Spotlight on: New Eve Body Update (Coming soon!)

Eve V2

You guys know how much I love Mesh Body Update day, and for all of you Eve Mesh Body lovers out there, it’s coming very soon (expected this weekend!!). I’ve been lucky enough to get my grabby hands on the beta version of the new release (v8.4) already, so I’ve been a busy, busy girl testing it out to see what’s new!

Now I can’t update my Mesh Body Review just yet, because there’s a little secret in this release that I can’t make public just yet (that would take the fun away from poor Ginger who’s been slaving away on this one), but I *can* say that this release comes with two very, very unique changes. Firstly, this release will have *four* foot types – high (or ‘on pointe’ as I keep calling it), mid, low and a special foot type that is designed to make your Eve feet compatible with a lot of shoes on the market now…. and that’s all I’ll say about that! Secondly, it has a wardrobe. YES A WARDROBE! YOU CAN SAVE APPLIERS!!! Okay I’ll calm down, but you can save appliers (omega appliers too!). Here’s a looksie:

Eve Wardrobe

Eve HUD2

Other new features include:

  • The body now has three layers (Tattoo, Underwear and Clothing), plus mask modes for all three
  • More alphas!!! ( Unfortunately, not the ‘hipster jean’ cut alpha I was hoping for, but many more)
  • Ability to save up to 6 alpha presets (Hurrah!)
  • 6 built in skins are now included in the HUD
  • A replacer system (a fantastic HUD that allows you to move whatever is on one layer, to another. Hate buying stockings only to find they’re on the underwear layer? Well now you can move them to the tattoo/clothing layer!)
  • Plus much, much more.

Get excited ladies, and if you’re looking for a gorgeous skin for your Eve, my latest discovery is Angel Rock skins – these skins are incredible, and they have a stunning range for darker skinned ladies.

Now I can’t wait to see if these new inclusions have a ripple effect across the mesh body market…..

I’m exploring my new body in:
Mesh Body – Eve (v8.4 – coming soon) by Absolut Creation
Skin – Abigail (Cream Peach V1 tone) by Angel Rock Skins
Hair – Sienna by EMO-tions
Lingerie – Venus by Christal Creations VIP (Coming soon to the Black Dot Project!) (Includes Omega/Slink Physique and many other appliers)

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