Tough chic

Well I’ve finally come out the other side of this awful flu – and just in time too! SL is abuzz this week with talk of mesh bodies and developments in SL fashion!

In case you haven’t heard the hype yet, Belleza have released their own version of the mesh body (joining many other creators such as Slink and TheShops) and I’m just as guilty as anyone else when it came to storming into their store first thing in the morning and grabbing a demo to try out. The verdict? I do love it – the body is stunning, and features the ability to use slink hands and feet which I *love* because losing my shoe collection due to incompatibility is just NOT happening!! I’ll admit, they have some work to do (neck seam for example was very obvious) but I love the direction they’re going in.

But moving on to fashion – I’ve laid my hands on some fantastic stuff this week, including the below outfit and boots. How tough chic is it?

Amelia Jacket and Skirt

I’m wearing:

Jacket and Skirt – Amelia Jacket and Skirt by Rowena’s Designs

Boots – Sabia boots by ..::ILLI::..

Hair – Writer by ~Tableau Vivant~

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