TMP, Maitreya, Sexy Skins and Gorgeous Nails ;)


Well mesh body lovers, it looks like TMP isn’t going to be added to my Mesh Body Reviews – I’ve finally heard back from them, and unfortunately they’re not looking for bloggers and as such won’t give me a review copy. It’s a shame, I would have loved to compare it with all the others I’ve reviewed to see how it stacks up, but blogging is (and many don’t know this) an expensive hobby, and this girl needs a job before she can drop that much money on a body 😉

Now I know a few of you have said that I should review the free body, which is true, and I do have a copy of the free body – but one thing I’ve learnt about mesh bodies is that realistically, the look of the mesh body is only 50% of the product. The other 50% is functionality. How many clothing layers does it have? What glitching occurs when using multiple layers? What clothing options are available to me – are they my taste? All of these questions are a big part of why I wear each body for so long. In the first days of infatuation with a new body, it’s easy to declare it the best thing since mesh boobs – but after a few days, what faults have I discovered? What do I love? What do I hate? All of this forms part of the ‘review’ process to me, so unfortunately for now TMP is a no-go for Mesh Body Addicts!


On to brighter news though – I’m loving my Maitreya mesh body at the moment, and what’s even better is that it seems that the Maitreya nails have INDIVIDUAL UV MAPS!!! I can almost hear you saying “Wha….?” but what that means is, different styles can be created for each nail!!!! You can grab the gorgeous pack I’m wearing (that comes with 6 colour options!) from AviCandy <3

Now before I forget – WOW Skins has just released their full body appliers for Maitreya (I’m wearing the Vivy Bronze WOW Skin available at this round of Designer Circle for only 99L in the picture above). Grab this gorgeous skin and grab the appliers, you can save them into your Maitreya HUD in the skins tab, and that way they’re easily accessible when you want them!

Finally I’d like to thank John for offering to model with me for this shot – I’ve realised, the more I blog, the more I might need to finish creating my male modelling alt, altmcalt resident (who I haven’t used much here, he really needs a makeover) – but hey, until then, thanks John 😉

Note – the gorgeous pose in the first picture is ‘Surrender my Love’ by Creative Minds Photography – You can get it HERE.

I’m scared John’s going to drop me in:

Skin – Vivy by WOW SKINS (Available for 99L at Designer Circle for a limited time only)
Shape – Elsa by WOW SKINS
Lingerie – Megi by MAAI (Comes in other colours with a range of Mesh Body Appliers)
Heels – Amarissa Heels for Slink High by ..::ILLI::..
Mesh Body – Lara by Maitreya
Feet – Slink High Feet by Slink

In the second picture I’m also wearing:

Nails – Dots n Stripes by AviCandy (If you have a mesh body, you have to check this girl’s work out!!)
Hair – Felicity by .Olive.
Lingerie – Cupcake Lingerie by MAAI (ONLY available at the AnyBody event this month!)

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