Tutorial – Mesh Bodies 102: Saving Outfits & Dressing your body!


Well after many days of writing, my new Mesh Body tutorial is now up on my blog!! You can read it HERE (it’s accessible by the menu at the top of my blog under ‘Tutorials’).

Happy reading and as always, if you have any suggestions for tutorial topics, leave a comment!

<3 Daria

I’m tired from writing in:
Mesh Body – Belleza Venus by Belleza
Skin (head) – Ella (natural) by AIMI Skins
Hair – Dasha by Truth
Top – Cowl Blouse by *Just BECAUSE* (Fitmesh for Belleza, Maitreya & Slink Physique)
Skirt – Pencil Skirt by *Just BECAUSE* (Fitmesh for Belleza)

0 thoughts on “Tutorial – Mesh Bodies 102: Saving Outfits & Dressing your body!

  1. Excellent article and tip ! Thank you Daria ! 🙂 I’ve been tearing out my flexi hair recently trying to save outfits with my mesh body and it looks like you might have saved me from a very premature bald-spot. Your advice makes perfect sense because that’s basically the method I’ve used with the standard avi ever since mesh clothes came on to the market – copy the shape, adjust it and keep it specifically for the outfit. Although I love the TMP body, I agree that the HUD is confusing at best and not especially intuitive, whereas Maitreya’s HUD is more like the standard and familiar adjustments for shoes.
    Next, to save my screen being taken up by so many HUDs and their appliers perhaps someone might like to consider a HUD for all mesh HUDs ? They might make their fortune in SL ! I would call it a ‘HUDall’ 😉

    Coco xx

    • Thank you so much Coco, and I completely agree about HUDall!! I would love to see a library HUD (almost like the Wardrobe or TMP’s applier saving method) as a seperate HUD, that would be great. One HUD, all your appliers!
      Daria x

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