Three new releases and one easily bored bird…


Phew. Well I hope most of you readers are are snuggled up in your blankies watching the gorgeous snow/rain fall right now… because in my world, it’s 2 O’Clock in the morning, and it’s still 36 degrees C (96 Fahrenheit) outside. So, setting my mind to more livable temperatures, I’m setting my sights on autumn (yes, even in Aussie land that’s still two months away, but a girl can dream….).

One thing I love about SL is the sheer amount of genius that runs through the designers and creators in this place. Take for example my friend Corky here – he’s a pet bird that doesn’t require feeding or maintenance of any kind, he has his own personality traits *and* I can train him to talk!! It’s incredible, or at least it would be if Corky hadn’t turned out to be the most easily bored and rude little pet I’ve ever had! Haha it’s a good thing I have a sense of humour Corky (he told me at least 10 times during the photo shoot that he ‘didn’t care for entertaining himself’ lol. Spoiled funny bird 😛 You can pick up your own (possibly nicer) bird at [free bird]!

Now before I run off, if you haven’t been into ViVi recently, HURRY, because her free leggings, sweater and panty set are only under that Christmas tree for another day or so, so grab the freebies while you can! They have all the usual appliers for mesh bodies (Omega, Physique etc) so snatch them up. Also, if you’re not a member of her subscriber list, don’t forget to join it. You get free goodies every month and this month’s is a selected colour of the gorgeous dress I’m wearing above, so chop chop!

<3 Daria

I’m hanging with my friend Corky in:

Mesh Body – Lara by Maitreya

Skin – Elsa by WOW Skins (now in store, this is number 2!)

Shape – Elsa by WOW Skins

Dress – Linda by ViVi (other colours available, comes with all the appliers you need. I’m using Omega for Maitreya here)

Shoes – Viola Heels by KC Couture

Corky the Cockatoo – My Cockatoo Friend (yellow crested) from [Free Bird]

Hair – Lovestruck by Little Bones (Free gift)

Necklace – Anna Knotted Necklace by La Forgia Jewels

Belt – Waisted Leather Black Belt by :Fusion:

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