The new Slink Physique!


Well it’s been on everyone’s “Can’t wait to see it” list – and the day is finally here! Siddeon has finally released the new Slink Physique/Visage/Hands/Feet updates! That’s right, just about all of Slink’s items have had an update and it’s definitely been well worth the wait! The new Physique body is more shapely, especially in the breasts and legs, and is just better to look at overall! The same goes with the Visage, the faces are much prettier and less ‘harsh’ than they used to be, which was always my concern with them.

My only disappointment really is that whilst Slink have included a tonne more alpha HUD cuts, the cuts for the breasts are still too big to wear many standard mesh tops (grr!).

Anyway, go check it out and I will update my review for it, but in the interim here’s the run down:

The best bits:
* Saving alpha cut combinations!!! Yaaaay!! This means you can make an outfit, make the alpha selections, and save it for future use. Loving that!
* More shapely breasts, legs and hips
* More alpha cuts!
* Included skins are now on the HUD for easier user

The not so great bits:
* Still not enough breast cuts to make it easy to wear corsets/horizontally cut dresses.
* All current fitmesh items made for Physique now won’t fit perfectly… the model in itself has been changed, which means that all the poor designers out there are going to have to go back and refit all of their fitmesh physique clothing 🙁 HUCCI has already announced that she’s on it, but I feel bad for the poor designers out there, so go easy on them guys! In the meantime, demo any clothing that says it’s fitmesh for physique and keep an eye out for fitmesh clothing with Physique v2 on it.

And one last thing… this blog is for you guys, so I’m wondering what you prefer looking at. Do you prefer the different styled pictures/backdrops/themes etc that I’m doing now, or would you prefer something plainer and more consistent so you can easily look at the clothing items? Thoughts?

I’m wearing:
Mesh Body – Slink Physique v2 by Slink
Mesh Head – Visage Becky v2 by Slink
Skin (inc Visage applier) – Aurora by WOW Skins
Hair – Haruka by Argrace
Skirt – Comiso skirt by HUCCI (Slink Physique v.1 style)
Top – Beja Halter by HUCCI (Slink Physique v.1 style)

3 thoughts on “The new Slink Physique!

  1. I do wish it didn’t spam me with “your stuff is up to date” everytime I put it on or changed setups. With dozens of different clothing cut copies saved, and all the various hand poses… its gets a bit annoying after a bit especially as I get that little ‘sparkles of scripts running’ effect around myself when it spams me.
    – Would love an option to kill the scripts, or even just the chat scripts. Once I configure a body cut and drop it with an outfit, I don’t tend to ever go back to modding it.

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