5 thoughts on “Weekly Fitmesh Finds – August 6th

  1. So I bought Catwa mesh head Alice, and I’m irritated because none of the skins I own effect the head. I have a Catwa mesh head, Maitreya Lara mesh body, and Slink mesh feet in high and I would love to know if there is ONE skin that covers ALL of that because I do live on a budget and can’t afford to always get $L all the time.

    Thank you so much and I LOVE this blog! Your review of the Maitreya Lara made me decide that that was the best choice to start off with (I have many of the other ones you reviewed on my wish list!) and I’m really happy with what I’ve chosen so far. Just needing the perfect skin to complete my look!

    Thanks hun!


  2. Hi Cherry – just a question … why use the Slink Mesh feet when the Maitreya Lara has high feet built in? Unfortunately, using the Slink feet – you’re never going to find one skin that covers that Catwa, the Maitreya AND the Slink feet. You’ll always have to buy appliers because those two are separate. When you use feet that are attached to the Maitreya body, one applier will cover the whole body from the neck down. I hope this helps. (I use the Catwa head and Maitreya body – I got my skin and body applier form Pink Fuel!)

  3. Sigh, well again kinda miserable choices for the guys especially if you choose to wear Signature Gianni body, hopefully one day will get some outfits (business casual outfits would be nice to see at one point). that would be asking for too much I guess. Will have to stick to classic sizes since no makers wish to make for signature Gianni body other then flamboyant tank and t-shirts!

    • Hi Wes, I just pooped over to TMD now and noticed there were four or five items made for the Signature Mesh Body avatar on that SIM. In addition, it occurred to me that maybe you could put together a business casual outfit using clothing you probably might find at a store like Gabriel or Hoorenbeek. DEMOs are your friend.

      BTW, I too am in “male mesh body” hell of having trouble finding clothing that fits. I have spend a lot of time slimming down the default shape of the Niramyth-Aesthetic avatar, which I bought, not knowing that there now actually IS a DEMO for that avatar. I edited the shape because I prefer my avatar to look more like a swimmer than a body builder.

      Oh, I have the DEMO for the Signature-Gianni Mesh body and like the less “buffed” look of the default shape. If I do decide to buy that one, I might slim that shape down a little too, and maybe that would make it easier to find clothes that fit.

      Your mileage may vary.

      • Well I already Had a Niramyth but despise taking my custom classic shape that close friend helped create for me to just slide all the sliders down to 0 to make the Nyrameth not seem so huge. So I choose The Gianni cause I like that body fittings plus get far better options with it then I ever will with Nyramyth (full body Omega anyone!).
        but the lacking in clothing options is just pathetic most I find even for Nyrameth is some outfit with Baggy Pants that looks like a bums outfit, sorry I have more class then that!

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