What’s your ACI?

^^ Note – the calculations taken above include only the body mentioned and hands/feet – nothing else. DISCLAIMER – Measurements are taken from a baseline of 0 and using the same skin appliers (omega). ACI’s may vary.

Hi MAddicts!

Well it’s been a few weeks since I first posted about SL’s Jellydolls – the upcoming feature for the official viewer that will enable users to render those with a higher Avatar Complexity Information (ACI) as coloured Jellydolls – and I’m really excited to see a lot of discussion about ACI taking place in various chats, in world and out!

Following on from that post, I know a lot of you have questions – and I’m going to be honest, I won’t be able to answer them all, but hopefully I can shed a little light on some of it.

Now yes, if/when this feature goes live in the Official viewer, it will probably flow into the Firestorm viewer in due course (I can in no way confirm this, I’m just assuming), but it’s not the end of the world. In fact, as much as I hated the idea at first – it’s growing on me (unlike the official viewer, which is not).

Let’s be clear – Jellydolls will not mean the end of mesh bodies, or the end of pretty SL with pretty items and all that jazz. In fact, it seems the ‘standard’ render weight when you login to the beta viewer is not 80,000, which is quite generous. This is my first concern, because I want to know that those who aren’t overly ‘SL-Literate’ yet and have no idea what these green blobs are and undoubtedly, won’t be able to change their default weight rendering setting – won’t see me as a blob! So this for me, feels pretty even – it’s a limit that gives plenty of room for clothing and items, but it’s still a low-enough limit to reduce lag, which from my experiences so far, it does!

So let’s assume our baseline is 80,000 as our maximum rendered limit. That means anyone around you who has an ACI over that, will become a jellydoll. You’ll still see them (well, the general shape of them) but they’ll be green or blue or some other flavour of jelly. This saves your computer from downloading and ‘rendering’ all of them, which can save your graphics card a LOT of strain – and can reduce a LOT of lag. Now working on our 80k limit, let’s put it into perspective. Some of my companion pets are as big as 200k just for the pet!! Those who frequent laggy events probably already know just how much lag these can cause – and that’s where the ‘limit’ comes in handy.

So how does everything measure up? What’s your base line? Well, it depends on what mesh body/head you use! Let’s take a look at some in my inventory – but be warned, these are APPROXIMATES. The reason I say that is twofold – firstly, the numbers change slightly depending on what textures I’m using and/or if I’m on Firestorm or LL viewer; secondly, I’m not 100% sure that the ‘formula’ used at the moment is correct to be honest with you. The reason I say this is for example – Belleza is a heavy body. We know this because it is laggier than others – but why? As far as the ACI below shows, it’s comparable to others that don’t prove to be as laggy. Now there might be a great reason for this that I don’t know about yet, so if I find one, I’ll let you know!! But for now – here is is:

Important note – As always, BUY THE HEAD/BODY/COMPANION GOAT THAT YOU LOVE!! Read the reviews on this website and make an informed decision. The numbers below seem somewhat arbitrary if you ask me, and many creators are in the process of working to lower their ACI as we speak. Logo just released an update for the Alex mesh head YESTERDAY for this reason (it was previously over 100k due to eyelashes). So keep this in mind!!


  • Absolut Creations Adam V1.0 – 10,122
  • Absolut Creations Eve’olution V3 – 6941 Includes teeth
  • Catwa Alice (basic head) v4.9 – 5,902
  • Catwa Candy (basic head) v4.9 – 6,550
  • Catwa Jackson – 4,672
  • Catwa Jessica (premium head) v4.9 – 5974 (light version, not upgradable) – 9052 (full version, upgradable)
  • GA.EG Adriana – 10,848 (Includes Head and rigged ears)
  • GA.EG Kirsten – 12,336 (Includes Head and rigged ears)
  • Lelutka Stella v1.3 – 22,486
  • LOGO Alex v3.1 – 6956 (Includes Omega head, makeup layer, teeth/tongue, eyelids/lashes and hairbase)
  • LOGO Chloe v5.0 – 9042 (Includes Omega head, makeup layer, teeth/tongue, eyelids/lashes and hairbase)
  • LOGO Ethan v1.0 – 12, 546 (Includes Omega head, makeup layer, teeth/tongue, eyelids/lashes and hairbase)
  • LOGO Sadie v5.0 – 6144 (Includes Omega head, makeup layer, teeth/tongue, eyelids/lashes and hairbase)
  • Slink Visage Becky v2.2 – 4430
  • TMP Soft (female) – 6,261
  • TMP Anime (male) – 6,229

MESH BODIES (all include hands and feet)

  • Aesthetic Enzo v1.7 – 12,996 (Including head also) – Note, I only have an older version of the body.
  • Belleza Freya v3 – 10,338
  • Belleza Isis v3 – 11,734
  • Absolut Creations Eve Slim v8.4 – 39,416
  • Absolut Creations Eve Pulpy v8.4 – 22,418
  • eBody V6.5 – 104,700
  • G.Inc Perfect Body v10.5 – 693,267
  • Maitreya Lara v3.5 – 9,246
  • SLink Hourglass v1.5.1 – 14,074 (note – I am using the feet deluxe pack v1.2.4 – 4416 and Slink Casual Hands v 2.5 -3528)
  • SLink Physique Male v2.2 – 15,520 (note – I am wearing casual hands and male feet)
  • SLink Physique Female v2.9.2 – 14,496 (note – I am using the feet deluxe pack v1.2.4 – 4416 and Slink Casual Hands v 2.5 -3528)
  • TMP deluxe (women’s) – 14,745
  • TMP deluxe (mens) – 12,853
  • Tonic Curvy Beauty v3.0 – 102,062
  • Tonic Fine Beauty v3.0 – 96,938

Finally, before I sign off for today, I’d like to address a few questions I’ve seen floating around (these are answered as I am able to determine the facts at this point in time, so are subject to change):

  • You CAN turn off the jellydolls feature in your viewer, however keep in mind this will only affect YOUR view of the world – others may well still see you as a jellydoll!
  • You CAN manually adjust the rendering limit – it’s a slider in settings, and at present it allows me to move between 9,999 and unlimited.
  • You CAN chose to fully render one person (like a friend) despite their ACI .

So, that’s where it stands at the moment – have you been looking at your ACI? If you’re in Firestorm, you can do this by going to the Advanced menu (if you don’t see it, press Alt Ctrl and D at the same time) – then selecting ‘Performance Tools’, then ‘Show render weights for avatars’. What’s yours coming in at, and more importantly – what’s your heaviest item? (to find this out, you need to do some math when taking items off I’m afraid!)

<3 Daria

Pic 1:
Mesh Body – Isis by Belleza
Mesh Head – Sadie v5.0 by LOGO
Skin – Dawn by 7 Deadly Skins (Available at MBA Bi-Monthly)Omega head and body appliers used
Hair – KKyung by Oleander (FLF item)
Top – Felicia top by Just Because (Available at MBA Bi-Monthly) Includes Belleza (all), Maitreya & Slink (both) sizes
Skirt – Katie Skirt by Just Because (Available at MBA Bi-Monthly) Includes Belleza (all), Maitreya & Slink (both) sizes
Shoes – Alexandra heels by Phedora (Available at MBA Bi-Monthly) Includes Belleza (Freya & Isis), Maitreya & Slink (both) sizes
Pose – Daisy 8 by Diesel Works

Pic 2:
Mesh Body – Lara by Maitreya
Mesh Head – Alice by Catwa
Skin – Dawn by 7 Deadly Skins (Available at MBA Bi-Monthly)Omega head and body appliers used
Hair – Amberly by Emo-tions (Available at We<3RP)Includes Catwa hairbase applier
Bra – Nowell bebe bra by Vinyl (Available at MBA Bi-Monthly) Includes Belleza (all), Maitreya & Slink (both) sizes
Pants – Eternal Sin Leather Pants by Pink Pearl Designs (Available at MBA Bi-Monthly) Includes Belleza (all), Maitreya & Slink (both) sizes
Belly Chain – Elena waist chain by KC Couture (Available at MBA Bi-Monthly) Includes Belleza (Freya & Isis), Eve slim, Maitreya & Slink (both) sizes
Shoes – Candy heels by KC Couture Includes Belleza, Eve, Maitreya, Slink & TMP sizes
Pose – Beth 1 by Diesel Works

Pic 3:
Mesh Body – Slink Physique by SLink (casual hands and Deluxe feet pack also worn)
Mesh Head – Stella by Lelutka
Skin – Kumi by Glam Affair (Available at Uber)Lelutka applier
Hair – Luxe Box: May by Magika (from May’s Luxebox)Now unavailable
Dress – Sabina by Blueberry Includes Belleza (all), Maitreya & Slink (both) sizes
Shoes – Khaela shoes by Vinyl & Azuchi (Available at Whimsical from May 18th)Includes Belleza, Maitreya & Slink sizes
Pose – The gossip girl by Le Poppycock (Available at Ultra)

46 thoughts on “What’s your ACI?

  1. Sad to not see Kitties lair mesh bodies spoken off.
    Not only they are mod, by rezz and edit, allowing any to remove the non needed layers and scripts, that makes me wear a mesh body with a aci around 7000 and fully unscripted, as they defy the insane rule followed by most mesh body and heads creators, to not allow mod by edit.
    Before the mesh bodies, most hairs and other attachments to the Sl body where full mod and that didn’t make them sold less.

    • Oh that sounds awesome. Gonna check ’em out to see how compatible they are with most clothing. I really wish more creators made their stuff mod.

  2. @ZZ: Sadly, the matter is a bit more complicated than that: Alpha sorting works considerably better across multiple materials/textures on the same prim, so in order to avoid alpha-glitches with multiple layers as far as possible, you need to merge all layers into the same prim, so unlinking of single layers wouldn’t be possible, anyway…
    Also, keeping them mod would allow 3rd parties to surveil internal script communication, which often requires sending unencrypted texture UUIDs, so it’s also a matter of common courtesy towards skin and clothing designers. Omega ToS explicitely forbid selling mesh parts with mod permissions for that exact reason, if you license their API solution (which is always required when you want to have Omega appliers interact with the body HUD in some way, which Kitties Lair does not). Most mesh parts carry very few scripts, anyway, and they will only ever have an impact if there’s actual user interaction. Most scripts belong to the HUD, so if you’re concerned, just take it off 🙂

    • Hi!

      Where did you hear Omega doesn’t allow Modify mesh parts? We’re firm advocates of bodies being Modify!
      The only time we don’t allow Modify is if the mesh maker requests or uses Scripts that use linked Messages to pass UUIDs, for the reasons you mention, but that is not the only way to pass information to a bodys hud and generally speaking, there’s no need to pass information between scripts internally. The only reason to have more then one script in a body (other then Omega) is if the script has exceeded SLs limits on script length, at which point, I’ve never heard of a body that decided the logical way to split the script load is to have one script listen and pass the info to another. -chuckles- It just doesn’t happen!

      • Well, I did explicitely mention that’s true for the Omega API solution, didn’t I? 😉 While there *might* be other ways to send data to HUDs, the most logical way is to store them logically in the main script, just in case the HUD is not actually worn while an applier is used, so the HUD may properly sync with the attachment, afterwards…
        I wasn’t specifically talking about bodies, here, since I don’t have first hand experience scripting them, but for mesh heads, it’s considerably more complex:
        I found the most natural way to script them, without tearing out your hair doing so, is to split the script logic by the prims they affect, not necessarily by their functionality, so the script doing facial animation should also handle texture application, which will ultimately require to pass UUIDs between scripts…
        Anyhow, we’re probably scaring off people here with technical talk 😉 … and my other point still stands: We’ve been doing research on the matter for almost half a year, now, and our experience suggests you can only avoid alpha glitching (to a degree) by merging all layers into the same prim, which makes unlinking them impossible…
        I honestly I don’t think you can expect a major perfomance benefit from removing layers, anyway… While it *may* result in slightly smaller memory footprint (but keep in mind mesh data is almost neglegable compared to the highres textures we use on mesh parts), the SL viewer is a sneaky little bastard, doing a lot of transparent optimization by itself, so a layer which is set completely invisible won’t even ever hit the render pipeline… if that wasn’t true, mesh monsters like the Belleza bodies which carry a total of 2million polygons would bring the performance down to slideshow level, even on the most capable systems…

        • The Omega API Solution doesn’t require No-Mod either.

          Out of all the meshes that I’ve done the API solution with, only 2 have used Linked_Messages inside the body. Everyone else is free to keep their meshes mod or no-mod as they see fit.

          It doesn’t really matter if it’s stored in the head or in the HUD, I don’t need to use Link_Messages to get the info there. RegionSay is much more secure and nearly as fast.

          As for the merging the layers into one prim to avoid the alpha glitch…….I’m not even sure why this came up… but … assuming that DOES work.. which I’ve not seen any evidence for…
          (not that it’d be easy to produce given the difficulty of predicting the glitch)

          … I HAVE seen meshes set up where each individual prim is one section of the body with skin, tattoo, bra, top, so that no two prims over lap. So it’s do able… it just seems like it’s be a major pain in the ass and rarely done. Generally meshes are done with each layer being it’s own set of prims.

          As for removing layers…(again, not sure what this has to do with our API policy?) yeah, that can be a tedious task depending on how far your mesh maker has gone chasing the Alpha-HUD-Dragon, but removing layers is kinda the least of the usefulness of modify. Haven’t you ever wanted to just have your shirt/dress/socks/ect as an attachment that you can attach/detach? Or hide the portions of a tattoo you don’t like? Adjust how sheer a top is? Or Say Damn it.. I want my Bikini to GLOW today cause I CAN!?

  3. Honestly I don’t really think this is a bad thing but I think 80k is a bit low. 100k would be far more feasible. Seems older hair and jewelry will bury you so flexi hair lovers are gonna be ticked off. But I was able to get mine under 80 just by changing some jewelry

  4. Great run down…I understand it more now. Yeah DarkMinxy, I got booted from a Franks club one night and found it was just one piece of jewellery that was the cause (a favourite locket, my love had given me..his first gift).

  5. I’ve known about this feature for about a year now, and have written on it and how to check for it a number of times in the past.
    As such though, I’ve over time been able to get all of my outfits to far below 80,000. Most of them below 50,000. I’m commonly in the mid 30,000’s range.
    – This is as someone who NEVER wears any mesh body other than Belleza Freya or Solarian on my ‘main’, and who still has one sculpty item (because I’ve yet to find mesh neko teeth).
    (ps: Solarian, including the full body plus head and all – is only 6686. And I myself found Maitreya to be over 11k… which is curious).

    It is not hard to get the numbers down, once you find out which of your items are spiking you up. I was able to find replacements for all of the laggy things I owned. Often items that even looked better and had more detail.

    80,000 is not about being generous or tough on us. That value is set based on what LLs has found is taxing people’s graphics cards… at what point of a complex scene is the avatar starting to be a major factor in graphics strain.

    Not about nice or mean… just cold techie data.

    But it is a very easy value to live inside of.

    It WILL flat out kill at least one of the brands regularly featured on this blog fitmesh finds, who I will not name… But most of our popular fitmesh stuff is actually in very good shape.

  6. From 0 to worn:

    Belleza Freya: 9300
    Belleza Isis: 9878
    Belleza Venus: 9042
    Maitreya 3.5: 8998
    Slink Hourglass: 14416
    Lena Lush: 59680
    Lena Lush Modded to remove all applier layers: 10870 (but appliers will no longer work)

    All of these figures are lower than I’ve previously reported as I made sure to be at 0 before each and every one.

    To get 0 you need to wear a full body alpha mask, that hides EVERYTHING:
    – right click your inventory and choose to remove everything.
    – look into the default library for a file names ‘Invisible Avatar’ – right click it and choose “WEAR”.
    Make sure your score is 0, if not, relog, and on rechecking it should be 0.

    Now you can compare the bodies.

  7. I still complain about the avatar cost calculation methodology being flawed.
    And about creators being able to trick the calculation to get low numbers.
    Those numbers sadly are not a correct evaluation of the actual lag and resource consumation caused by the av.

    KL Lena is by far lower on polys than Maitreya, TMP and expecially Isis.
    And Isis is a really resource hog and club killer.
    But Kittie’s gets a worst number…

    I guess tricks to get lower number are made: a simple root prim, fake lover LOD ( worn bodies never switch under the LOD1), maybe even switching alpha mode by script to blend after the body is worn.

    Other than KL other bodies known to be low on poly and low on lag but getting worst number than some mainstream products are those from Utilizator ( AV2.0.).

    • The calculation has to do with how taxing an item is once its loaded in, not on its loading issues. That is why Belleza comes in low, and KL Lena comes in high.

      Look at the formula for the calculations:

      The reasons for the formula are pretty clear:

      Render weight (called “display” in the viewer) represents the amount of work your computer must do in order to display an object. It does not affect land impact, but high render weight values may result in low visual performance on some hardware.

      Render weight values are calculated by category as described below. Results are rounded down to the nearest whole number.

      To see avatar weights, open Me>Preferences… from the main menu. Under the Advanced tab, enable “Show Advanced Menu”. Back at the main menu, pick Advanced>Performance Tools>Show Draw Weight for Avatars.

      Now if you read the formula, you will see that the theory that people are hacking it, or that it is not fair – is completely misguided.

      Its a pretty spot on formula.

      This is NOT the old ARC after all.

      • Belleza references a lot of data on load, but once an avatar is loaded and configured, most of that data is discarded – and so has no impact on graphical or script based lag.

        KL Lena references a lot of data continuously – because of how its layers are configured.

        Maitreya, Slink, and some other new mesh bodies, like Belleza, discard a lot of info after being loaded.

        This is done by the ultra simple task of using an alpha-mask… so that stuff is no longer “there” as far as your graphics card is concerned.

  8. This has absolutely nothing to do with the subject at hand, but more about the subject of mesh heads vs system heads. The reason I am choosing to post it here is because I saw the listing for the pic’s at the top, and it was noted that one of them has a (LOGO) Sadie mesh head. I have been wearing the Sadie head since before the times of mesh bodies, and in the Omega group the other day, a “spirited” discussion broke out about the pro’s and con’s of mesh heads. One particular user stated that mesh heads all look the same, but honestly, they don’t. I did not see my Sadie head in that picture. ( I rock a Sadie head and a Slink Physique) I scrolled back up and looked very hard, but nothin-doin, I didn’t see her. Granted, I don’t use the Omega version of my LOGO head, mainly because I love the skin and features of the original, but anyone who want’s to complain that mesh heads all look the same should just look at my Sadie vs everyone else’s. Totally different.
    And to keep this on topic, As long as I can figure out how to calculate my avatar weight in world, I don’t have a problem with the jelly dolls. Honestly, I make my avi look the way I want to see it, and if you like it, well that’s awesome. 🙂

  9. Nice discussion and one that hopeful make creators more aware.
    Still i do think LL will take some time to release the feature on easy way for any to use, if one chooses to (for me no jelly beans, i can handle all pretty well, so the obvious option will be, avatars impostors box unchecked as i have always set up my graphics advanced preferences).
    But as Cat said, one can already set the viewers to show jelly beans if one wishes 2, still i much prefer to see all using better vga, better cpu and most important, better ram on their rigs.

  10. The next Tonic Curvy Beauty / Fine Beauty update will correct the ACI values to be well within the range of the other “low-impact” mesh bodies.

  11. Nice to know Fizz, im really excited to try the fine beauty version, hoping that you also be able to allow it to be full mod, then it will be a really hit. Or at least an option to delete scripts:)

  12. So, basically, any mesh av that wears hair and clothing and any non human mesh av will be a jellyblob to people who use this feature..
    How bad are most SL users PCs? I don’t have the top end machine, i have a nvidia 650ti card, 18gb of memory and see people with arcs of 100-200K at clubs just fine.. Is this really that big of an issue?

    • What? My *new* computer has a Intel Iris card and 8GB of RAM, and I am a content creator. Admittedly, I don’t make highpoly trash, but to each their own.

      • Your comment makes no sense.. Are you saying you can’t see people with high ARCs, or that you agree with me? I’m a content creator as well, what point are you trying to make? I said nothing about high poly items. Flexi prim hair will crank ARC well over 80K. Not sure what you mean by “highpoly trash.”

  13. Until this is placed on tpv’s i doubt many will even notice the changes.
    I fear that newbies will even get less pleasure if they login and see the jelly beans, cause those are the only ones using the official viewer, as there is more then enough alternatives between Tpv’s to choose from.
    So the problem remains only one, Club or sim owners banning users due to their ACI, that is the only issue i can see coming on next months, after tpv’s implement this feature.
    Cause even if my combo alows me to not worry about it and see all as no jelly, nobody can stop a owner of a club , shop or wathever, to set the aci on its computer to low levels and start blocking all that will not be inside the number.
    But as my medium aci is 32000 and the mx is around 60000 i really will not be worried to much for myself and perhaps this will help creators and users to be more effective and concerned about performance.

  14. Where can I see my ACI on Firestorm? I know where I can check the ARC, but ACI is different, no? And please, what is the ACI of Genesis heads…? Genesis is not an unknown brand and I see more avatars with a Genesis head than avatars wearing Eve….
    Thank you

  15. I never thought mesh body is a problem when comparing to accessories (even in nudity). It was and is quite easy to see avatar or 100k, even to 200k. Those culprits are always smallest wearing, like necklace, bracer, heels…. As to hair. it can be very different from low to extreme high. The smaller the weight are always unjustifiable. As to mesh head, I have no idea, because I never used anyone.

  16. This is an awesome article, thank you. However, from Lelutka’s mesh heads Simone is the lightest which I why I chose it. From a 0 render weight and then adding the unaltered Simone head from a just opened box, I get a render weight of 7356.

  17. Mesh bodies and clothing “can” be a significant problem. Check out some of the landing hubs. I can often find people there with ACI’s <450k. I see many avatars over 200K.

    While we think of how the new ACI features affect us as consumers, the real affect will be on designers and merchants. Those making furniture and buildings have long had to deal with Land Impact. That forced them to learn to build efficient models. Clothes and attachment makers have been able to ignore those constraints. Thus the really bad viewer performance in regions with lots of avatars.

    I think ACI will drive out sculpty clothes and hair. All my really high ACI hair is sculpty. I'm replacing it. My sculpty feet and shoes, I'm throwing them away because my mesh feet and shoes look way better and ALL have lower ACI.

    We are already seeing people asking about JellyDolls in the SL forum. I expect a flood when Firestorm rolls out their JellyDoll viewer.

  18. ARC and ACI are the same.

    Also, there’s a bug in the LL viewer that causes the limit to be set too low. The default limit will vary with your graphics level, and is 200K at Mid graphics, going up to 350K at High-Ultra and Ultra.

    This feature will be included in the next version of Firestorm

  19. I’m happy to report back and say that the v3.01 update for the Tonic bodies (Curvy & Fine) now have significantly improved ARC/ACI numbers – Now the bodies are well within the cluster of low values shown in the table above. Which I’m sure the amazingly busy Daria will update soon 🙂

  20. I feel like people should understand that ACI causes client-side lag *only*; meaning, people with more powerful graphics capabilities will not experience lag the way people with outdated hardware would from that particular thing, unlike server lag caused by crowded sims or wearing too many scripts. I keep my scripts around 50 as best as I can, but I can’t be bothered to change how I dress because some people don’t update their computers. I personally don’t care if people see me as a “jelly baby” if that helps them get around, but saying that it “reduces lag” without specifying it is only personal lag is a bit unclear.

  21. OMG! Is G.Inc Perfect Body still 693,267 ACI?! I wanted to purchase it, but there’s no way my poor computer could handle such complexity levels.

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