Skin Fair – Favourite finds for men

Wearing: Catwa Jackson mesh head, Adam mesh body by Absolut Creation, Skin is Joshua by Avenge (Available at the Skin Fair from the 11th March) – Adam body applier available also (used in Tan here), Punk hair base by AviCandy (Available at MBA Bi-Monthly on the 10th), hair Boy*66 by Dura (Available at The Men’s Department) and Towels by JFA (adam fitmesh).

Hi MAddicts!

As promised – here it is – the skin fair favourite picks for men!! Don’t forget the fair opens tomorrow, so it’s time to get super excited! 😀

There are some new male reviews up now too – you can read the Logo – Ethan review here, and the Signature Gianni mesh body review here!


LOGO is releasing their first male mesh head – Ethan, at Skin Fair!  The head comes with 12 expressions, with another 12 available for purchase as an add-on. Just like the female heads, you will be able to mix and match eye and mouth expressions, and being a dude, he comes with 16 facial hair options! Also like the female heads, he comes with an Omega Compatible version as well as the LOGO skin tone options! You can read the full review HERE.



If you haven’t seen Avenge skins before, you’re missing out. Not only do they make almost all of the appliers imaginable for men (Including Adam, Slink, TMP and even EPOS) but their skins are so gorgeous! At the Skin Fair you’ll find a Catwa – Jackson male head applier (pictured at the top of the post) and an Adam mesh head applier. I love how the applier frames Jackson’s head (his eyes always feel a little odd to me) but this skin really changed how I feel about him!


Genesis Labs have released a male mesh head, Marco, for the Skin fair. There are alternative skin options for him and he’s quite cute if I do say so myself 😛



I was really excited to see Samurai’s exclusive, because it’s the first time I’ve ever really seen a Niramyth Aesthetic Enzo applier that makes the body and head look so different! This applier is a full mesh head/body applier, and it really does make Enzo look like a different man!

Skin Fair - Akeruka

I’m wearing Aesthetic Enzo mesh body and head by Niramyth, along with the Valozi full body applier (Enzo head &; Aesthetic body) by SAMURAI (Available at the Skin Fair from 11th March 2016)


Tellaq have released a new mesh avatar (that is, body and head) for the Fair, Abraham. The head comes with hairbases (16 options) and the body can be worn without the head (using the sl system head), however even with the alpha HUD provided, Tellaq bodies are extremely difficult to fit with standard mesh and do not have 3rd party fitmesh creators like other mesh bodies, but depending on your needs, it might be right for you, so always demo  🙂

Tellaq - Abraham mesh body

Obviously there is a lot more there, but we’d be here for the rest of our lives if I tried to cover it all!

Weekly Fitmesh Finds is up next, and there is so much goodness this week!!

<3 Daria

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