So what’s happening in Mesh Land?

Hi Maddicts!

This week I’m busy updating some of my lists and getting ready for the next Weekly Fitmesh Finds (yes, they’re coming back!), and of course, catching up on what’s been happening over the holiday period.

So before I give you a little run down on what’s happening in the mesh world right now, I just wanted to clarify something I’m getting asked about a bit. I have a created a Bento Mesh Heads Table (which you can see by clicking here) to give you guys the info you need on what’s available in the market at the moment. One exception to that list is Akeruka, and a few of you have asked why they’re not listed. Akeruka has asked not to be part of the MBA blog for whatever reason (which is absolutely their right to request) and I’m just honouring that request. I believe in respecting the wishes of every designer when it comes to his or her product, especially with blogs like mine that talk quite openly about positives and negatives of products – it’s their creation and they have the right to choose how it is shared in “media” (is a blog media? I suppose so… virtually speaking).

So thank you my ever diligent Maddicts for letting me know they were missing – unfortunately they’re not missing just opted out 🙂

That said, let’s talk about what’s happening/new/whatever:

  1. There is now a bento mesh heads table (click here to see it, or you’ll find it on the right side bar under Tables).
  2. I’m trialing doing reviews in video form, especially with the introduction of bento, it’s become really important to see aspects of shape changes and of course, how to use the hud for that head, so I’ve been trialing doing a mix of review/tutorial with each one. Let me know what you think – you’ll find the reviews in the top menu bar under Mesh Heads then Bento 🙂
  3. Vista are in alpha stage with their bento mesh hands for men, I’ve been playing around with them and they’re quite fun (just like the female ones are). No ETA on the release date yet, but I’ll let you know as soon as I do.
  4. Siddean from Slink has indicated she has started working on bento hands etc, which is great news. Again no ETA on that one, but when I know (and can share it) I’ll let you guys know!
  5. Maitreya have confirmed they’re working on bento hands, but there’s no ETA on the release of these.
  6. For the guys – you now have a few bento mesh heads so yay for you! Daniel from Catwa was released this week, and whilst I’ll film the review this weekend, it’s really promising, I love the look. Absolut Creation also has Adam in bento beta now, and GA.EG has Damien out which is also bento.
  7. A heads up for you lovely Maddicts. I’ve noticed a lot of confusion going around with designers putting ‘Bento’ in their product names, so make sure you read the item’s description clearly when you’re purchasing. The confusion is because designers are (of course) creating let’s say, eyelash appliers, for say, Lelutka’s Simone bento head. The UV maps differ in some ways between heads even from the same designer, so they’re saying ‘Bento eye lashes for Simone’. This just means it’s designed specifically to work with Simone’s topology, it doesn’t mean the lashes themselves are bento. So just make sure you read the designer’s descriptions and you’ll be fine 🙂 Bento ANIMATED products are the products that use the new skeleton to do things – like tails that move, wings that flap, fingers that move etc 🙂

Well with all that said, this girl needs some food! See you on Friday!

<3 Daria

I’m wearing:
Mesh Head – Catya by Catwa
Mesh Body – Lara by Maitreya
Hands – Vista Pro Hands (Bento) by Vista Animations
Shape – Mashell shape by Insol (Available at The Epiphany)Gatcha item
Skin – Mashell skin #5 by Insol (Available at The Epiphany)Gatcha item
Hair – Fire by Truth Hair (Available at The Epiphany)Gatcha item
Halo – Halo Pure #29 (AngelBerry Set) by Blueberry (Available at The Epiphany) Gatcha item
Choker – Choker (Fairytale Atelier set) by Moon Elixr (Available at The Epiphany)Maitreya size, Exclusive gatcha item
Wings – Wings #2 RARE  by Blueberry (Available at The Epiphany) Gatcha item, bento enabled
Bra – Pink Bra (Fairytale Atelier set) by Moon Elixr (Available at The Epiphany)Maitreya size, Gatcha item
Corset – Corset RARE #1 (Fairytale Atelier set) by Moon Elixr (Available at The Epiphany)Maitreya size, Gatcha item
Cage Skirt – Cage RARE #2 (Fairytale Atelier set) by Moon Elixr (Available at The Epiphany)Maitreya size, Gatcha item
Panties – Panties #14 (AngelBerry Set) by Blueberry (Available at The Epiphany) Belleza (all), Maitreya & Slink (both) sizes available, Gatcha item
Boots – Boots #18 (Fairytale Atelier set) by Moon Elixr (Available at The Epiphany)Maitreya size, Gatcha item

Pose – Cecelia Ann by EP
LocationNatural Falls IV

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