Mask Mode Tutorial for Belleza Users

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Hi MAddicts!

First things first – this week I’m doing one of Strawberry Singh’s famous Memes! The topic this week is ‘Ask me anything’, so I’ve set up a little page for you guys to, well, ask me anything! I’ll choose some questions to answer in my next blog post, so go ahead and submit your questions HERE 🙂 They can be Mesh Body or Mesh Head related of course, but also any questions you have about blogging or me in general are welcome! <3

Okay so today I’m revisiting a topic especially for the Belleza crowd (and those with other bodies who may not be familiar with it) – Mask Mode!

Please note – this tutorial is brought to you by MS Paint. MS Paint – the creative side of work laptops 😛

Now, I recently posted a tutorial about Mask Mode, but it’s become quite a hot topic once again because for the first time, Belleza users now have access to this function for their bodies, and it’s causing a few headaches 🙂 So let’s get into it!

Clickity click below for the tutorial!

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Weekly Mesh Body News & Fitmesh Finds!

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It’s time once again for the my two weekly blogs – Weekly Fitmesh Finds and the Weekly News (I usually do a round up in this post anyway so figured I’d give it a name!).

First of all, the news in summary –

1) LOGO – LOGO are back, and they’ve released a new mesh head ‘Alex’ to celebrate! The head is gorgeous, and comes with 12 expressions (plus you can buy an additional 12 expressions seperately!). Now this head *isn’t* an applier head (meaning that currently only the LOGO skins provided with it will work with it) but don’t despair, other designers may be able to create skins for it in the future (unknown if/when). Currenly LOGO don’t have appliers for mesh bodies, but you’ll see them coming out over the next few weeks, so if you’re like me and would die without your mesh body (but love the head), hang in there for the mesh body appliers to be released.

Additionally, LOGO will be releasing a mesh body in the nearish future! The release date isn’t known but keep your eyes pealed for this one – if it’s anything like their mesh heads I know I’ll be in love!

2) EBODY UPDATE – EBody will be releasing the update to their mesh body over the next few days (V5.0). The update includes some great body improvements, including a neck fix, buttons to toggle alphas for the hands depending on if you use slink or system hands, and the addition of Omega as a built in script (so no more relay HUD!). Thankfully this update has also included a decrease in HUD memory usage from 4.8mb to 1.8mb (it was a heavy HUD alright!) and some improvements in this shape, namely legs, breasts and hips (and some improved rigging in this areas too to make them more responsive to sliders).

3) SIGNATURE’S MESH BODY – [Signature] have released a female mesh body – Alice. Alice has 10 hand poses and three feet heights, and at this stage is not Omega compatible. With any luck a Mesh Body Review will be coming for this body soon.

4) THE MESH BODY ADDICTS FAIR – It’s happening! The Fair will open on August 1st, and will feature the best designers and their fashion for Mesh Bodies, so get ready to shop shop SHOP! I want to thank you all for your support with this event – it’s because of you all that I came up with the idea, and it’s because of your support that the idea is coming to life – so thank you to all of you, it means more than you know <3

Now, on to the Weekly Fitmesh Finds!

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