Reviewing Akeruka, Adam and SelinA!

Hi MAddicts!

I wanted to do a short blog before Christmas to say – MERRY CHRISTMAS MADDICTS! (Or Merry whatever you celebrate!).

I’m working on a special post to celebrate 2015 – the year that was all about mesh bodies, so stay tuned for that. I want to celebrate the creativity and hard work of designers, and whilst it’s so hard to even capture a whole year of amazing designs, I’m going to do my best by pointing out a few of the designs I feel were milestones in the creation of mesh bodies, mesh heads, and mesh body fashion.

Well, before I sign off and go endure the torture that is last minute shopping, a few blog updates! I want to say a HUGE thank you to Kiylee and Nina Blake for their help updating these. You girls rock <3

The following lists have been updated:
The Skin Designers list – Female
The Skin Designers list – Male
The Fitmesh Designers list
The Mesh Body List
The Mesh Head List

And of course, there are some new mesh bodies and heads to review! Most notably we have Adam mesh body from Ginger Chevalier (Absolut Creation), SelinA mesh bodies and Pablo mesh head from Akeruka! It’s great to see so many male items coming out, poor Dario doesn’t know if he’s coming or going I keep changing him around so much!!

You can read the reviews below:

So much amazing newness! I’m really excited about both Adam (who you men will LOVE) and the SelinA bodies – which are something quite different for the mesh body space. These bodies are quite a new concept to the mesh body market in that they’re tailored to be a little more ‘naughty’ or interactive. Like Kitties Lair did with Lena, these bodies contain RLV control (which I know will be popular). They also have MANY attachments available for them, from hands, feet and nipples all the way to pregnancy shapers (which are quite genius – these aren’t attachments as such, but when you buy the pack, you get a body for each month of the pregnancy cycle). The cycle of 9 months actually communicates with both RLV and Mama Allpa, so your body changes in line with your Mama Alpa HUD!! It also means that your partner can control those functions through RLV. Coming soon I believe SelinA is working on a vagina too, so I’m looking forward to seeing how that works in the grand scheme of the body! You can buy/demo the SelinA body range on the MBA Sim by clicking here!

Well MAddicts, that’s it for today. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas <3

♥ Daria

Dario is wearing:
Mesh Head – Pablo (tone 4) by Akeruka (Available at Mens Only Monthly)Includes Omega, Slink & TMP appliers
Mesh Body – Adam by Absolut Creation
Top – Adam T-Shirt by Absolut Creation (free fitmesh size included with Adam purchase)
Shorts – Boardshorts by Just For Adam Includes Adam fitmesh size

I’m wearing:
Mesh Head – Gwen by Catwa
Mesh Body – Lara by Maitreya
Skin – Alessa (Arctic 03) by Glam Affair (Available at Kustom9) Catwa applier
Hair – Anjie by Elikatira (Available at Hairology)
Antlers – Helianthus Antlers by Vinyl
Top – Chelsea by Blueberry – Includes Belleza (all), Maitreya & Slink (both) sizes
Leggings – Denise by Blueberry (Available at N21) – Includes Belleza (all), Maitreya & Slink (both) sizes & sizes for Reign boots
Boots – Skates (nude) by N-Core 
Kitten – Grey Tabby Kitten by Jian (available at Winter Gatcha Festival)

Pose – Couple 290 by Purple Poses

5 thoughts on “Reviewing Akeruka, Adam and SelinA!

  1. Slink hands & feet do NOT match the Adam Body.
    Tested them right now with the demo-body.
    Relating the feet, the closest would be xs but defo no chance with the slink-hands.

  2. The arms of the SelinA sadlt don’t respond to muscle tone above a very thin value. BUT you can get it to go up a little by adding a lot of body fat. At around body fat 30 or so, you can still dial down a lot of other dials to get back to an ‘average weight’ (not slim like so so many spider-girls in SL, but normal looking).

    Which dials work best for this differs between the Petite and the busty.

    The Petite has bigger breasts than Belleza Freya – so even the ‘small breasted’ version of these is larger than all other ‘normal body’ competition. Petite can also be made to ‘sag’ more – dial buoyancy to around 100, and the same for physics gravity and weight, and it looks a lot closer to a real ‘saggy bosom’ than most mesh bodies – especially at a breast size around 60…

    With the demo I couldn’t figure out what body fat dial is needed to fit the neck right… Deciding on an alt with which to purchase – this body is extremely expensive because each hand and foot setting is another several hundred lindens…
    – that makes me wonder because in the demo, they are just one attachment, but in purchasing are they more like slink, and you need to change attachments for each pose?

  3. The base SelinA is 10k draw weight. Each hand is another 5k. Each foot is 2k. So to wear this avatar is about 24,000 draw weight, all by itself. About twice the draw weight of Belleza and Maitreya (Maitreya is 4k in body, but 2k more per hand/foot – 10k total).

    Draw weight is the primary source of graphics lag / crashes in SL. Avatars over 100,000 are a notable problem in popular venues that can bring down the people around them. The SL Viewer now includes functions to simply auto-vanish people over these numbers.

    Wearing this avatar is like walking around with both Belleza and Maitreya on at the same time.

    When 1/4th of your available draw weight before you become a cause of lag to those around is is used up by just having a naked body on, your choices in clothing / hair / etc start to get very limited.

    On Flexi gown can add another 200,000 to this, so it is still not the worst issue, but it should be noted. And much flexi hair clocks in between 20,000 to 40,000… so again that 24,000 sounds reasonable. BUT it is relevant because it is 24,000 used up before the person has put on anything else…

    By contrast the Solarian mesh body uses 6,476 draw weight – and is modable, with a script count of 48kb… And because that is a fitmesh furry is actually has MORE detail… because that is inclusing a head and a tail as well as the body. Just to show that all of this bloat is absolutely NOT needed… so it should be called out in any review.

    Your reviews of avatars need to start covering relevant facts like this (draw weight), script weight, and mod perms.

    Also… if you wear avatar physics with this body, and have a high bouyancy – the bosom moves not from the where it connects to the chest, but from slightly away from the chest. This effect is more noticeable if you breast sway or breast cleavage is high enough to be ‘obvious’ (which would be needed if the user has a very large bosom – something that would sway a lot). It becomes nearly unseen if breast size is under 65-ish, and sway max-effect + cleavage max-effect are both under 25.
    – The avatar physics are still a LOT better than everything except for Belleza and Lena Lush/Perky though, and mildly better than Maitreya.

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