Weekly Fitmesh Finds – 20th Sept

Hi MAddicts,

I know, I know – I’m running late on the Fitmesh finds this week. In my defence my internet has been insanely awful the last few days! Thankfully (and hopefully) it’s up now, so here we go, this week’s fitmesh finds!

Also, for those who have asked me about the Catwa mesh head – yes I have it and will be reviewing it very soon, so stay tuned!! 🙂

<3 Daria

I’m wearing:
Mesh Body – Belleza Isis by Belleza (tinted to match Glam Affair America tone)
Mesh Head – Stella by Lelutka
Skin – Rachel (America – 6) by Glam Affair (Available at Shiny Shabby)Includes Lelutka appliers
Hair – Elsa by MINA (Available at Shiny Shabby)
Nail polish – Opal Summer Silver by -{ZOZ}- (Available the Body Mod Expo)Belleza, Maitreya, SLink & Zoz nails compatible
Dress – Selena by Apple May Designs (Available at Tres Chic)Includes Belleza Freya/Isis sizes


This week’s locations:

Mesh Body Addicts Sim
Neve (ColdLogic)
Shiny Shabby
The Men’s Department
The Secret Affair
Tres Chic

11 thoughts on “Weekly Fitmesh Finds – 20th Sept

  1. Yay! Love the new finds! Although I’m a bit sad that designers are creating less and less stuff for Venus body 🙁 So this week I will only get the ones from Blueberry and DE

  2. I’d like to challenge some of these big-brand fitmesh makers to release one thing individually by the body. Not sell a pack that includes every body type, but make it a different purchase for each of the top 6 things: maitreya, isis, freya, venus, tmp, slink.
    – then share some percentage data on popularity back with bloggers so availability becomes more reflective of what customers want.

    According to this blog here, none of the fitmesh makers should be putting out clothes for slink or TMP anymore, if they’ve given up on Venus. But is that reflective of actual customer interests or just what people who read a blog click on? And is Maitreya really this far in the lead (if you count Belleza separately), or not? Or more so?

    My freebie for Freya and Isis, is flipped from the info here.
    I have
    Isis shape: 66 sales, 248 views
    Freya shape: 128 sales, 489 views
    – but this could be reflective of just my, very small, audience and maybe those people having more trouble making shapes with Freya than with Isis (out of the box I find Freya unappealing, but when I started messing with shapes I found her easier to shape than Isis, flipping my initial preference).
    – And I have no data for any other fitmesh body because I’m just doing a specialty freebie that was aimed at a narrow target audience.

    I don’t expect merchants to post their numbers, but I’d love to see something like:
    “I get 2 sales for Freya for every 1 for Isis.”
    (it is odd that for me it maps perfect to that ratio – which may be reflective of the nature of freebies. When people have to put actual money on the line, impulse buys vanish and preferences comes out.)

  3. I like getting the other sizes in my packs… I have been known to purchase a different body later and its good to know I have the sizes already. additionally, I have a couple of the mesh bodies that these fit already so when I buy one it fits any of the bodies I already have.

  4. I like the fact I’m able to buy a clothing pack that has all the sizes I need for my different bodies, but I also would love the option to make individual purchases for each body if I wanted to. Giving shoppers an option isn’t a bad thing 🙂

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