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Hi MAddicts!

First of all, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO ALL THE MUMS OUT THERE!! (Just in case it’s not mother’s day in your country, a big hi5 to all the mum’s out there anyway!!)

Weekly Fitmesh Finds has rolled around again, and of course as the first of the month rolled around, so did many events! Two particularly interesting events I noticed on the calander this month were BuyNow and LuxeBox. Though very different in concept, they’re both deviations from the crowded sim and laggy event styles that we tend to see more of in SL.

  • BuyNow – This event consists of a group of designers each round who create a new item, then sell it on marketplace. A simple, but effective concept. This means you can buy your items at your leisure using the links they send out each round, rather than battle to get in to a sim.
  • Luxebox – This event is almost like a ‘luxury grab bag’ style event. Essentially, you join the group in world each month and a pay a join fee. This fee is your payment for that round (the first month, May, is set at 1,000L though I suspect this will increase a far bit). Once you’ve joined the group, you wait until the 15th rolls around, and then you will be sent a HUD which will enable you to have all the surprise items sent to you from the designers taking part in the round. This concept has a little more risk involved – I mean, you have no idea what you’ll get – but it is kinda fun, and the designers taking part (in this round at least) are all of such high quality that to me it’s a no-brainer. We’ll see after the 15th though – and I’ll let you guys know what I find in the box!

Interesting times!! What do you think about the new event styles?

<3 Daria

Mesh Head – Cindy by Catwa
Mesh Body – Lara by Maitreya
Skin – Layla by Wow Skins (Available here for Buy Now)
Hair – No-one by No Match (Available at Hairology from the 10th) Includes Catwa hairbase applier
Tattoo – Elektra by White Widow (Gift Available at We<3rp) – Includes Adam, Eve, Omega, Maitreya, TMP, Belleza & Slink appliers
Arm cuff – Elegant Arm Cuff by Just Because (Gift Available at FaMESHed)
Top – Ellie Corset top by Azuchi & Vinyl (Available at We<3rp)Includes Belleza (all), Maitreya & Slink (both) sizes
Pants – Skinny Suedes by Just Because Includes Belleza (all), Maitreya & Slink (both) sizes
Shoes – Exodus by KC CoutureIncludes Belleza, Eve, Maitreya, Slink & TMP sizes
Pose – Rogue pose 2 by Rack Poses (Includes axes) – Gatcha


This Week’s Locations:
Chapter Four
Fantasy Gatcha Carnival
Gatcha Garden
The Dressing Room
We Love RP (WLRP)

13 thoughts on “Weekly Fitmesh Finds & SL’s new events

  1. My problem with something like Lukebox is… will they let us know IN ADVANCE OF PAYING how many of the merchants will support our various mesh body choices?

    As I am seeing a lot of them go one body specific only of late… I’ve been crossing a lot of merchants off my list. I would not want to pay into something only to later find out I can’t use a notable number of them items.

    • I will say this too: If I see that you have chosen as a merchant to stop support of a body that still has a lot of users, you are NOT likely to win my loyalty back later even if you do rejoin supporting that body after an update…

      Once I’m told I’m second class, I remember that.

  2. Oh, I noted it last night in comments on last week’s updates. But Razor/// has a bunch of new fitmesh as well that seems to have come out this week, and supports all 3 Bellezas, Maitreya, and both Slinks.

  3. I am liking the idea of the marketplace-based event instead of having to wait days to get into a sim or hammering the servers trying to teleport. As long as there is a decent buying guide and access to demos, I am all in for this group.

    LuxeBox: no. I do not buy stuff just to have it, for the most part, and much of the stuff in the box, I will not need or want. It’s just an expensive way to bloat my inventory and I don’t see myself being able to use everything, especially when it’s from designers I don’t know or really care about because the stuff they make is not in the ambit of the way I use SL. I am sure it’s all really nice products, but I just don’t need to keep adding so much stuff. And I’m not going to buy a big package just to get one thing.

    It will also be a challenge for people who use mesh bodies other than Maitreya, Slink or Belleza. Erratic is awesome but exclusive to Maitreya. Her products will be useless for anyone else, and that is going to irk some people.

  4. http://luxeboxsl.com/designers/

    this gives a list of designers and what bodies they cover if you scroll down. If you fatpack everything blueberry gives or even reign then this a must have as you are paying 1000L for something that would cost you more on its own, the rest is a bonus. The designers will probably be different for each round. If you like a surprise then this is for you but not everyone likes surprises just as not everyone likes gachas or MM boards. To cater for everyone isnt possible so doing something different now and again to cater for different people can only be a good thing. If you dont want to take part thats fine, I just dont see the point of complaining about it.
    As for events.. would be great if demos were given out a few days before the actual event in the event groups.. would save the hassle of having to take demos home and try to get back to an event.

    • Re luxebox… I count 5 fitmesh designers that do not support Belleza on that list.

      Not going to happen with my money.

      I don’t care if some of the others do support it – my money will not go towards helping anyone that has made a choice to leave me out.

      They have chosen to split us mesh body users into different camps, so I will stand in my camp.

      • I know they didn’t all choose to do this to us… its a problem of getting devs kits if I understand it right, for which I have a lot of frustration with the maker of the very mesh body I use… But it still frustrates me to no end and makes participation in a grab bag feel negative to me… despite good intentions…

  5. The 1000L price is just an introductory price. I expect it to go up significantly, and then what happens?

  6. I’m interested in new event types. I’ve joined this round of Luxebox because it’s new and I suspect the stuff in this first one will be extra specially good for that reason. But talk of increasing prices puts me off. And if I wasn’t a Maitreya user I’d probably be put off too.

    The truth is as much as I’m keen about this round I don’t think this event type is destined to succeed. 1000 (or more!) is a lot to spend in one lump on a bunch of unknowns. I think a lot of people won’t want to risk it. I suspect uptake will be fair to begin with but drop off fast if prices are raised and then the designers won’t want to take part that that will be the end of it.

    Different people make buying decisions for different reasons. The Luxebox model is just not flexible enough to cater for all the different people’s approaches.

  7. I purchased the ‘flagship’ LuxeBox, mainly to see what it was all about. I have to say I was not as happy as I could have been. If you wear Maitreya’s Lara you are in like Flynn since every thing in there had a version to fit that body and some of them flat out were ONLY for that body. Slink came in second, Belleza a far third and TMP only had a pair of shoes that were fitted for it. I wear Belleza and TMP so not the monthly event for me and my ilk apparently. I realize TMP has sort of shot themselves in the foot by not releasing their mesh weighting earlier but seriously, Belleza got ignored?

    There were a few nice items that were not geared to a particular mesh body or mesh bodies at all like hair, a bed, a house and a pet. I did receive over $1000L worth of items but not the same value as some of my fellow group members–it was the Maitreya LuxeBox. I don’t think I’ll be supporting the next round of this since it is really not geared towards me but I wish them well.

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