Sweet as Candy

You know, on the face of it, there’s one thing that’s become clear about the mesh body revolution, it’s that in many ways it can appear as though we’re almost going back to the times of system layers and prim pieces for dresses – and I think this holding many SL-ians back from taking the dive into a mesh body.

To that concern I say this – yes, it does look that way, except we’ve exchanged system layers for appliers, and this time, the body itself usually comes with an almost invisible alpha layer around it that allows the item to ‘sit’ on the body, rather than get pasted to it. This prevents the horrid ‘painted on’ look, and gives life to the item. In addition, we now use mesh inserts for dresses, which can offer us an almost seamless look to a dress.

Then of course, we have those designers out there who are breaking into new fields and creating mesh body specific FITTED MESH, which stretches, moves and fits to all sliders that your mesh body is affected by. Designers like HUCCI for Slink Physique, and Blueberry for Belleza, are paving the way in this mesh on mesh revolution.

So my point? Don’t be deterred, look through my blog, look through applier stores and try these items out, you will be surprised just how amazing it all looks on your stunning mesh bod 😉

ViVi Hair Savannah & MAAI Bad Candy final

I’m looking sweet as candy in…

Hair – Savannah by Vivi Hair (Colours pack used – also comes in Blondes (light and dirty), Browns, Reds etc.)

Dress – Bad Candy by MAAI (Appliers included for Lolas, Slink Physique, TMP, Omega etc) – Available at Lubbly Jubblies

Mesh Body – Slink Physique by Slink

and the giant lollipop? Well, it’s just one of those random things you come across in Second Life 😉

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