Time for a poll – Mesh Bodies/Heads!

In order to provide more specific information about the most popular bodies/heads moving forward, I thought it might be time for a mini survey! So guys, what you wearing? 😉

Note – Make sure you hit the ‘vote’ button at the end of each poll!

Females - What Mesh Body do you use on your main avatar?

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Men - What Mesh Body do you use on your main avatar?

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Women - What mesh head brand are you wearing?

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Men - What mesh head brand are you wearing?

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<3 Daria

I’m wearing:
Mesh Head – Keme by Catwa
Mesh Body – Lara by Maitreya
Skin – Georgie by Glam Affair (Available at Collabor88)
Hair – Nap Queen by Spellbound (Available at Frou Frou)
Tie & Top – Y2K set by Maddict (Available at Rewind Y2K event) Includes Belleza (Isis/Freya), Maitreya & Slink (both) sizes
ArmWarmers – Y2K Bento Arm Warmers by Maddict (Available at Rewind Y2K event) – Includes Maitreya, Slink HG and Slink Physique bento sizes
Jeans – Sammy Jeans by Blueberry Includes Belleza (all), Maitreya & Slink (both) sizes
Pose – Ethereal by Go&See

50 thoughts on “Time for a poll – Mesh Bodies/Heads!

  1. Confused about results that say no votes for Lelutka Bento, when I voted for Lelutka Bento. I don’t own Catwa. Will never own Catwa. I have 5 Lelutka Bento heads. Simone, Chloe, Kate, Greer and Spencer.

  2. Why isn’t the ::dev:: FitnessNana body on the list? I have met a lot of women wearing it, but the movers and makers in the mesh community almost seem to be ignoring it on purpose.

  3. You should have a pick for “Still using System head”, until Bento heads make use of ALL head sliders, I won’t be buying any.

    • Pepys thats impossible. LL doesn’t give you the exact weightings when you take a kit to dev mesh stuff. its only an approximate meshup. having all sliders isn’t possible because they don’t provide the tools for it.

        • It may not be possible to respond exactly, but i know from the UTILIZATOR – Normie Head, that mesh heads can have more adjustability, without huge pain.. I don’t look identical to the old me, but I recognize myself.

          Some designers are either lazy, or so wedded to the ‘look’ they’re making, they forget that there are individuals buying these products who want to look INDIVIDUAL — and not have odd planes and bulges form if they push the sliders to try to *customize* a head.

          It should not be this hard to make a look and to carry that look from system to some degree (even if you have to redo your sliders.)

          btw, bento mesh makers, some women have clefts in their chins!!!

          I have demo’d so many heads… only to be disappointed.

  4. In all fairness I use a variety of body’s and heads and I have pretty much all brands of mesh body’s and heads stuffed in inventory. I’m not going to talk bad about any of the ones I don’t ever take out and dust off because maybe I got lazy and didn’t put enough effort in making them work. That said the catwa/aesthetic combo and catwa/lelutka on signature are my primary go tos. Aesthetic is hard to find good clothing and the designers that say their items fit aesthetic and only use the alpha to chop away the shape of your nicely built avatar is cheating.

    • Actually, Aesthetic kit has HUGE differences in body volume and more importantly weights from the inworld body, so it’s nearly impossible to get clothing to do a perfect deformation (as instead it is very easily possible on Signature, Slink and Altamura). As a creator, if i can rig the same clothing to 6 different bodies in 4 hours, i don’t see why i should bother and waste 4 times the amount of time it takes for one of the others just for Aesthetic, doing trial and error.

  5. To whom it may concern,
    I do not normally comment on things but for whatever reason today I felt like I wanted to. Possibly because in the last few weeks much like every couple of months I have been contemplating my decisions on my bento head and mesh body. Either way I have been through so many different mesh bodies, heads, and bento heads and they have all had their advantages and disadvantages and finally settled on a maitreya body and catwa bento head however that is not the reason for this comment. The reason is that while I love my avi there are things that I believe creators should know about the reasons some people choose their product over other peoples at least in my opinion and based on the opinions I have heard from others in SL. The reason I have a maitreya body is mostly because of the fact that sooo much of the content in sl is made only for the maitreya body if I could have the same content for the hourglass or belleza I would switch. Don’t get me wrong the maitreya body is perfect for some but it lacks the ability to be curvy and look natural being so it also lacks alpha cut outs in crucial areas. I was really hoping that in the update they did about..I think a year ago when they added bento hands this would be one feature they would update as well but so far no luck. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will be in the next update. As for choosing my catwa bento head; prior to bento heads being released i was constantly switching back and forth between catwa and lelutka as I loved both above the others I own. The biggest downside to lelutka was for the longest time it was not omega compatible and I would have buy separate items for it then my other mesh heads. This downside was however fixed eventually. One of the main reasons I ended up with a Catwa bento head is that when lelutka released the simone bento head they gave credit to all of the people who had bought the simone mesh head. Having been a customer for over a year i was put off when it was decided that the only people who got credit towards buying the simone bento head were the ones that came in towards the end of mesh head releases and bought that particular one (since the simone head was one of the later mesh heads released). Other reasons I own a catwa bento head rather then another is because of the duel makeup layers and all of the accessories that are available be it from the creator themselves or other creators. Much like with the maitreya body there are not many creators that do not make things for catwa. Before ending this I do once again want to state that these are my opinions I am not putting down any creator they all do wonderful jobs creating their products my soul purpose is to inform others of why I made the choices I did and what they may be able to do to improve upon their products.

    • To those who wonder, when Maitreya Lara was introduced it was one of those with most alpha cuts, if not the best one, then the first one with automatic alpha (so now, with clothes using that feature, you just wear them and you are set, rather to have to click on various body parts in your hud) and unlike other bodies, some standard mesh could fit too (in the beginning you had mostly those), and you could also use Lara with the shape you had on your old avatar with only few adjustments. Compared to other bodies, besides the above, it was also about an half of the price compared to Belleza (and the full TMP too), feet could move from flat to tiptoes (rather to wear different feet each time as you had to do with SLink and others at that time) same with the hands. TMP body had some features that were better than Maitreya Lara (resizable fitmesh feet, nice neck faders for system heads, IMHO better default skins, etc), but it had many issues, beginning with their cumbersome system and laggy hud (especially the first releases), while Lara’s one was way more responsive and friendlier. Also with TMP the shape was quite different than the system ones, and so on. You would have an hard time to find any outfit for it and I’m not even sure how their system was friendly to outfit makers.

      Now other bodies have been improved, priced changed too, but meanwhile Maitreya has become quite popular. It even managed to unseat SLink feet from their old monopoly (and it’s really a pity they aren’t fitmesh). Lara improved too, got auto alphas, bento hands etc as free updates. But, yeah, there are a few things that could be better.

      Making outfits (i mean creating the mesh model, not texturing a template) is a bit of work already and if you have to make an extra version for each body, and they are so many now… So I can understand if someone makes outfits mostly for the popular ones and in some case for Maitreya only, but I’m a bit worried about monopolies.

      • I dislike the “autoalpha” because it never seems to work right for me. When changing from one autoalpha outfit to another, if the two outfits share “alpha off” sections, the second outfit turns these the alpha sections back on. I now avoid buying any outfit that uses them since it is impossible to remove it.

        I also dislike the combined feet because they never seem to be in the right position (are high when wearing flats, and flat when wearing highs). I actually use my ancient Slink fixed feet to make sure the feet are in the right position.

        I agree Lara needs more,.and better, alpha sections – specifically smaller one on the buttocks, and chest sections designed for V necks. This “straight across the body” chest sections are usually worthless.

        • You can easily work around the Maitreya feet, buy having 3 copies of the feet, one for each position and save these in the sets. This way you don’t have to adjust it via HUD and its same as Slink separate feet.

    • Quote: “The reason I have a maitreya body is mostly because of the fact that sooo much of the content in sl is made only for the maitreya body if I could have the same content for the hourglass or belleza I would switch.”

      The reason why there is more Maitreya content than other bodies is BECAUSE Maitreya is the more popular body. If as many people owned the other bodies as they do Maitreya then content creators would be making more for those bodies. They make the content because its sells more… more sales = more money. Just look at the numbers… People arent buying the body because of the clothes its because they body and HUD are superior to the others, the load time is much faster. If you ever pop to a zone filled with mesh bodies and they all appear in pieces, pay attention to the last bodies to load and inspect the body their are wearing. I guarantee you the slowest loading bodies you see are Belleza.

  6. I must agree with Kittenly. I own most mesh bodies and only bought the Maitreya body because for some reason I can’t figure out, most clothing coming out is only for Maitreya. I like almost all of my bodies but I do think that Belleza makes the superior product. The alpha cuts are so much better, the breasts can be moved into 3 positions etc. I would also suggest that the Belleza Jake is by far the best male mesh body and it’s good to go right out of the box. I think maybe they just weren’t marketed well enough? I don’t know why more creators and residents aren’t using Belleza.
    I love all of my Catwa heads, Bento and non Bento but I do have some from Akeruka, LAQ,the new Vista head and Genesis. I just find that the Catwa has everything I could want in a mesh head. If I did change, it would be to Lelutka, they do such a beautiful job and there are so many amazingly talented creators making some really stunning skins for them. Thank you for this poll, it was very interesting to read the results.

  7. I have all the bodies but love Tonic Curvy the best of all bodies. I also like how the creator stays close and in touch with customers and care about their opinion on things. Customer care means a lot for me especially when I care , love and purchase your product. Great job Tonic.

  8. I’m wearing Catwa head and belleza body my wife is wearing catwa head and belleza freya body. no one loves the freya body and I have no clue why. it’s awesome!

    • @Avery: If you join the Belleza group you’ll find there’s a rather active community of us who are “fanatical” about Belleza, most often Freya – and wouldn’t dream of using any of the other current mesh bodies.

      Yes more stuff comes out for Maitreya… for… reasons…
      But there is quite a lot out for Belleza Freya – more than most of us can afford to buy anyway.

      And if you opt for running around without anything on… the difference in using Belleza is dramatic. Both obvious and much better.

  9. I’ve had Ga.eg Damon Head since February 2016 as soon as i get the money i’ll upgrade to the Evan head but i would love to see Belleza do a Omega Head applier for us men who don’t use Catwa cause i would love to be able to use the default skin on the Belleza Body it’s just awesome!!

  10. I think there should be some serious regulations, like forcing mesh body creators to hand out the weight maps and developer kits to any developer requesting it. Maitreya pretty much abusing their monopoly, to force creators into making maitreya only clothes that fit tightly on the body.

    All others who’d like to create stuff for different mesh body won’t just receive the dev kits and are forced to make it by eye and use the horribly had alpha system (it breaks awfully when switching outfits because its not additive, just a simple toggle, even a rookie script kiddie could fix)

  11. Had a hard time voting for any of these since I collect and cycle through bodies and heads quickly. There should be like a “multiple” option for us mesh enthusiasts.

  12. I love my Tonic Fine Beauty mesh body.. Its the most awesome realistic mesh body shape on Second Life and the customer support is the best I have ever experienced.. Thank You ( TONIC ) for creating this beautiful cute and sexy mesh body for us all to enjoy… Keep up the good work.. 🙂

  13. The polls are a nice idea but not representative of what people are really wearing. I have a few different bodies on a couple of avies and I wear Eve Slim on my main and Belleza Freya on my alt. Love both. The MBA group is great for sure but most of the people in it wear Maitreya so naturally the poll would reflect that. Plus, MBA really pushed Maitreya hard. Lots more users wear Freya and Isis now. It really is the superior body. I love Eve for a bikini body it can’t be beat imo. I’m guessing that Maitreya, Belleza and Slink are the top bodies but that the true polling comes in much closer than this poll would suggest. It’s still fun though 🙂

  14. Love love love my Catwa Catya head – in fact, I love Catwa’s style in general and the fact that her heads – if I’m not mistaken – seem to have more customization options or respond better to customization and sliders than some (?).

    Have 3 LeLutka Bento heads and the Vista one, but I personally find the LeLutka heads difficult to customize insofar as they tend to look strangely angular/alien in certain light, to me. The Vista head, while quite lovely, just isn’t for me.

    Couldn’t imagine using any other body than Maitreya but it does have it’s very minor drawbacks; the shoulders in particular distort horribly with any hands on hips stance (in real life, shoulders don’t bend inward/forward/distort that badly with hands on hips).

    The alpha HUD is fantastic, although there are some tiny areas that can’t be utilized without visible parts of the body becoming invisible (not even an issue when creators provide an auto-hide option with their clothes), but these are minor things that I’m sure (hope, at least) can be fixed one day.

  15. Gah… I suppose the fact that only 2% of responses are using the Physique body is why I can’t find any new things for it. Shame, I really prefer the shape over Maitreya.

  16. Belleza – Freya Belleza – IsisBelleza – Venus AND Maitreya CATWA Bento and CATWA Non Bento

    IS BEST !!! be wonderful that you would KEEEP making fit for these <3 ty so much!

  17. Years have past and I still find the male avatar situation maddening. I guess I just believe that life shouldn’t be this hard. I wish I had control to make my own skins and make the textures of the diffuse, normal, and specular layers. If I had to pick my favorite male mesh body it would still be that broken TMP body. My favorite heads are Akeruka, If I have to pick a skin it would probably be from Stray Dog. If I start with any of these choices, then the other decisions are made for me. All roads lead to clones.I hate to burst your bubble guys, but all of those many Catwa heads end up looking pretty much the same. Signature has ridiculous proportion issues, Belleza is getting there, Slink is abysmal, and Adam is deformed. Aesthetic is a symphony of one good note. I waited and waited and waited for Niramyth to develop that once promised normal male body, but that seems to have just gone up in smoke under the radar.

    So for me, my avatar is a piece meal of concessions and dead ends, that is overly complicated and disjointed. Second Life has given me an experience of what it must be like to be paraplegic.I used to love men’s fashion, but now I find new outfits a burden and dreadful orchestration of huds and mental gymnastics. Linden Lab has made such a mess of what it means to grow up in Second Life. Come on, they have the ability to pull a system avatar together to give us a more feature-rich and versatile solution than any of these freakish al la cartes we have to deal with. Sorry, but all of these over-priced and user-abusive solutions that we are propping up deserve to go down in flames.

  18. @ Dmitry I couldnt agree with you more. That has been my gripe from day one. This is SL…it’s supposed to be about possibilities. I should be able to wear whatever skin I want on whichever body & head I choose. Unfortunately, that is not the case. My ‘choices’ are dictated to me, which I find utterly disgusting and terribly disappointing in an application that is supposed to be about making things ‘possible’.

  19. One thing to say, Thank you for doing this, now maybe creators will understand the mind set of people buying. Some buy for fashion, but some of us buy because we want to look good dressed and nude. Pretty Hands and feet matter too!
    So when you buy your body whatever you choose it should be because not only is it simple to use, but because its pretty in you opinion from head to Pinky Toe! It why I have the body I wear. Even the pinky toes are pretty!

  20. I have tried many mesh full body and mixes but my conclusion you cannot beat Maitreya for bodies.
    The hud is a dream to use compaired with many.
    Heads I am split on one girl I have GA EG who is very pretty, the other LOGO which is far less ajuastable on facial features with stupid side emerging hud not so good to use either. But I do like the look of my new LOGO girl she is gorgeous !

  21. Belleza Isis CATWA Kimberly bento. Belleza Jake CATWA Daniel bento for my male avatar 😛 (Belleza Isis is my favorite shape and use it exclusively <3)

  22. I still wish mesh head and body makers would move away from no-mod. It’s a complete deal breaker for me.

    I use the following mesh bodies/heads across several accounts.
    Utilizator Avatar 2.0
    Utilizator Kemono
    Lena Lush
    Lena Perky
    Utilizator M3
    Utilizator Venus
    Utilizator Normie Bento Head
    Nana Fitness (only because the creator agreed to sell me a modifiable copy)
    Psicorp Type C

    • I’m Logo Alexis (Alex, Quinn, and Rose as well) and Maitreya. Alexis v2.5 with latest animation packs and mesh refinement is simply beautiful and realistic. Logo heads generally are mod, allowing for some neat effects on the bump and shininess layer, plus it allows direct skin replacement without having to use omega. Maitreya has fab huds and support but body is not up to TMP’s standards in breasts, butt, rig cage, and a few other key areas .. but after trying a few bodies at the time, it seemed to be the closest. I mourn TMP’s certain passing. Maybe someone someday will buy the male/female mesh’s and update. One can only hope.

      Agreed Penny on the near universal no-mod setting on bodies, which is quite ridiculous. Nothing on a body is any less secure by making it mod. I think, but not positive, that will have to change for Baked On Mesh, which is a good thing.

  23. I usually play as a kid, I use Ga.Eg Mia Head and Tweenster Body.
    When I’m adult I use Laq Neve Head and Belleza Freya Body.

    I love my Ga.Eg head and Freya body 😛

  24. Seems for the men, the Jake body is pretty popular as the voting shows, so an update to the body would be nice 🙂

  25. Why don’t we have the option to choose multiple options? At least top 3 we use daily… this would be more helpful and accurate I think because I constantly switch heads and bodies. So since there wasn’t a multiple choice option I didn’t participate.

  26. From an anatomic perspective the maitreya body is absolutely DEFORMED looking and one cannot adjust it to be anatomically possible unless one wants to be humongously skinny. Stick feet and arms with enormous hips and butt and huge tits is NOT a look I want. I want to have a curvy, real looking body. The maitreya lack of upper body slider response, creates a body, that if real would not be able to pick up a small package!! Insect arms are not on my agenda.

    The main reason Maitreya won was because of its arrival at a time when there was a huge need, and its superior (at the time) HUD.

    I think the EBODY HUD is way better now – easy to use and easy on the eyesight!! The bodies are gorgeous too! The altamura HUD is pretty great, though it takes some work to learn, it has a lot of options. Those of us who wear a lot of fantasy/role play clothing like great HUDs b/c we wear clothing that doesn’t always come in specific mesh… and we have to make it fit somehow.

    Being told ‘just wear clothes made for your body’ is NOT a solution. That’s just rude and lazy on the part of a maker I won’t name. (No, it wasn’t Maitreya)

    The best proportioned bodies (for adjustability to something approaching real bodies – even if you want huge tits and butts!!) are Slink and Ebody followed by Altamura and Belleza with tonic and eve close behind.

    Sadly, people have come to expect the ‘Maitreya look’ and don’t seem to ‘see’ how odd it would look in a real person. UGLEEE. If Slink had a better (more flexible) HUD that was BIGGER and easier to read, it would be by far the best option…. also hurting slink is the fact that it sells everything a la carte — something that makes stuff feel more expensive than it actually is. A bundle for a little less than the individual items would get a lot of sales…

    People don’t want a project, they want a body they can wear.

    If I had to do it again, I would probably choose ebody because of their HUD’s ease of use. Currently, I love my slink body, hands and feet… and my cheapo ‘Normie’ head (a 500L mesh head I found on MP when I wasn’t sure I wanted a mesh head at all) It lacks bells and whistles, but it allowed me to customize my head to look like the old system me but BETTER. Many (very expensive) mesh heads don’t respond well to customizing, and I liked my old face, so giving it up wasn’t really something I wanted to do). I don’t like the pouty, petulant look so popular in many mesh heads. Omega built in means the normie head it works with my LAQ, Fallen Gods and Wow skins, nearly all make up, as well as most everything involving appliers.

    I would love a head with more options (especially animations), but until they are as responsive to editing as my ‘normie head’ and don’t look like clones have arrived, I will stick with my ‘Normie’ — and hope the maker keeps updating.

  27. I wear the Ebody Classic on several of my avis becauue of it’s ease of compatibility,and Maitreya on one because of the wider choice of close-fitting clothing. It seems to me all the latest clothes are being made for Ebody curvy and not the classic…what a crock…why not both choices? I prefer not to have all butts and tits, tyvm.

  28. Hello, I see a lot of people say designers make more clothing for the Lara body because it’s the most popular. That’s false. Most people do a search of clothing available on the MP before they purchase a body. You know what they see? A ton of Maitreya exclusive designers with a good smattering of designers for Belleza and Slink.
    I refuse to let designers bias, and exclusivity determine what my avatar looks like, I prefer curves and I wear them well. Don’t get me wrong, I have most of the popular bodies out from Lara, to Freya and Isis, Hourglass, and now my all-time favorite, eBody Curvy. I started off with Lara, but I got to a point where I couldn’t tolerate the inability to create a full-bodied, curvy shape with it, thus I left it for Hourglass. The arch they designed in the body to give the illusion of a more prominent bottom and “cartoony curves eventually caused me to drop it for the Freya. The Isis I purchased solely for the purpose of offering shapes in my store for it. And the eBody Curvy is my favorite because it gives me what I need in the curves and what I want in details. Now if I were to compare these bodies I’d have to say, that Maitreya’s advantage is that it has the most clothing. Slink has the best alpha hud. Belleza, while weighty, has some of the best features as far as customization of the body. eBody has omega already installed, so no need to purchase an installer, the vagina is actually anatomically correct, and the smoothness in transition from top to bottom is sooo smooth. And it’s very light-weight. Please designers, design for the eBody Curvy…we REALLY want you too. 🙂

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