TMP and why only the best friends will tie you up!


Alright I’m guilty, I’ve been shopping at the Fresh (By Romp) event again, and this time I’ve come home with a rack! Now before you get any wild ideas, odds are I’ll most likely only ever use this for photography purposes (given my lack of submissive nature haha), but the poses on this thing are so raunchy that I had to bribe my good friend and Designer of ..::ILLI::.. Alphonse, to come and pose with me on it ;). (Note, I’m using an actual pose on the rack, he’s not because umm, this is a family blog… hehehe). Anyway, thanks for the ‘support’ Alphonse! 😉

Anyway, if this is your cup of tea, do yourself a favour and jump over to the Fresh Event and take a look at the (aptly named) ‘Gates of Hell’ Rack by N4RS.

Alrighty now back to Mesh Bodies! This is the first shoot I’ve done with both the male and female versions of TMP, and I have to say, as much as their systems drive me insane, they do make two great bodies – if only it weren’t so complicated!! Only yesterday I was helping a poor girl who’d bought the body months ago, but never been able to work out how to use it!! Between Shopping HUDS, Style HUDS and money exchanges, I think TMP are doing themselves such a huge disservice by being so closed off and user unfriendly.

I’ve pondered doing a tutorial, a ‘how to’ for TMP, and feel free to comment if you think I’m wrong, but it takes me days to write these tutorials, photograph them and put them together… it’s something that I do because I wish I’d had them handy when I first started using mesh bodies (and I just plain like to help!), but I’m hesitant to do the week or two of work that would be a ‘how to’ for TMP when really, I wouldn’t recommend their body to a beginner… what are you thoughts? To write or not to write, comment with your thoughts!

<3 Daria

I’m all tied up in:
Skin – Lucy 1 by Glam Affair (head)
Mesh Body – Deluxe Female Body by The Mesh Project
Hair – SAE by Argrace
Lingerie – Oaks Lingerie by MAAI (Available at AnyBODY) (includes Omega,Slink,TMP appliers)

He’s wearing:
Mesh Body – Deluxe Male Body by The Mesh Project
Suit – The Dandy by DeadWool (at TMD)

0 thoughts on “TMP and why only the best friends will tie you up!

  1. I am using tmp deluxe upon my long-time rest from SL. Body itself is really perfect, arm, should and breast constructing a beauiful curve. However, there are many problem, complicated operation, unstable (I am not clear about others) – the layers are strucked and need to reset all the time (need multiple area to reset(s). And their shopping experience is hell. Slow, lag, rediculous nevigation menu, messing kind of selection with terriable product label, no name, lack of necessary desription what should be bought together. HELL, HELL, HELL – is at the shop. I cannot really tell what the different between the color. There have no name label. 4 pinks look the same at the different pages, and would be shifted upon frequently nevigation.
    HOEVER, the good is the body alpha layer cutting on the mesh body is nicer and much detail, but it still far from enought. At least need increasing on the area of the breast. Designer on breast area cutting are various. TMP body is not quite good for beginner.

  2. Oh PLEASE I WOULD LOVE SOMEONE TO DO A TMP TUTORIAL??? I gosh I never beg, though I adore your blog, and you are clear concise and have experience with all the mesh bodies ( how most mesh bodies are made, designed and realised under one maybe 2 names with great customer service and help is great!! Then there is the TMP Head and Body……………………………………………..). I would Love even if you set one up, and filmed it, or adapted help you gave to someone else? I can’t find help or any blog that has done one?

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