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Well we’re at the end of the month again, which can only mean one thing… things are about to crazy in SL Fashion land!! The start of the month always marks the start of more events than you can poke a stick at, which when you’re hunting for good fitmesh fashion for your mesh body, is a GREAT thing!

I’ve been a little disappointed this week, whilst running around hunting down fitmesh for you all. The more I searched, the more I came across items that were being marketed as ‘for Maitreya’ or ‘for Belleza’ or whatever… but were in fact just standard mesh. Now I understand why this is happening (the mesh body designers really need to get their designer kits out for mesh) but for a consumer, it’s frustrating… what is really made for my body, and what isn’t??

In my mind, I have my own classification system. Let’s assume I’m talking about my Maitreya body:

Genuine Fitmesh for Maitreya/Belleza/Physique/Whatever – This is 100% fitmesh for your mesh body, usually released by the Mesh Body designer themselves, or designers they closely collaborate with. For Example – Maitreya’s clothing range

Attempted Fitmesh for Maitreya/Belleza/Physique/Whatever – This is fitmesh that has been as closely approximated as possible to the Mesh Body (ie. some talented designer has found a way to recreate the sizing/skeleton/weightings of the mesh body so they can make items for it). For example – Blueberry, DE Designs.

Standard Mesh that may work for Maitreya/Belleza/Physique/Whatever- This is basically normal mesh items (eg. a dress) that just turns out to work well with the cuts of the alpha HUD of whichever body. This is still just normal mesh.

Standard Mesh – Non fitmesh/standard sizing mesh.

So, what can you do? Well here’s what I recommend:

1) Always DEMO!! When you Demo, see if the item has a ‘sizes’ specifically for your mesh body (eg. Look at a Bluberry item, you will see a standard sizes, PLUS a size for Maitreya, Slink and Belleza). This is a good indicator (though not conclusive, always try it on) of whether or not the item is fitmesh for your body.

2) When you DEMO the item, go into edit shape (just like you would do if you wanted to make your boobs bigger haha) and move the sliders around. A well done fitmesh item will MOVE with your body as it grows – a badly made one will cause skin to poke through the minute you move the slider. Make sure you try your breasts, arms and butt.

3) When looking at the demo, make sure there is no ‘breakthrough’ at the edges of the mesh item. Remember, you can use your alpha cuts to hide ares that poke though, but if the EDGE of the dress/pant/whatever is cutting into your body, there’s no way you can alpha that out without seeing blank spaces on your body.


Well that went on for much longer than I inteded it to, so here’s this week’s finds!

Bluberry - uber
Blueberry – Cossy Shorts – at Uber (tested these, LOVE THEM, such a perfect fit!!!) – Maitreya, Belleza & Physique sizes

Hucci - maitreya
HUCCI – Yigi leggins & Waana halter top – Maitreya and Slink Physique sizes – (tested, these are attempted Fitmesh, excellent fit!)

DE designs - Tori Pants
DE Designs – Tori Pants – Maitreya, Belleza and Slink Physique sizes (untested)

DE designs - Carrie Sweater
DE Designs – Carrie Sweater – Maitreya, Belleza and Slink Physique sizes (untested)


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  1. There is a hikng I don’t understand well. You describe well how to check mesh clothes, so why don’t you write about these checks for your finds?
    For example the Blueberry shorts look well for the physique body, but is much to wide for Lara. The Waana top is totally useless for Lara. But all the bloggers out there don’t name the things as they are. I understand well that the designers try hard, but not all succeed.

    • Hey Canis. Unfortunately there are two reasons I don’t review my ‘find’ items. The first is that I don’t own most of them (I do write notes about the ones that I do own) and going around trying to demo them all each week whilst still maintaining my blog (and my rl!) would just take more time than I have. The second issue is the matter of opinion. The Blueberry shorts on my Lara fit perfectly, I don’t at all find them too wide, in fact they fit exceptionally well on my body, the same goes for the Waana top. Are you making sure you’re putting on the Lara version of these items? If you are, then it again it comes down to a matter of opinion (and for that matter, AO’s play a big role. How much your avi moves around impacts how much the clothes move). My AO moves a fair bit, but I’ve seen more extreme ones. Just some food for thought!

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