SL’s 15 Improvements – An Update

Hi Maddicts!

You know where there’s newness, there’s meeeee! Well this week Catwa has released Steffi and Eva bento mesh heads! I’m really taken with Steffi in particular, who has quite a different shape to previous Catwa releases – almost more realistic in a way. Eva on the other hand is a more mature look with a strong nose/chin structure, so if the high glam look is more your style, check her out. Previews are below, and of course you can grab a demo in Catwa’s mainstore!



So today I was chatting in group about SL’s 15th Birthday – and more importantly, what’s happening with those 15 birthday promises! Well, it’s still early in the year guys, but for those who are interested, here’s a bit of a summary with a Green, Orange, Red update system for you. Keep in mind this is just based on what I’m aware of at this point in time, so if I’ve missed some deets, let me know!

  1. Lower Mainland costs – Complete
  2. Double Mainland tier Complete
  3. More Value for Premium Members – In progress – Part of LL’s longer term plan is to make Premium more of a ‘no brainer’ choice for residents – that means offering more incentives for Premium Members. Whilst we don’t know what these will be for sure, LL is considering ‘tiered’ premium memberships, which allow a range of extra features/abilities and incentives depending on the level of membership chosen. LL is also looking at how they can best structure memberships, so whilst they’re not looking to prevent free members from doing what they’re doing now, they want to make people excited to be paying members – which ultimately helps the community as a whole, because it reduces their dependence on land-based income, which will hopefully drive down land prices further!
  4. Environment Enhancements (code name: EEP!) – TBC
  5. More exclusive games and experiences – In Progress – This is taking place now, with a themed experience due to release for their birthday celebrations.
  6. Themed Learning Islands – TBC as far as I know
  7. The return of Last Names –  In Progress – That’s right – last names are making a come back! So far (based on townhall discussions) this one is underway, but it will take some time. At this stage, LL believe a fee will be associated with changing name (as this change will change your username, this isn’t a display name change) so they want to prevent users from abusing this feature and taking names just because they can. There may also be special features/abilities for premium members in relation to last names – who knows! It’s all up in the air until LL decide exactly how this feature will work. What information we do have, is that once a username (firstname/lastname) combination is used, it won’t be able to be used again – and that users will be searchable by both their current and previous usernames.
  8. Gridwide Experiences – TBC – One of the new Premium abilities will be an Experience that is enabled anywhere on the grid unless the landowner has blocked it.
  9. Auctions – TBC – Residents will be able to create an Auction to sell their land.
  10. Linden Homes improvements TBC Improved free linden homes for premium members
  11. Marketplace updates TBC – But likely late this year– A facelift is coming for Marketplace, much to the delight of creators
  12. Improved performance – TBC – improvements to performance, from faster rendering in the viewer to reduce client lag, to changes in the simulator designed to allow more objects, scripts, and avatars.
  13. Animesh – In Progress – Last year, we introduced Animesh in beta available to all Creator participants. This year, with diligent and invaluable input from the community, we plan to roll out this exciting new feature for everyone – Currently in Project/Beta testing phase.
  14. Bakes on Mesh –  In Progress –Extends the Viewer and the Avatar Baking Service to allow wearable textures (such as skins, clothing and tattoos) to be applied directly onto mesh body parts as they are on system avatars. To do this, you’ll ‘wear’ the textures as you would for the system avatar, and then edit the mesh body part to indicate the body part that should be used on each of the mesh faces; the corresponding system body part is then automatically hidden for you. This project also increases the supported resolution of wearable textures by 4 times (from 512 pixels square to 1024 pixels square) – Currently in Project/Beta testing phase.
  15. Migration to the Cloud TBC

Exciting times are ahead Maddicts, especially with features like Baked on Mesh – so stay tuned because I’ll be sure to bring you the info as it comes to hand!

♥ Daria

I’m wearing:
Lara Mesh Body by Maitreya
Steffi Mesh Head by Catwa
Selina Skin by Glam Affair (Catwa applier) – Available at The Gacha Garden
Jacica Hair by Truth Hair (VIP gift)
Shanie Top by Maddict
Shanie Shorts by Maddict
Lacy Armwarmers by Maddict (Available at Blush event)Maitreya, Slink Physique & Slink HG sizes
Boots – Mili Boots by Blueberry
Pose – Pop Tart by oOo Studio
Location – MBA Sim

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