Skin Fair – Favourite Finds for women

(Wearing – Alex mesh head by LOGO, Lara mesh body by Maitreya, Anne skin (logo applier) by Izzie’s (Available at the Skin Fair from March 11th) – Izzie’s rosy Maitreya body applier and freckles applier also used, Dolores Shorts with belt and Tatiana top by Addams (Available at Collabor88 – includes Belleza (all), Maitreya & Slink (both) sizes)).

Hi MAddicts,

It’s that time of year again – Skin Fair 2016 is nearly here! I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to stalk – I mean, look around the sim during setup, which has enabled me to look at all the items designers are putting out and put together a little ‘Skin Fair Finds’ for you – of course, focusing on mesh bodies and mesh head appliers!

Now this post got too crazy long, so I’ve decided to make a male and a female post 🙂 Next up – Favourites for men, including the new Male LOGO head Ethan and the new Genesis Labs male head Marco 🙂

For now though, one thing that strikes me this year is just how different it is to last year’s Fair – not only in layout, but last year we were seeing appliers become a little more mainstream – but it was still not overly common for designers to have them in their booths. This year, well the world has changed. Mesh Bodies and Mesh Heads are everywhere, and that’s reflected in the offerings you’ll find at the Fair! Don’t panic though – if you’re a non mesh head user, there is still A LOT here for you 🙂

So, let’s get into what I’ve found – keep in mind that there are two sims jam packed of awesomeness at the Fair, so I couldn’t include everything or we’d be here all year (and beyond), but here are some faves so far, including of course the Anne skin for LOGO heads by Izzie’s (pictured above), which is simply gorgeous!


I was really excited to see Grace ‘ageless beauty’ skin appliers for Lelutka mesh head – not only are the skins gorgeous, but they include 3 ‘aged’ skin types, which designed to give a more mature look, which is something lacking in SL for sure.

YS&YS - Grace skin fair
I’m wearking Lelutka Stella Mesh Head, Kasimire hair by Truth Hair, Grace skin (lelutka applier) by YS&YS (Available at the Skin Fair from 11th March 2016) and YS&YS Maitreya body applier (available in their mainstore), top worn is Selena by Blueberry.


Belleza have released a lelutka applier for the Skin Fair, and wow does she change the feel of my Lelutka Stella head. She looks so much softer somehow, even when  eating a candy cigarette!

Skin Fair - Belleza

Mesh Body – Isis by Belleza, Mesh Head – Stella by Lelutka, Skin – Julia by Belleza (Available at Skin Fair) – Lelutka applier, Hair – Juliet 02 by Mina Hair (Available at TLC), Top – Lucie Shirt by Just Because (Available at FaMESHed) – Includes Belleza (all), Maitreya & Slink sizes, Props – Candy Cigs by The Sugar Garden (Available at the Arcade – GATCHA)


I find it relatively difficult to find Genesis Labs appliers, and I was really excited to see Lure’s offerings this year offer exactly that. The skins are sold in packs and include a tonne of appliers for both mesh bodies and mesh heads (such as Genesis Labs, Omega heads, Catwa and TMP!

Lure - Hana mesh head and body appliers Lure - Victoria mesh head and body appliers


As many of you know, Deetalez is one of my favourite skin creators, and Steffi has gone above and beyond for the Skin Fair, including new exclusive skins for LOGO, Lelutka and Catwa!! I particularly love the Kanita skin and the more oriental feel she has to her,

Deetalez - Logo mesh head applier Deetalez - Lelutka applier Deetalez - Catwa mesh head appliers


eBody’s exclusive – Flip someone the bird!

eBody - additional hand for ebody

HAIRBASES (no it’s not a brand, but I get asked about these a LOT).

There are some great hairbases at the Fair, and AviCandy is also releasing some punk hair bases at Mesh Body Addicts Bi-Monthly this month! Starts on the 10th!

At the Skin Fair, you can find hairbases for Genesis Labs at Kokolores, and hairbases for Catwa at Just Magnetized, plus hair bases for LOGO at Izzie’s!!

Kokolores - Hair Base Genesis Labs   Izzie's - LOGO Alex Hairbase Applier Just Magnetised - Catwa hair bases


Well, that’s it for this post – stay tuned MAddicts!

<3 Daria


7 thoughts on “Skin Fair – Favourite Finds for women

  1. I know PUMEC offer Genesis on some of their packs. As usual with Genesis being a bit mutible personalities with their head designs you have to keep an eye out for what heads the skins are for.
    I love Genesis work but they sure dont make it easy on the customers nor I can imagine the skin designers. Plus their fondness for gatchas drives me away for sure

  2. i would like to say i’m very disappointed with the Skin Fair. The vast majority of the designers seem focused on Mesh heads. Well what about us that don’t use Mesh heads? Most of my favorite Skin designers don’t have any System head skins to demo or from what i’ve seen to purchase there.

    Don’t get me wrong, im not poo-pooing on them for what they do. But its really limits people like myself that are mesh enough and like their System heads. Just a little food for thought for designers. Don’t forget about the non-Mesh users please.

  3. Two words, script limit! I tried and tried and tried and came down to 29 scripts. Next was clothes and mesh body/head but that was not going to happen so i got kicked out. At least i saved my money.

    Ps perhaps they should try some script limit them self…just a suggestion.

  4. It’d be nice if they actually let people in to shop. I took off all HUDS, my hair, my clothes and my AO just to be allowed in, and every single time I try a demo applier I get thrown out. The script limit is way too excessive.

    I’d really love to see more teen-tween looks. A lot of the skins are 25+.

  5. It was a little dissapointing, on a personal opinion, that Logo didn’t get a lot in this.

    And then the script limit made things really hard, basically having to detach all mesh (body and head included) which in a skin presentation event doesn’t really work well.
    Of course the way to go was taking demos and then trying them out of the sims, but there were no demos for everything (issue mostly with the body appliers).

    On the non mesh users issue, I have seen that a lot of skin designers actually package their items with SL avatar skins, but that’s always a matter of points of view.

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