis V2, and Freya V2 Updates are coming soon, but we’re not sure when. They also have a male Mesh Body in the works and mesh heads, but the last update I’ve had was that it should be in the first four months of this year, but I can’t confirm that.

Sometimes when I tp somewhere, I lose my mesh body, how can I stop this?

Okay so last month I was at a contest when one poor guy did his fashion walk without his body, and everyone was asking why he didn’t realise he’d ‘lost’ his body. The problem is that when your mesh body drops off of you, often you can still see it, but everyone else can’t! Now the reason this happens is attachment points. Most mesh automatically attaches itself to the same parts of your body (right hand/spine/centre), and therefore you end up with too many items attached to single points of your body. SL can’t handle this, so will often drop one of the attachments if you have more than one on any given attachment point (the same way that if you ‘wear’ a mesh item, it will sometimes take another item off of your body – it’s replacing what’s on that attachment point).

The solution is simple. Instead of just adding or wearing your mesh body, right click on it in your inventory and go to ‘attach to’ and chose an empty spot. It really doesn’t matter which one, I use center usually because I don’t wear much else there, but any spot will work (because the items are fitted, they will automatically sit correctly on your body, don’t worry).

Which attachment point do I use?

You can use any attachment point (preferably a non frequently used one). Yes this means I can attach my mesh body to my pelvis, hand, or even eye (don’t do that, you have eyes there lol) and It will *still* go to the right spot on my skeleton because it’s rigged to be there. It’s not like unrigged items  that you might attach deliberately to one limb or another.


I hope you found something useful MAddicts – stay tuned for more info on the Intro to Mesh Bodies workshop and of course coming up, Weekly Fitmesh Finds!

<3 a sneezy Daria

I’m wearing:
Mesh Head – Stella by Lelutka
Mesh Body – Lara by Maitreya
Skin – Kat (America) by Glam Affair (Available at Shiny Shabby)Lelutka applier
Hair – Underwater (Editorial) by Tableau Vivantgatcha item
Dress – Juliet by Masoom Includes Maitreya & Slink Physique sizes
Pose – Model Pose 2 by Focus Poses

18 thoughts on “MBA Workshop – Frequently Asked Questions!

  1. Daria, you said at the work shop that you cant use system eyes with mesh heads. Ok I was very laggy so there might be something I missed in this discussion but I do use system eyes with my mesh heads ( LOGO, Slink and TMP) and it works fine. So I dont really understand why you said it cant be done ?

    • Hi honey 🙂 Catwa say it can’t be done with their heads, with some others it can be but it’s really hit and miss depending on how they’ve created it and/or how well you fit the eyes to the head 🙂

      • Did she say that she would work on it being possible with her heads?
        Slink, LOGO and TMP (the ones I have) have notecards with help for settings I do those and then I tweek them in apperanc it the eyes are a bit off still 🙂
        Main reason I use my system eyes is that Ive looked for my 1st life eyecolour for as long as Ive been in SL (a long long looooooong time lol) and I finally found some that comes darn close. I regually look at the mesh ones if I see some at fairs but yet not seen any that comes near that colour 🙂

          • to bad .. that deff cuts out me getting a Catwa head … unless I do eventually find mesh eyes with the right colour 😉 Judging by the time it took me finding the system ones should be around another ten years then lol

  2. I personally don’t like the mesh heads most look horrid, I just use Skin applier and I look just as good if not better with my maria Avatar face, with mesh Hair, I use Lara body. everyone says my avatar looks pretty and I am only 3 weeks old, so people don’t believe i am new!

  3. I have a Lelutka head and trying to wear it with my Isis body looks terrible. It looks flawless with my maitreya body. How can i wear it with my isis body as I like that better?

    • Hey Tracie 🙂 Try using the neck fix options on the belleza HUD – and setting them to the body fat level you’re using. If you do that you should be able to get a very smooth fit with them, I don’t usually have much trouble 🙂

  4. I’ll be honest and say I dread a Belleza update. The body is basically good right now, and that means there is mostly only room to mess things up.

    But on the very small list of ways it could be improved – get rid of the 3 breast options and just keep ‘natural’ in at least one copy of the body. Nobody uses the other options, and they just create lag.

    There is a slight gap between the head and the body – I fixed this on my own by making my own alpha map for the torso. All you need to do is go down from the body UV map by about 1 pixel.

    Make the thing Mod… I know I won’t get this, but I also know the refusal to give me this is illogical.

    On the obscure: Add 1-3 alpha cuts to the hand, at the wrist… so we can make the ‘arm’ longer for when we want to remove the hand and put a furry hand in its place. I don’t use the furry I needed this for anymore, but I imagine other furry users would appreciate it.

    • actually I do use the breast options. 1. I still have clothes what will require the pushup option 2. I use the perk option for pictures

      Re the update: The Venus is slightly off by the wrists, other than that I will agree with you so I hope they wont alter it to much.

      The Hud needs update for sure. The mesh nipples wont always come on via the button, I hear some people have issues with it (it stops working). When you use the auto alphas it wont show up on the HUD. Also the auto alphas conflict with eachother. If I wear a jacket with AA and then put on a pair of trousers with AA the jacket AA comes off.

      So yes its minor details and deff not enough for me to switch to another body.

      Would be lovely to see the ability to only alpha out one hand or foot at a time also as well as your suggestion. Would help RP and quirky stuff. Like I have a gauntlet but I have to wear them both or run around with only one hand as it were lol Or if you have a lets say wodden leg.
      One other thing Id love is one additional hand gesture.. the Vsign, just so I can flip off people english style lol
      I would love to see more specific alpha cuts on the Belleza also inner and outer leg and the ability to alpha out one leg or one arm only

      Its all details but handy ones 🙂

    • Oh and the body alpah is perfect for me cos if I used the one you made it would show a gap between my body and head so Id say maybe an additional alpha so it wont ruin the ability to use mesh heads (I use slink)

  5. On attachment points: Some people have reported issues with attaching bodies to the hand. This is because they usually have a bunch of other things also attached to the hand.
    – So my advice on attachment points is to just put your body to a point you’re not often using for anything else.

    That said, I suspect the eye would be a bad choice because SL is always trying to rotate any object attached to your eye, so if you have a rigged thing there, even though it won’t move it is likely going to have to check a flag in a logic loop somewhere and return ‘false’ instead of true… you’re basically asking the server to do a tiny piece of math every time your head turns… if you have an eye attachment. And why do that unless you actually want a result?

  6. I just have to say again, I love LOVe this site.:) It’s the most useful of all. Thank you so much for posting the question and fix to “mesh bodies falling off during TP”. I have had this problem for months,I was like that poor guy …walking around thinking I look so great lol and I was just a head, hands and feet to everyone else. I even asked the creator of the body I use , she said the latest update should fix that problem,but it didn’t. I got so frustrated I just stopped using my mesh body. After reading the solution *here* I can’t wait to log into SL tonight and try it out.Yay and something so simple. Ty Ty Ty 🙂 You’re the best!!

    • Sorry Gabrielle if it is a bought skin you cant. Best bet is to check the skin store you use and see if they made applers and / or updated skins for appliers

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