7 thoughts on “Winter Blues and the latest news!

  1. You know it would be nice if they are going to claim to make fitted sizes for the mesh bodies that it actually fit the Mesh Bodies.

    • @ Jesse, they often do but it does also depend on your shape. Some designers have access to the mesh kit from the various mesh designers and some have to do it by eye (Im guessing these designers use standard SL shape or shapes provided from the mesh designers)
      Fitted does not mean one size fit all Im afraid 🙂

  2. For my money, you still can’t go wrong with the ice skates The Secret Store made for The Arcade last winter. They’re in the shop, and are totes adorbs.

  3. I’m looking for a post. It had a romper type outfit. I thought it was from Damien Fate but I could be wrong. It would have been in the last week or so. I hope it was you that posted it so I can find it…. Can you help me?

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