SLink Male Body is OUT & the new MBA Sim!

Hi MAddicts!

Well as you have all probably heard by now – the Male Physique Mesh Body is out at SLink! This is amazing news for the guys amongst us, and you can bet your life I’ve been wearing that body a fair bit already, so a Mesh Body Review of it is around the corner! As you know though, I like to take my time and get to know the little nuances of a body before I review it, so that will be up in a few days 🙂 For now though, the basic details are:

  • It costs 1250L
  • It doesn’t come with hands/feet (like all SLink bodies these are separate), but if you already have SLink hands/feet then you’re set! Just get an update by using the Redelivery terminal, because the hands/feet have been made Omega Compatible now!
  • The Body (and SLink’s male hands/feet) are all Omega Compatible! Yay! The female body will be updated ASAP and will also be Omega compatible.
  • Man-SLink has a penis! It’s true! You can hide it or flaunt it – but it doesn’t get erect, so you might want to stick with your other man-bits for sexy time 😛
  • The body is NOT A MUSCLE MAN! In fact he’s quite perfectly toned!

Skin Designers will be bringing out appliers soon, however any Omega skin applier will work with this body too!!

Head over to SLink to try a demo out guys! But for now, he’s an un-edited taste!


In other news, the Mesh Body Addicts Sim will open its doors this weekend!! I’m so happy that our little corner of the world will be open on Sunday – and you can come and hang out, shop at the mesh body compatible stores, buy mesh bodies, take classes and even learn about Mesh Bodies at our Mesh Body Learning Centre!

The sim has some amazing volunteers who will be available in the in-world Mesh Body Addicts Group and on the sim at times, so if you’ve been holding off getting a body because you’re not sure, or you’ve had one for a while but have questions – these lovely fellow MAddicts will help you out! I’ll post the SLURL here on Saturday so you guys can find it. I hope you enjoy it and like hanging out there, it’s designed to be a fun place for us all 🙂

Have fun demo’ing your body guys!!

<3 Daria

I’m wearing: (Pic 1)
Mesh Body – Freya by Belleza
Mesh Head – Stella by Lelutka
Skin – Estelle by Deetalez (Lelutka and Belleza appliers used)
Hair – Becca by MINA (Available at FaMESHed)
Top – Susie Hoodie by Addams – Includes Belleza Freya/Isis/Venus, Maitreya & Slink sizes
Jeans – Rockstar jeans by Rebel Hope (Available at FaMESHed) – Includes Belleza Freya/Isis/Venus, Maitreya & Slink sizes
Shoes – Runway heels by Rebel Hope (Available at FaMESHed) – Includes Belleza, Maitreya & Slink sizes
Pose – Daisy 8 by Diesel Works Poses

In Picture 2 I’m wearing the Mesh Body, hands, feet, jeans – all from SLink (skin came with the body, as did the jeans and shape). The hair is Jack by Exile (freebie from the Hair Fair 2015).

27 thoughts on “SLink Male Body is OUT & the new MBA Sim!

  1. Who’d wear that body though. It looks like an emo tard. Too effeminate. Niramyth Aesthetic only looks like a roid freak if you don’t wear a mod shape with the sliders set lower than normal. Who cares about Omega appliers if you end up looking tardy

    • Too Effeminate?

      It looks like an actual male, unlike the cartoony-beefy options I’m so used to seeing in video games that have giant shoulders and codpieces bigger than Cape Cod…

      The silly over-muscle-bound aspect of so many male avatars in SL is, frankly, a major turn off.

      This body looks like it will mean men with style will finally be able to look nice. When I was new to SL the first reason I started avoiding a lot of ‘mixed gender’ clubs was that the men always looked like sad noobs… Took me a long time and some shape dial tampering to realize it wasn’t their choice…

      This Slink body looks like very good news for the stylish guys out there.

      • That thing has an hourglass figure like a woman lol. A man’s man has broad shoulders and a “v” shaped back tapering down to a slim waist. I unno what the guys YOU tard around with look like in real life but I lift weights 6 days a week and run too. Folks who know me irl in Second Life know my Niramyth Aesthetic body ALMOST looks as good as I do irl hehehe. After all they’ve seen me on the news.

        Hey I don’t judge, Jumpy don’t judge. If you want to tard about SL looking like a emo. Or a adolescent kid. Do you. But as a man who spends 1/2 my time nude and am photographed a lot the idea is to actually look aesthetically pleasing hehehe

        • Thanks, man. Your review of how totally awesome and buff you look in real life totally belongs in the discussion about the new Slink shape. Where can we buy your calendar?

  2. Jumpman, well you dont seem to keep very much in touch then. The slink body looks nice and fit imo. I fail to see what makes it look tardy.

  3. … and with Slink on Omega that leaves only 1 major not on board … TMP. I wouldn’t mind so much if Style wasn’t so dam slow, heavy, and proprietary. The slow pace of core updates and overly protective nature leaves one to wonder just how active TheShops is.

    I like his build btw ..

  4. Oh and good to see some Freya attention up there. 🙂

    Hope to see you blogging fashion on that one a bit more (self interested reasons… 🙂 I want clothing designers to realize how much some of us love that body and want them to support it, and I suspect a lot of them read this blog).

  5. Compared to the gorillasized steroidal physiques that are currently the vogue (I am not a fan of the over blown ladies physiques doing the rounds right now either…guess I am a bit old fashioned 🙂 ), I like this male body much better :)….Skipped the demo and just got it, hands and feet and will work from there :
    Any hints on decent applier or other clothing that will work well with this body?…I am taking a look around the Omega mall right now…hopefully can find something…but as I recall, male applier fashions are kinda few and far between right now.

  6. Tried the demo and I won’t be switching. I’m not really into the shape she decided to go with. I wish I didn’t like the tone of the tmp as much as I do but, to each their own.

  7. I’m experimenting with the Slink Male Physique body as I write this. It does a good job of replicating a fit, toned, realistic male body. Well proportioned, and you can bulk the arms and legs nicely with the sliders. More of a balanced, all-around athlete than a bodybuilder. I’m not thrilled with the skins that came with the package, but it shouldn’t be long before MP fills up with compatible skins. So far, I don’t see a capability to give the body a slight ‘materials’ sheen (this works really well with the Niramyth offerings). If you want to look like an action movie stereotype or a steroid overdose case, this may not be the shape for you. If you want to look like a realistic, athletic human male this could be a good choice. I’m going to stick with this for awhile.

  8. Spent a fair while last night fiddling with it, trying to get it to look decent…was not happening with the SL head for some reason (I probably suck at working the SL Sliders 😛 ) …just could not find a good look. Went shopping…bought a Labyrinth Omega head and HUD…And WOW What a difference. Stock skins on both match up reasonably (I will look at getting a new skin tho) But adding the non SL head made a huge improvement in balancing body and head. Very pleased with the overall look now.

  9. I’d be very interested to see what people come up with. I know skin makes a huge but I really dont wanna buy a skin in the hopes that it will make me like the purchase. Oddly enough I feel like I am the only one that doesn’t think it looks that great. I guess I need to see some more people’s input and shapes.

  10. I think that picture does the pecks more justice for sure. Maybe I never noticed this but the hips seem to be problematic for me. Do fit guys really lack hips. I don’t think men should have baby making hips, surely a little something is nice. Right?

  11. @ Dade K. yup fit guys don’t have hips or aren’t hippy. Google the golden ratio. Broad shoulders v shaped back tapering down to a slim waist. kinda woman have a coke bottle shape (like the above image) makes it somewhat effimaante looking

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