A sad way to start a blog, but even SL Characters have a RL – and RL impacts us all. My thoughts and my heart are with you France. Je Suis Charlie.

Now on to mesh body matters! I’m excited to see more designers venturing into the creation of fitmesh for mesh bodies, particularly Belleza! Now for those playing at home, making fitmesh for these bodies isn’t an easy feat, especially given that the creators of mesh bodies very rarely share the 3d models required to create fitmesh clothing (obviously, to protect their own intellectual property and to avoid flooding the market with poorly created/designed fitmesh). So don’t expect a flood of mesh body fitmesh anytime soon – but what you will find, if it’s actual fitmesh for your mesh body – will be amazing quality. Case and point, above I’m wearing the pencil skirt from Just BECAUSE boutique. They’ve made a few Belleza fitmesh items now, so do yourself a favour and go check them out, they’re stunning!

Similarly, the shoes I’m wearing from KC Couture have been rigged for Belleza Venus High Feet, and can be purchased in both Slink and TMP versions. This store has a tonne of gorgeous, high quality shoes for Mesh Bodies, so go check it out and don’t forget to check the lucky chairs while you’re there!

Well, that about sums it up for today but before I go, I have exciting news – I am, as of today, in day 1 of my 1 week review trial of the TMP Body! Finally my review collection will include TMP (something that really bugged the OCD side of me). So, to the friend that helped me with this one… It was your encouragement that started me blogging in the first place, and it’s been your calm words that have kept me going, and I am forever grateful, thank you <3

I’m seducing my boss in:

Hair – Maria by Tukinowaguma
Earrings – Sophia Earrings by Tashi
Tattoo – Be Mine by Masoom
Bra – Helena Bra by Belleza (comes with the body)
Skirt – Pencil Skirt (fitmesh for Belleza Body) by *Just BECAUSE*
Heels – Bella Heels for Belleza by KC Couture (also available for TMP and Slink feet)
Mesh Body – Belleza Venus by Belleza

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