Tonic’s Fine Beauty body, Catwa’s Alice head & Fitmesh finds!

Hi MAddicts!

Update/edit – LOGO has now released the Omega version of their mesh heads in their demo pack – so whilst you still need to buy the Omega installer to activate it, you can now demo other skins on their demo Omega head! Thanks LOGO! <3

There’s one thing that I grow to love more and more about SL over time, and that’s the diversity. I honestly believe the amount I have learnt (both good, bad and err weird) whilst being part of the SL world has played a role in the person I’ve become.

Now you all know I’m always talking about ‘buying creativity’, because I do. If I see something new, ingenious, or just otherwise jaw-dropping creative, I’ll buy it, even if I’ll never use it, look at it or have use for it… because it’s my small way of being part of that person’s creation and rewarding their hard work. I feel that way about mesh bodies a lot (hence my addiction) and mesh heads (refer to previous comment) – but I especially love when someone makes something a little left of centre, or for a different audience. Fantasy/furry creators do this a lot, and I am always in awe of what they, and the modders who work with their items, create. I don’t tend to talk about that a lot here – but only because I’m not a furry/role player myself, and I don’t think I could do that genre justice, like so many amazing bloggers do (you can see Pussycat’s blog here, which is full of useful information).

This week Tonic released her new ‘Fine Beauty’ mesh body – and it’s a little different to the norm. The body is designed to have a flat/very small chest area, making it idea for fembois, those who play a younger avatar and even just women who like having smaller breasts! The body is designed to maintain a small chest at higher slider levels (which is important, because as you probably know, breasts below 50 on the slider usually warp). This is Tonic’s second mesh body available for purchase, the first being her ‘curvy beauty’ body, which sits at the other end of the scale and offers users bigger breasts than usual. You can see both bodies below, and read the full review here!

Tonic bodies2
The other new release this week was Catwa’s Alice mesh head – another in her ever-growing line of ‘basic’ mesh heads that offer users the ability to purchase add-on upgrade packs and pay only for the features they’d like to have, rather than all of them!

For something different, I thought I’d show you this head with a few different skins! You can find Pumec’s June skin at We<3RP, Wow Skin’s Mimi at MBA Bi-Monthly, 7 Deadly Skins Dawn at MBA Bi-Monthly, and Glam Affair’s Kumi at Uber!

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I know a lot of you have been playing with the idea of getting a mesh head, or demo’ing mesh heads and trying to find one that suits you – and I can’t stress enough that you need to demo these heads with skins too! I see a lot discussion about mesh heads in groups, and comments from those who have purchased a mesh head and wish it looked softer or more ‘realistic’ or any number of variables. Remember, skins make such a HUGE difference – as texturing always does. Without it, mesh heads (and well, all mesh) is just well… white! So demo demo demo!

So for now – demo those skins (you can see a list of skin creators and what heads they make appliers for here for WOMEN and here for MEN) and read below for Weekly Fitmesh Finds!

<3 Daria

I’m wearing:
Mesh Head – Stella by Lelutka
Mesh Body – Lara by Maitreya
Skin – Yumi by Glam Affair (Available at Collabor88)Lelutka applier
Eyelashes – Fatelashes by Damien Fate
Hair – Pei by Iconic (Available at Hairology)
Makeup – Smudged Eyeshadow by Nox Lelutka applier
Earrings – Animalcule Pinky Cat by [Since 1975]Gatcha
Clutch – Flaming Feathers Clutch by Glam Affair (Free gift at Chapter Four)
Top – Della Tank Top by Addams (Available at Collabor88)Includes Belleza (all), Maitreya & Slink (both) sizes
Pants – Alicia Flare Pants by Addams (Available at Collabor88)Includes Belleza (all), Maitreya & Slink (both) sizes
Shoes – Sura heels by KC CoutureIncludes Belleza, Eve, Maitreya, Slink & TMP sizes
Pose – High F2/3 by AMITIE


This week’s locations:
Collabor88 (C88)
MBA Bi-Monthly
Thalia Heckroth

6 thoughts on “Tonic’s Fine Beauty body, Catwa’s Alice head & Fitmesh finds!

  1. I’ve just come from Tonic where, based on this blog, I tried on their Curvy Body. The curves are nice, smooth and rounded in the right spots. The feet and hands match seamlessly and, after a few attempts on my HUSH Omega applier, I was able to get my skin matched up. This is a big plus for me because I invested heavily into HUSH skins and her Omega applier will not apply them to my Belleza body only so I have been putting up with a tiny seam on my neck. Back to the CB, the hands and feet look lovely though the hands seemed a bit large for my tastes. This could be a demo issue? While I loved the selection of base nail colors and the option to color both fingers and toes at the same time, the selection of sizes for the nails could be improved on. In the cons, the alpha selections need improvement. Using the alpha on the nipples, leaves a line of skin across that area with no alpha option to remove it. Selecting full arms takes off the arms and shoulders right to the neck, not often what is necessary. Like Maitreya, this body uses too many attachment points and this could easily be brought down from three to just two or, even better, one since the hands are the same. The final con is having to change feet from flat to mid to high by wearing each separately. Slink’s new system means not having to do this and neither does Belleza, the latter of which only uses one body attachment. All in all, it’s a good body, especially for the price, and though I would recommend it to others, I think I’ll keep my Belleza.

    • Hi there! Glad to see you had a good reaction to the demo of the Curvy Beauty. Here are a few answers to your questions:

      Hand size is adjustable via your shape 🙂

      There are two additional nail shapes you can purchase – an extra long french and an extra long pointy. And there is nothing stopping a mesh maker from making more, especially with the latest version of my Mesh Makers Kit.

      Alphas? Alphas. Here is the rule for mesh bodies – Designers add more alphas, customers want even more 🙂 Not sure what you mean by “leaves a line of skin” so if you could IM me in world and share a gyazo or something that would be wonderful 🙂

      And now for Education Central – did you know that having “combo feet” where you just poke your HUD to change foot shape increases lag? I bet you didn’t… Everyone of those foot shapes needs to be downloaded by everyone that can see you, even when they aren’t being rendered because — you guessed it — they can’t know they don’t need to render it until after they download it! So I chose the path that leads to the least lag… And don’t get me started about multiple hands builtin!

      Thanks for checking the Curvy out, and thanks for asking your questions 🙂

  2. Does Tonic offer a mesh kit for their bodies, and if so, what are their policies of getting it? I’m tired of being restricted to a mere handful of designers, just because they want to share the pie among themselves in some backroom conspiracy or have little interest in supporting their product beyond taking your money…
    SL has always been about being able to mix and match, making the look YOU like, not being dictated what you’re supposed to wear or who’s deemed worthy to design stuff for their precious body…
    Until someone finally realizes the benefit of providing an open fitmesh development kit far outweigh the risks, I’m gonna keep my money and stick with what I got…
    I can be stubborn with that! 😛

    • Tonic offers three kits depending on what you need:

      The Tonic Dev Kit is a general purpose kit for doing omega testing on the body. It includes a skin mannequin, uvmaps and so forth (still needs updating for the Fine, it’s on my TODO list…). It also includes the free Smart Alpha kit, plus the logo for adding to your artwork.

      The Tonic Smart Alpha kit is a free kit (refund of 1L after purchase) which has the smart alpha script, plus instructions, and the logo.

      Finally, the Mesh Makers Kit. This one is available to members of the Tonic Designers group only which is (currently) invitation only and includes all the kits. The reason for the group requirement is that the kit includes both bodies at a steep discount from buying both of them yourself. I might be out on a limb here, but it makes sense to me that mesh designers have the real body to design with to get the great results we all want.

      How do you get into this group? IM me and lets chat, that simple. I want as open access as possible as I detest the same things you detest, while balancing out saving you the designer some L$ while also ensuring a high quality result by making sure you have bodies to design against.

      Hope this helps!

      — Fizz

  3. Even though I’m on the opposite end of the bosom size with my own avatar, it is good to see someone address smaller chested avatars. Look at mbody as well for that – a slightly older body, that had some nice features.

    I did a chart recently comparing what different mesh bodies look like at bosom sizes of 30, 50, 75, and 100 – and so many of them break apart when moving off of the middle range.

    So I think its very valuable to see bodies that address the far ends of the spectrum in both directions. Though I’m not sure how many more bodies clothing makers can manage to support… and I don’t know what the solution to that could be.

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