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I’m glad to see that the Belleza Venus should be coming back to world soon!!  Whilst I’m unsure about the claims behind it, and the person who ‘claims’ to have no knowledge of the DCMA they lodged, I do know this – Bullying, cyber or otherwise, is unacceptable. It is never okay to damage a person’s reputation, business or emotional state by using acts of force or cruelty. So if it was a deliberate act by another person with no substance to the accusation – shame on you.

On a happier note, I decided to experiment with a few different things this week – primarily lighting and shadow, and of course, couple modelling. I’ve done a few shots before with friends but the one thing about reading blogs is the inspiration you find in them – so if you’re not a typical blog reader but you’re in need of inspiration, jump around to a few Flickr groups or blog pages, you’ll be amazed at the works of art you’ll find <3

I’m wearing:

Lingerie – Neveah by MAAI

Lipstick – Winter Gem Garnet by Vanity Hour

Jewellery – Design Ringblume by FORMANAILS

Hair – Noor by MINA

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