Two new Mesh Head reviews – Catwa & Labyrinth!

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So over the last few days my journey into the world of mesh heads has continued – and this time it brings you two new reviews – one for the new Jessica mesh head by Catwa, and one (for the guys!) the new Omega compatible mesh heads from Labyrinth! You can pick the Catwa head up in their store HERE, and the Labyrinth heads can be grabbed at this round of TMD (The Men’s Department).

Both heads are really exciting releases for me; Labyrinth because it’s the start of (hopefully) a new trend of male mesh heads becoming available that are Omega compatible – and Catwa because, well, it’s an exceptionally well done head!

Read the reviews here:
Catwa – Jessica mesh head
Labyrinth – Omega compatible mesh head range

and of course you can see the table of Mesh Heads (currently only for women, guys you’ll have a table too once there are more heads for you!) HERE.

Also just a reminder, I’ll be holding an ‘Introduction to Mesh bodies & heads for men’ workshop on the MBA Sim at 7am SLT this Sunday 27th September. Women are welcome too of course, the concepts are all the same, I’ll just be dressed as a dude 😛 Head to the sim and smack the Subscriber on the landing point to get notifications when Workshops are being held 🙂

♥ Daria

I’m wearing:
Mesh Body – Lara by Maitreya
Mesh Head – Jessica by Catwa
Skin – Fatma (tan) by WOW Skins (Catwa and Maitreya appliers used)
Hair – Western Wind (Ombre) by Tableau Vivant (Available at the Arcade)
Dress – Jaine by Blueberry – Includes Belleza Freya/Isis/Venus, Maitreya and Slink sizes
Pose – Kneeled 2 by Diesel Works Poses

17 thoughts on “Two new Mesh Head reviews – Catwa & Labyrinth!

  1. Your review of the heads should always include a point that clarifies whether or not the head responds to sliders. Other than that, good review.

    • It is not possible for mesh heads to respond to sliders. Linden Lab did not allow the facial sliders to work with fitmesh.

      Head size maybe, I dunno. But the facial dials cannot be made to.

      So there’s no point in restating that in a review – which every user of SL should know it. 🙂

    • That’s a good suggestion Cristalle, thanks! You’re right – although mesh heads do only respond to a few sliders (it’s not possible for them to respond to facial sliders), some don’t respond to the squash/stretch sliders whilst others do. I’ll include that 🙂

  2. Since you wear an alpha under your head that blocks everything including the eyes, forcing the need for mesh eyes, I dont see as the shape of your head would matter very much unless its a very inhuman shape face

  3. I got the Labyrinth head for my male alt. It’s a nice head, but if you don’t want the included skins, there is no HUD to get rid of the eye overlay and it may mess up the appearance of your mesh eyes.

  4. Hello, im just reading your blog, its great….i have a doubt, what about the ” Apply your own texture”, on CATWA hud, you know how it works?, will we be able to use our skins and tattoos?


    • Thank you so much Nina! Yes the ‘add your own texture’ allows you to add things you’ve made yourself, so if you’ve made your own skin for the head (and there’s a developer kit with the uv map included with it) and make up, you can use that button to add them to your HUD 🙂

  5. Responding to Pussycat Catnap:

    Lelutka Bento heads DO respond to facial sliders. I don’t know anything about what Linden did or did not intend, but Lelutka works. Unfortunately, all of the Catwa heads I tried only respond to head size and stretch. I tried both he older heads form Catwa and the brand new ones.

    I was able to more or less duplicate my system face, I have become quite fond of it. Being able to move the sliders made the purchase.

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