Weekly Fitmesh Finds & Polls!

Hi Maddicts!

It’s that time of week again – Weekly Fitmesh Finds!! Okay I know I’m a day late but I figured I’d wait for the 1st so that FaMESHed would be open (given that some of my favourite stores are there this month).

Now before I get into the weekly fitmesh finds – I have reset the polls on the right side menu for the month of November, so don’t forget to vote! I’ve also included a mesh head poll for the girls, so that we can help designers get an idea of what heads we’re using as well. So, click away and make sure you let others know about it too. The more we do this, the more designers will see which bodies we’re using and hopefully start to include sizes for them!

Have a great week MAddicts, and don’t forget the MBA Bi-Monthly event finishes on the 10th!! It won’t be back until December, so make sure you go and grab all the amazing items up for grabs before you run out of time!

Also a few News items for you all:

  • Catwa have updated their heads (v4.3) and it now has a BRAIN hehe. Why a brain? Well because it’s fun really. It also comes with a little texture changable lightbulb inside, so that you can write a thought on it, just in case someone ever wants to look into your mind 😛 If you do these, please post Flickr/Gyazo links in the comments, I can already tell some of these are going to be HILLARIOUS!!
  • GA.EG  mesh head now has Omega capability, so head their store and/or the Omega sim to grab the Relay!

That’s it for now MAddicts! Hugs!

<3 Daria

I’m wearing:
Mesh Head – Jessica by Catwa
Mesh Body – Lara by Maitreya
Skin – Angelica by WOW Skins (Catwa applier)
Hair – Miyabi by Argrace
Top – Jaded Hoodie by Vinyl (Available at FaMESHed) Includes Belleza (all), Maitreya & Slink (both) sizes
Shorts – Melena Denim Short by Addams  Includes Belleza (all), Maitreya & Slink (both) sizes
Boots – Zadar boots by HUCCI (Group Subscriber Gift) – Includes boots for Lara & Slink (both), and top/bottom for Slink HG only
Thought bubble – iHeartU (Rare) by Faida (Available at the Gatcha Garden)
Pose – Sunny 005 by oOo Studio


This week’s locations:
Addams Mainstore
Cynful Mainstore
Dead Dollz
Gatcha Garden

9 thoughts on “Weekly Fitmesh Finds & Polls!

  1. WHY is it almost impossible to find formal gowns in SL for mesh bodies (Maitreya)? I have bought gowns that said they would work, but the appliers are a real hassle to use, and even after I manage to get the gown on and saved as an Outfit, when I go back later to put it on again, parts are missing and I have to start over. Even in here, the pictures are almost always casual wear. How about a list of designer shops with Maitreya formal gowns? Anybody got one to share?

    • Hey Mindfield! I think part of the reason is that making fitmesh for formal gowns is very flawed. Because of the nature of fitmesh itself, dresses will always break and look odd when you move, so a lot of designers don’t make them. Just Because made a gorgeous dress and Valentina E has made a few too. On the applier side, try Masoom, she’s made quite a few <3

      • Thanks for the help! First, I made an alphabetical check list of all the companies listed in the Mesh Addicts chart that offer rigged mesh. Then I started going to each store to check out what they had in the way of long gowns preferably those suitable for formal wear. I found (and bought) one in Aleys, one in Angel’s Designs, two in Dead Dollz, one in Erratic, two in Valentina and (thanks to your message above), three in Masooms main store. I went to Just Because and couldn’t find it but I will try again. And I found a demo for a Morea formal in rigged mesh (Suzanne) that worked perfectly but then could not find the dress in their main store! LOL! It’s been quite an adventure. So now I have a new wardrobe of great looking long gowns to wear with Maitreya body.

  2. I see several entries up there that will fit Freya and are normal tops. So consider me happy this round. While I still wish more people would support Freya; I’m liking the work of those who do more and more as they gain comfort with it.

    Going to have to budget in a little more shopping…

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