Weekly Fitmesh Finds – 15th July

Lelutka bandana

Well LOGO Head lovers, I have some good news for you! The LOGO Alex Mesh Head has now become Omega compatible – and what’s even better, is that Essences and Pink Fuel will be releasing skins for this head! For now though, I thought I’d throw on my favourite Omega head applier skin, Jewel by Lumae, and go for a wander!


The LOGO heads have been widely popular since they became the first mainstream mesh heads on the grid, and have always been popular with photographers particularly because of the number of expressions that come with the head, but the skins have never quite been to my taste, so I’m excited to see an Omega option become available! Before you get too excited though, there are some drawbacks – The Omega layer for the head is only one layer, meaning that you can’t add additional make-up or use the make-up that comes with the ‘standard’ Alex mesh head HUD. You can apply a skin, but whatever make-up is or isn’t on that skin is all you get unfortunately.

That being said, we are looking at the initial ‘incarnation’ of Omega for LOGO heads, so I’m hopeful that in the future there will be additional Omega make-up layers (or applier based make-up layers) in future heads. Also, don’t forget that some creators (such as League for example) already make use of the skin layer to apply make-up to the Lelutka head (effectively, choosing an eye shadow type in their applier replaces the whole top half of your face, skin included, which keeps the make-up layer free for other things). Though I’m not certain if there are any ‘breaks’ in the skin layer for LOGO, there is certainly an option for skin designers to include several make-up styles with their skin appliers, so time will tell!

Now with all that said…. on to Weekly Fitmesh Finds! Click below to read!

I’m wandering in:
Mesh Body – Isis by Belleza
Mesh Head – Alex V2 by LOGO (Omega version used)
Skin – Jewel (bare) by Lumae (Omega Head and Omega Body appliers for this skin included)
Headscarf – Kali by Lelutka (Available at the Hair Fair in the Bandana booths – 100% donated to charity)
Sunglasses – Glare Sunglasses by Lelutka (Free gift available at the Hair Fair)
Necklace – Key necklace with lock by AITUI (Available at FaMESHed)
Top – Sirena by Addams (Available at Kustom9)Includes Belleza Venus, Isis, Freya; Maitreya & Slink sizes
Skirt – Ruffle Skirt by Heartistic (Available at Project Limited) Includes Belleza Venus, Isis, Freya & Slink sizes
Shoes – Luxor heels by KC Couture – Includes Belleza, Maitreya, Slink & TMP sizes


@ Project Limited

Vinyl - Jagger Love top @ PL - Slink, Mait, Bell Venus
Vinyl – Jagger-Love Cami @ Project Limited – Belleza Venus, Maitreya & Slink sizes

Vinyl - Novoselic Hoodie @ PL - Slink, Mait, Bell Venus
Vinyl – Novoselic Hoodie @ Project Limited – Belleza Venus, Maitreya & Slink sizes

Insanya - Corset @ PL - TMP, Slink, Mait, Bell venus
Insanya – Corset @ Project Limited – Belleza Venus, Maitreya, Slink & TMP sizes

Insanya - skirt @ PL - TMP, slink, mait, belleza venus
Insanya – Skirt @ Project Limited – Belleza Venus, Maitreya, Slink & TMP sizes

Heartistic - Ruffle Jean Skirt @ PL - Slink, Belleza Isis, Freya and Venus, slink
Heartistic – Ruffle Skirt @ Project Limited – Belleza Venus, Isis & Freya & Slink sizes

Heartistic - Alice dress @ project limited -  mait and slink
Heartistic – Alice Dress @ Project Limited – Maitreya & Slink sizes

L&B - Jackets @ Project Limited - Aesthetic
LB – Jackets @ Project Limited – Aesthetic male size

Kenvie - top and shorts @ PL - Aesthetic and TMP
Kenvie Top & Shorts @ Project Limited – Aesthetic & TMP male sizes


Gabriel - Hina dress @ Kustom 9 - slink belleza venus isis freya maitreya TMP
Gabriel – Hina dress @ Kustom 9 – Belleza Venus, Isis, Freya; Maitreya, Slink & TMP sizes

Zenith - Dress @ Kustom9 - Maitreya
Zenith – Dress @ Kustom9 – Maitreya size

Addams - Sirena top @ Kustom 9 - Belleza Venus, Isis, Freya, Maitreya, Slink
Addams – Sirena top @ Kustom9 – Belleza Venus, Isis, Freya; Maitreya & Slink sizes

Bueno - Tank Dress @ Kustom9 - slink mait belleza venus
BUENO – Tank Dress @ Kustom 9 – Belleza Venus, Maitreya & Slink sizes

Fishy Strawberry - Nuria Dress @ Kustom 9 - Slink Mait Belleza isis freya venus
Fishy Strawberry – Nuria Dress @ Kustom 9 – Belleza Venus, Isis, Freya; Maitreya & Slink sizes


SySy - Serena dress @ Wayward - slink Maitreya
SySy – Serena dress @ Wayward Carnival (opens 1pm today)  – Maitreya & Slink sizes

Zenith - Corset @ Wayward - maitreya
Zenith – Corset @ Wayward Carnival (opens 1pm today) – Maitreya size

[Cynful] Denim Short Poster
Cynful – Denim Short – Belleza Venus, Isis, Freya; Maitreya & Slink sizes

Aphorism - Dress @ seasons story - maitreya
Aphorism – Summertime dress @ The Seasons Story – Maitreya size

Gabriel - shirt @ The seasons story - slink, Belleza isis and freya, tmp male and female
Gabriel – Shirt @ The Seasons Story – Belleza Isis and Freya, Slink & TMP male and female sizes

FN - Humour Tshirts - Aesthetic
FN – Humour T-Shirts – Aesthetic male size

FN - Mesh coat - Aesthetic
FN – Mesh Coat – Aesethic male size

ILLI - Tshirts - Aesthetic
.::ILLI::. – Variety of T-shirts for Aesthetic male body now available

7 thoughts on “Weekly Fitmesh Finds – 15th July

  1. I am super excited about LOGO’s head(s) going Omega friendly. I will have to look at it again now! Do the expressions still work correctly with an Omega skin?

  2. The new LOGO Alex expressions HUD and Omega capability has made me finally switch away from LeLutka for everyday use. I grabbed the newest skin from Wow Skins and I’m happier now than I was with the basic LOGO options. It still isn’t absolutely *perfect* for me yet as Wow Skins aren’t my favorite (but they are decent, don’t get me wrong). The Lumae skins released for the latest Genre are pretty too if anyone is into fantasy/goth skins. I bought Bathory, Lilith, and Midian for 100 lindens each there. I’m really hoping DeeTalez and The Skinnery will come out with skins for Alex. I’m also hoping skin designers will be smart enough to include hairbase options and perhaps a single HUD for each skin tone with hairbase/brow/makeup combos for ease of use. I saw a screenshot of the Essences skin and I’m dying to get my hands on it. Any idea on when it will be released?

  3. This does not come as fitmesh in a Maitreya size. It just contains standard sizes plus a Maitreya autoalpha addon: “Aphorism – Summertime dress @ The Seasons Story – Maitreya size”

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