The truth about events… [NSFW]

Hi MAddicts!

Events. It’s the one word that’s causing more upheaval is SL right now than the server issues did on the weekend lol. So I thought perhaps I’d explore the topic a little with you all, since I know that many of you are (like me) shopping addicts who have their teleport HUDs ready to go a good 10 minutes before an event opens!

Now don’t get me wrong, I love events (hell, I run one). One of the biggest reasons is getting to see designers step out of their comfort zones for themed events, and being introduced to new designers who quickly become my favourites. Dead Dollz was already a favourite of mine, but her outfit at ROMP was more risque than her usual work – the same applies to Blueberry’s collection at The Epiphany. Brilliant. Sexy. Different.

Bound and wanting

But there’s a negative side to events, and lately there’s been a lot of talk about the benefits of events, the number of events and of course, the accessibility of events. Now to be clear, the third issue is typically just a Second Life technical issue that we cannot avoid. A sim can at most, allow 100 avatars in at once… but if you’ve ever been to Collabor88 in their opening days, you know fully well that 40 avatars is enough to make putting  a demo on a half hour job. It’s frustrating, but that’s Second Life, and we mesh bodied people certainly don’t make the lag any better with our bodies, mesh heads and other laggy attachments – but it’s a catch 22 isn’t it? If you’re not wearing the body, you can’t demo an item! Now if we could get into events, it wouldn’t be such a big deal because we could arrive invisible, grab demos and go home to try them on… but the grid’s most popular events can take days to get back into if you leave, so this becomes a snowball effect…. people are staying in events for longer periods of time, because it takes that long to try on and buy the items you want, meaning the event is full for longer (and not really at the benefit of the designers selling there or the event coordinators either, might I say), thus others can’t get in, and the snowball begins!!

It’s a situation I’m sure you’re all familiar with it, and it’s a challenge I face every week in running my blog too. I take a lot of pride in trying to help you all know which events to go to to get the kind of items you want for your body/head. With such a mish mash of mesh body fitmesh in every event, as a user it gets frustrating just trying to work out where your favourite designer is, or where you can find a certain item type for your body. In fact, when I started doing Weekly Fitmesh Finds, there was only one or two items each week at the odd event or store. Now, we’re seeing a definite rise in fitmesh – but it’s not all quality fitmesh. By quality fitmesh, I’m not referring to alphas – I’m referring to items that cut through the body at the edges, which is an issue that can’t be fixed by alpha use/shape changing, or just plainly poorly fitted items. In some cases they’re not even fitmesh, even though they say they are! It’s a minefield! That is the very reason I want to expand my Weekly Fitmesh Finds – to introduce a (probably controversial) more refined version of the finds that only includes the fitmesh I find that is actually quality fitmesh. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I’m going to judge everyone (hell, creating fitmesh is a damn hard thing to do, and the more I learn how to do it, the more I admire those that can) but it’s simply to avoid sending you somewhere to buy something that turns out to be not fitted, or very poorly fitted.

However, this leaves me at a crossroads. Like you, I can’t get into the events, and despite my best efforts to speak with the Event Coordinators of the busier events, I’ve had no luck. Perhaps they don’t realise how many of you read the finds, or don’t know of my blog at all, it’s hard to tell. On average, my fitmesh posts get over 5,000 hits – how cool is that?? Plus MAddicts, we’re nearly at 1 million visits!!!! Might have to throw a party for that one!!

So what can we do? Honestly, not a lot. People will always want to get in to an event straight away – some because they love having the newest thing, others because they’re exited, and some events like gatcha events – some because they want to resell their items. You can however, do a few things:

  • In your graphics settings, turn Avatar Imposters down to 1, this reduces the ‘strain’ on your system when rendering other avatars. Mind you, I’ve found for me that simply derendering everyone else there (once you’re in a safe spot away from the landing point) does wonders for my lag. To do that, just open the Nearby Avatars tab, highlight everyone, then right click – derender temporarily. If you’re there a long time, you might have to keep doing this as new people come in too.
  • De-lag yourself as much as you can. I usually go in my body for demo purposes, but take my head and all other items off (and wear some sexy applier clothing). Hair, Jewellery, HUDs… they’re all lag-makers, so ditch them and go as a walking torso, I say.

Designers can help out too, though it’s unfortunate that events create so much more work for them. As it is, they struggle with vendor systems working during events, getting items done on time and letting their customer base know where to find it (and dealing with upset customers who can’t get in to events). But designers, if you can:

  • Put demos out in your store of the item at the event – especially for busier events, this helps people work out if it’s worth their time fighting to get in to buy your item. It also increases traffic to your own store, which is something events take away. Alternatively, send it out in your group!
  • If you can, don’t box up your demos! I know scripted bags can be difficult at events that don’t allow scripts, so set your demo to autogive a folder with all sizes available. There’s nothing worse than getting to an event, grabbing a demo then realising you’ll have to leave (and wait three days to get back in) to try the demo on.

Of course, most of you already know this stuff – I just thought I’d say it all anyway in case it helps someone somewhere. Event Coordinators too already know all the tricks about reducing lag, but (and I don’t know if it exists) but I would LOVE to see some kind of auto-kick script at events. After one hour, if you’re still there, you get booted. A lot of people DO lurk at events for no reason, and this gives everyone a chance to get in, whilst still allowing ample time to explore and demo given the lag situation.

Well MAddicts, those are my thoughts for the day. What do you think?

♥ Daria

I’m wearing (Picture 1):
Mesh Head – Soft deluxe by The Mesh Project
Mesh Body – Lara by Maitreya
Skin – Olivia by LURE Includes Omega head/body appliers, TMP head/body appliers, Maitreya & SLink Visage appliers.
Hair – Vanessa by [KoKoLoReS]  (Available at Hairology)
Necklace – Alysa choker pearls by Maxi Gossamer (Available at Collabor88)
Bra/gloves/panties/bow garters -Flirt set by Blueberry (Available at The Epiphany) – Includes Belleza (all), Maitreya & Slink (both) sizes

I’m wearing (Picture 2):
Mesh Head – Annie by Catwa
Mesh Body – Lara by Maitreya
Skin – Lia by Glam Affair (Available at Collabor88) Catwa head applier
Hair – Vanessa by [KoKoLoReS]  (Available at Hairology)
Harness – Satin Harness Lingerie by Dead Dollz (Available at ROMP)Maitreya size
Boots – Mishi Thigh High boots by REIGN

49 thoughts on “The truth about events… [NSFW]

  1. Two great points here Daria. As you say there’s not much we can do about the event lag. I also wish the MBA crew could get more up front notice about new releases. Oftentimes your blog and Berry’s are the only ones I regularly read to see the new quality clothes I should buy!

    And speaking of quality clothes, I for one support the ‘refinining’ of what you show. As a creator yourself you understand the difficulty of the process. But simply put, some items are on higher quality levels. The word ‘fitmesh’ is thrown about so wildly, often with the clothes not properly designed on the mesh bods themselves or seen with any movement on. So frustrating! We appreciate you cutting through, answering those questions, and showing us great options!

    • Thank you Jadz! I totally agree, the word fitmesh is overused (even by me haha) and misunderstood as well.

      I’m hoping that one day I’ll get the cooperation of Event Owners to be able to do my more refined fitmesh finds. Maybe we need to start a petition ‘Let Daria in!’ haha. <3

  2. I’ve been in C88 near the end of a round with five avs around and it’s still running at about 10% speed. It’s true that avs have an impact on sim lag, and a large one, but it’s also the vendors themselves, sensors, timed objects, and active scripts of any type that contribute hugely to the lag. Taking off HUDs and other attachments is a good tip, though, and does help. Also, whether you’re going to events or not, make sure you’ve deleted any recolor/resizer scripts from your hair or other attachments – those things are lag monsters, especially older versions of them.

    As a solution, I really wish LL would implement a teleport queue. If you try to TP to a full sim, you have the option to queue – then when a slot opens up, you get zipped over there. No need for a TP hammer HUD or other ad-hoc, laggy solutions. The way things are now, it’s like event coordinators are punished for success, and the worse it gets, the more we get that snowball effect you described.

  3. note here .. trying on demos at busy / newly opend events will drive you crazy, the region owner crazy, the other / fellow shoppers crazy .. so please please pleeeease dont. Go grab – Demos – Go home & try out in lag free enviroment – Put demos of items you want in special shopping folder – Go back and grab the stuff you want and leave.

    Do not drag your entire family with you – no seriously if that is you idea of a fun time out with hubbie etc wading through lag then thre are other places to do so. Please help and respect your fellow shoppers. If ya wanna shop with hubbie thne wait til event is halfway through the month and then go together 🙂

    Dont have pets and the like attached … like seriously ? Yea you might be fine on your top notch quality comp but try stepping out of your Me Me Me Meeeeee zone and think of others that cant move due to excess scripts *sighs*

    Shopping at events is not a fashion show either, If possible remove your clothes .. if you dont wanna remove the body and dont wanna get booted for shopping naked then just alpha out, and yea remove your excess HUDs too … Please help others get in and out fast so the next can get in and out fast \o/

    Region owners can help also … yes I know you spend a lot of time decorating etc to make it look nice but if I cant render how an I to even see the nice stuff you make ? .. Scale it down people honestly. If more can get in to your events and move faster around to get the demos then more can get in to get demos and shop / grab the stuff they tried as demos .. see where Im going with this ? Thanks muchly 🙂

    • LOL I hear you Treacle, but I do have to say that if I get into a busy event, there’s not a chance in hell that I’m sitting with my stupid teleport HUD on for another four days trying to get back in to buy the items I demo…. sorry honey but nope LOL.

      The pets/laggy attachments are a very good point too, there’s nothing worse than swimming through soupy lag in an event to move, then seeing some person with six animals hanging off of them.

      • you dont have to Daria .. even with the last opening of the Fameshed I got in first time for demos just after it opend ( with the HUD) and then I waited for it to be around 2-3 in the morning SL time and got in after just about 5-10 mins (also with the HUD)

        • I’m with Daria. It took a long time to get into the Uber event, there was no way in hell I was going to go home. However, there were a lot of people afk in the event, so that is a point people should mention…IF you get in, get your stuff and then leave…don’t go AFK and block people from getting in because you (generalized) went afk. Just saying.

  4. One thing i see too much of is vendors putting out outfits that are labelled “experimental” such as for Maitreya Lara. If its an event, at least please try and get the info and tools needed to create outfits that a Maitreya Lara user (like myself) can wear. That way i won’t waste my time trying on a demo.

  5. I think it would be brilliant for designers to put demos at their own stores! I would certainly make the circuit, and would likely shop while I was there! I can’t really think of a downside to this idea…

    • Yes a demo box that unpacks to a folder with the direct LM to the item at the event ( event planners please allow for direct TP ) would solve so much hassel .. win-win-win \o/

  6. All good points! Overlapping alphas is another thing that lags me into the ground. I just left a gacha event that has trees, grass, and bushes overlapping each other. I spent the first 15 minutes there derendering and blacklisting all of that, trying to get my frame rate above 2.3. I can appreciate the work that goes into making a sim pretty or season appropriate, but it works against my ability to shop.

    Collabor88 wasn’t too bad until the last anniversary event, when it suddenly got more laggy. I think the new structure is using 1024×1024 textures, which are harder to rezz. Creators could use 512×512 textures and we wouldn’t notice the difference. We’re looking at the vendors, not the building.

    The Arcade has the galley, which is just a sim next to the Arcade that folks can cam shop from. It would be great if the organizers of big events would consider doing the same.

    • Yes good point! Event textures play a big role, so structures etc can help keep lag to a minimum if managed properly. Personally, I don’t care if an event is ugly, I just want to shop and get out haha.

  7. I’m honestly tired of the event thing. I want to be able to get to the new stuff right away but having people just camp events and making it a nightmare for the first week after it opens is just tiresome. Sitting in my house with my tp HUD on is not my idea of a fun afternoon.

  8. 1 hour is way too long for a kick – no event is big enough! I would prefer an idle check – whether this is possible or not – I have no clue – not a scripter; but I have seen an idle monitor in one of many SL viewers.
    People with auto-teleport HUDs stand around the landing point forever, because they probably went out for lunch and just let it auto-port.

    Girls bring heavily scripted hipster boyfriends who don’t shop – just take up space.
    Need I continue?

    I may sound somewhat bitter but I am fairly new to the whole event fiasco (a returned player). I really am not, except for the Epiphany, which REQUIRES you to leave to open your stuff to claim points, which does not tell you how many points you’ve ranked up unless you SQUEEZE back into the event to click the board and vice versa. Knowing how popular the event is, I’d assume there would be a better way!

  9. Omg, Daria! You hit the nail on the head with so many points here. I’m writing this on the 13th and I STILL haven’t been able to get into Collabor88. Driving me crazy, I so want that Erratic hologram bodysuit and other stuff too, of course.
    I also agree with your point about quality, please please do a ‘superior’ mesh section asap.
    I take the point about being script heavy (holds a hand up in shame) and from now on will hit events bald and alpha’d.
    Carry on with this blog, babe. You’re my go to Web page every day, just to read what you’ve posted. Love ya!

  10. Regarding your auto-kick idea.. I know of at least one ticket system where you get a few minutes after arrival to draw a ticket, which then is valid for a certain time. If the time is up you get kicked. The system allows to re-new a ticket but I suppose that can be changed.

    • that is a utopian idea you wont find any creators that will sell their items ful perm outside the full perm market and those that help newbies and even they have to be on their toes to make sure noone is reselling. Wont happen ever. This is also a reason why the gridhopping didnt take off outside OS and selected grids cos the whole permission system is a nightmare for anyone creating and doing businesses in virtual worlds

    • I go as a pair of eyes with nothing on and full body alpha, saves on time and lag, grab the demos take them home, pitch the ones that do not fit and put the ones i like into the even named folder, then go back and buy buy buy

  11. I agree with Treacle 100% – it takes me days to get into an event, and when I get there there are people with wings, particles, kids, attached pets, huge hair/clothing, dancing, etc etc.
    My MO is similar – strip as much off as I can, remove attachments, get in, grab demos, go home, try on, go back to purchase. This can take UP TO A WEEK total, which is insane. If vendors provided demos away from the event, that would save an enormous amount of time. A timed queue would be fantastic – boot people there longer than an hour or whatever.
    I have to say a word about events that are so laggy all by themselves that we can’t move or function there. If I have to spend 20 minutes de-rendering your damn trees, snow, ice, smoke, fog, and assorted stuff, I am out. Winter events have been the absolute worst. I understand the desire to make the events pretty, but what ends up happening is that all the visuals make the area hard to navigate. Add to that events where vendors are spread out for what seems like miles, meandering up, down, behind hills, where there is no way to find a desired item (props to Shiny Shabby for giving us a notecard with direct LMs to specific vendors). While I am ranting, letting us Fly keeps us from bunching up in front of vendors, but Fly is often turned off. So many pet peeves. We want to shop, designers! Help us support your work and let’s figure out ways to make events work better. Daria, thank you so much for raising this topic. It seems events are just about the only way new items come out these days (with exceptions, like the amazing Blueberry, Just Because, Reign).

    • Yea its like some people say “Lets go have an outing at the new event” just no no no please dont !
      I kid you not , last I was at Shiny Shabby there was a girl that walked up to me as said hi, now I thught she needed help so I said hi back ( ok this was at the end of event time so not more than a few people around) now her next lines was “lets talk about anything” …err.. lets not cos this is just not the venue for it. Or the several AFKers I see at events and no its not the ones that stand there but the ones I see has ben made zombies by the viewers. I get issues happen, Im a mother of a son with adhd and autism but its just a simple keyboard command and you are out of there and teleported home.
      The level of rudeness is insane and people wonder why some leave SL, some for good, and go elsewhere 🙂
      I agree wholeheartedly with the idear of Darias about pre demos at the stores. Maybe a signup via subscriber that will give out a list of LMs for the stores present at the event. Similar to the one Cosmo gives out. I do love those lists from Cosmo cos its inworld list with LMs for either event or the stores and includes pictures. Making Cosmo one of the easiest in and out events to go to for Demo and shopping.
      Full region events .. yea I went to Frost and it took me over an hour just getting the Demos and this was well into the event time so the lag was nothing but I could easily imagine at the beginning with the size and the lag omg the hell it must have been.
      Something else occured to me. Does the region owners restart the regions during events or after ? cos that could be why the lag is bad even if there are just a few people at the place.

  12. PS Not gonna lie, when I saw the gorgeous red lingerie at the top of this post, my heart sunk when I saw it was at The Epiphany. Not because of the $Ls but because of the lag, the full sim, and the hell of finding the Blueberry gacha. Will look for it on the Marketplace first. All these issues make great business for gacha resellers.

  13. The State of the union, excuse me.. state of events. I give up. Fitmesh.. I give up.

    You’re topless, seriously? Are you calling to all the SL demons! lol
    We’re thinking in Oculus, but, well, the other day I saw a naked guy playing his “tool” wandering around (in the Linden “moderate” land).. I think we will wait more time to make a decision.

    • no one said anything about topless or even naked. Daria uses applier outfits and others remove their bodies / heads yet others just alpha their bodies out. If you do not have a mesh body then just use a body alpha .. that will save a lot of lag for your fellow shoppers and time (meaning we dont have to derender your pretty pixels out )

  14. I agree with your decision to curate the fitmesh finds a little more, Daria. I appreciate the work that you do, and this just makes it harder, surely, but for now it needs doing.

    Something I’ve noticed lately is the way a lot of mesh is very blocky, and noticeably so if you have larger breasts/more curves. It’s become a showstopper for me, when an otherwise interesting design becomes a fail because it looks like you have a system body on with all the facets on the clothing. Weeding those out would be good.

    As for these events… honestly, I’m getting tired of them. That feeling would be ameliorated if the demos went out in group announcements or subscribo announcements, etc. so that we could demo at home without having to deal with the lag, and just get in and get out without having to fight for several days or a week to get into an event. I don’t mind the Mix style of event – mainstore shopping for exclusives or sales. It’s not hundreds of people trying to jam one sim at a time, and I can just run in and get the thing that I want and be done with it.

  15. Lets face it, the stuff sold at events not like going to run out of stock so its pretty worthless worry over them. On the otherhand i agree 100% that ppl should grab their demos and try them on somewhere else this way the flow in and out of the sim would be more fluent. I’ve been at places where ppl get ejected if they go over the allowed script etc and yes there should be a time limit for idividuals. I have seen many times that ppl go to events in groups, they dont even shop just hang out and chit chat.
    Then again, wait a few days and go shopping in peace and low lag….all the stuff still will be there 🙂

  16. I think weekly sale events are probably the best way for creators to show new stuff. One example is Fifty Linden Fridays, but higher price limits work just as well. Only a limited number of creators are on the list each week, but they rotate so everyone gets a chance. A list is sent out, then customers teleport to the stores they like best, or to all of them. While at each store, they see other new items or sale items, and there are never 100 people trying to get into one region. Spacing out a few stores each week gives creators time to make items and you time to check them. Or if you get complaints that the items aren’t really fit mesh when they say they are, that creator might lose their right to be on the list.

  17. Fairs kinda scare me when they’re so laggy and it takes so long to get in.. and when I do I see so many new creators, I need help to narrow down the list! I admit, I like shopping on MP a lot better when I can just buy a demo and then a full version if I like it, so maybe creators can try putting out only demo items at fairs, and link to a MP listing for the full versions?

  18. I really like the idea of demos in the stores leading up to an event. It not only gives a chance to see if it’s worth the hassle but also would promote the event. Some groups, like Erratic, send out demos to the group which is an excellent way to both get the demos in our hands before the event, promote the event and is you’re a member of that group you’re probably going to go to every event and grab everything they put out anyway so why not make it a little easier on us? As far as trying out demos at the event, that’s a no. I grab demos of everything I could possibly want, take them home and try them there. Now some stuff like offerings from Erratic, Blueberry & Addams generally fit very well, they have proven they know what’s what so I feel pretty comfortable buying from them without demos so all is not lost with the first trip to the event the rest of the stuff I try and delete making my list for later when it’s not quite so crowded…this also gives me a little breathing room in case there’s another event or a new release that trumps the list.

  19. With my luck at events, without auto – kicking and a teleport queue (SO BADLY NEEDED) there’s been very little reason to bother going to them. I’ve waited until the end of some, and sometimes even then they’re STILL next to impossible to get in or have a reasonable shopping experience.

    At this point I’d rather see these events moved into a Marketplace format. Creators can make their items lower priced, exclusive/limited quantity, whatever. Shoppers can easily pick up demos at their convenience and subsequently purchase. Fast. Simple. While I’ve yet to try Mix, I do see its potential as well.

    I understand the concept of land traffic and doing things in world, but good GOD there are just SO many reasons that almost don’t make these events worth the hassle…

  20. At a user group meeting, I once suggested LL created a method for cuing for access. It was rather roundly poo-pooed by a vocal few at the meeting and was quickly dropped.
    It is not difficult to envision something like a notification “The region you are attempting to enter is full. There are XX people waiting to get in ahead of you. Would you like to be added to the cue? If so, when your turn comes up you will be given 30 seconds to change your mind before you are automatically teleported.” As it is now, people like me sometimes spend an hour or more continuously pinging the sim to get in. That can not be good for the network or the servers involved. We are used to waiting in line in RL, not just physically but for things like tech support; why shouldn’t it work in SL.

    • In theory I like the queing idea – but in practice I could see it leading to even more drama.

      Being told you are 123rd in line and that this means an average wait time of 3hours and 57minutes means people would just start demanding LLs refund EXACTLY 3hours and 57minutes of their tier bill… no matter how little sense it made (so like um, why didn’t you just do other things for that 3hours and 57minutes, eh? or even better… so like, you spent that 3hours and 57minutes on your land, so you got your land’s use, so what gives)…

      All you have to do is open up forums to a popular MMO or two and read the queuing complaints for events in those…

      Putting people in a line would just create in them a perception that their time was being wasted. Without the line – we all just kind of move on with our SL and do ‘stuff’ until ‘things’ are available.

  21. Interesting post and the comments have been also really cool, great discussion. I have become a little more selective with fitted mesh – partly due to the fact that there has been that lowering of quality. Lets face it, if you see a lingerie item by erratic, do you really need to demo? Hell no, just grab it. So for me the whole demo thing gets to be a bit more about quality of the fitted mesh rather than the style or look of the outfit. So yes, please do that QA’d list Daria, thats a huge bonus – especially if it saves me buying another pair of knee-warmers masquerading as knickers.

    I do wonder at the whole rationale of un-themed SL shopping events though. For themed events, yes! awesome idea and worth a bit of lag fighting (I seriously agree though; I just want to throw a sack over the three toddlers and two pets and run off cackling, sending a ransom note or maybe just baking them in a pie) but for general clothing I’m not sure anymore. I get disappointed when I go to a store of a designer I love, but I end up leaving empty handed because *everything* is now released at events (so I probably already have it ;p).

    Also I’m kind of sad perhaps, but I *like* shopping with Fiona or with friends – there is a sort of social aspect to it, and events (especially with the “lets just be floating eyeballs and de-render everyone else” approach) make social shopping a lot harder.

    But like most everyone here, I still go, and I use my tp thumper too, so I am in the end another shopping lemming. I like the TP Queue idea too… big bonus is you could keep doing other stuff or at least respond to IMs.

    • Shopping with friends can be a lot of fun. Though I must confess I’ve not had SL friends who liked to shop for the kinds of things I like since well… 2010… (when I go shopping with friends since, we end up in builder sims and I chat and look at a few things, feeling a bit like a guy in a shoe store).

      Its a great social thing to do in SL – to hit up shops with a friend. But just pick actual stores for that, and not the events. Or hit the event near the tail end of its cycle. I usually wait to go to a lot of these events until they’re closer to ending…

      For the regular events, that have the same merchants, I will often not go at all or more than once. Just hit their store after its over. The once being to make sure there isn’t something limited to that event only (and I dislike these kinds of things as many merchants fail to put them into their re-delivery systems. So if its event exclusive it has to also really be what I was already trying to find)…

      SL Malls, rare that they are now… are better for shopping with friends. If also only because you can have fun looking at severely outdated stuff and chatting about it…

      • I so agree with Pussy on this .. choose the stores or do the shop hopping events together or wait til end of the one place events .. seriously please please and yea I was at an event (C88 I think it was) yesterday and yeap .. friends out shopping and AFKers *sighs* and there I was floating bald head and all 🙁

    • Jst saying… I really dislike the qeue idea, I feel the lag is the result of many avis in a small sim. If LL cuts the price of land for events… then the events can run on two or three sims, and we can go with our friends, kids, pets and it will be an awesome experience …

  22. Qeueing will probably not impact lag significantly. I do not understand the inner workings of the SL network well enough to say that the continuous TP attempts under the present system are impacting lag, but qeueing can’t hurt.
    On the other hand reducing one of Linden Lab’s major income streams will almost surely be detrimental in the long run. Like it or not, it is essential that LL show a profit!

  23. Another tip would be to try to go during non-peek hours if you can. With SL being popular in time zones around the world, this can be difficult at the most popular events, but if you can go before 3:00 PM SLT (when the US east coast gets off work) or after Midnight SLT (when the US West coast is mostly in bed) there will be fewer people and it will be easier to get onto sims. The sweet spot would be between Midnight and 3:00 AM SLT, which is when the most time-zones are either in bed or at work.

  24. I stopped going to events alltogether. its sucha waste of time. First they’re 99% maitreya only so spending hours trying to get in and then finding that nothing is for a body i’ll actually use is infuriating. Second is the gacha events. not even worth it. if you’re like me you have to:

    1: find a gacha that isn’t maitreya exclusive
    2: find one that also has something i want
    3: waste oodles of linden dollars trying to get the item i want
    4: end up not getting it or getting it in a color i wouldn’t be caught committing murder in
    5: find out nobody wants to trade because the one thing i wanted is also the one thing everyone else wanted.

    Honestly same reason i stopped buying into lootboxes. end up dropping L$1,500 only to find out its 90% maitreya only and that once again blueberry has the only worthwhile thing in there. at that point i could’ve just walked down to blues store and picked out a fatpack of something a bit more my style and after that still had enough leftover to get a nice pair of glasses or a pretty bracelet.

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