Reviewing: Vista’s Lia Bento Mesh Head

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Now, after weeks of beta testing, I’m pleased to introduce you all to Lia, Vista Animation’s mesh head! You can find the review below, and of course, you can find it easily in the menus at the top of the page under Bento Mesh Heads! <3


Designer – Vista Animations
Mesh Head Name(s) – Lia
Where to buy it – Vista Animations
Reviewed Version – v.1F
Cost – Currently 2,500L


Expression Hud – 24 mo-cap animations, plus four mood options that animate the face in a sequence.
Blinks – Yes
Talking (mouth movement) – Yes
Omega Compatibility – Yes – More info here
Skin tones included – 15 skins (3 options by YS&YS, Avenge & 7 Deadly Skins in 5 tones each plus browless options)
Make up included – Yes, Eyelashes, hairbase, tattoo, Eyeshadow & Lipstick options included.
Other Features – Ability to upload your own textures and the like and drop into the ‘Personalise HUD’ that is included.
Mod? – No




  • Vista bento heads offer a lot for your 2,000L – 24 built in animations, 4 moods, bento eyes, three skin brands with 5 tones each and a lot of customisation options.
  • Omega compatibility! Something that I never thought I’d really care about (if you’d have asked a year or two ago) has now become so important to me, not so much for skin options (because we know they can vary in quality) but for makeup! I’m a total smudgey eye make-up junkie, and if it weren’t for having bought my faves in Omega appliers, I’d be forever buying new eyeshadow – so a great feature!
  • You can tell that Vista wasn’t an early adopter of bento and/or mesh heads. By this I mean, they’ve taken some of the best features of their competitors (Catwa/Lelutka etc.) and given it their own spin in their HUD design and features.
  • I like the makeup collection that comes with it personally, I like my eyeshadows a little more smudged, and ARTE’s make-up blends quite well when I take the blend down on them, which is nice.
  • The ability to save your own makeup/skins/tattoos and the like is a bonus too. You can create these using the SLUV (because it’s omega compatible) and upload them using the personalise HUD, which is great.
  • The animations are quite nice, I really like them as animations but they can be a little over exaggerated as ‘poses’ (that is, when paused for photography). I’d love to see some more photography-centered animations/poses included or available as add-on packs.

All in all, a great first mesh head release from Vista! I’m looking forward to seeing how the head evolves, and of course, what other heads they produce over time. I’m ESPECIALLY keen to see how they develop their brand – head to toe AO’s, furniture that triggers bento animations (some ideas for you Vista, think about it!).. the mind boggles, but I’m excited to find out what’s next!

<3 Daria

I’m wearing:
Mesh Body – Lara by Maitreya
Mesh Head – Lia v1 by Vista Animations
Skin – Built in skin by YS&YS
Hair – Vivian by Mina Hair (Available at Shiny Shabby)
Jacket – Ela Jacket by Blueberry
Shorts – Ela Shorts by Blueberry
Made-Up 5m by FoxCity

1 thought on “Reviewing: Vista’s Lia Bento Mesh Head

  1. I have been waiting for the right bento head to buy. Do not get me wrong, the creators out there do amazing work. I just had not found the one “I” fell in love with until now. I love this head. I love how the features are so much softer seeming. There is not ‘resting duck face’ with this one. It responds very well to the sliders, and I was able to achieve the look I wished with relative ease. Omega compatibility is huge. This head is new so not a lot are creating for it but I expect it will be quite popular which means more will be made for it. Even if I am wrong, the omega gives me almost limitless choices. The hud and animations are great and easy to use as well. I love it. They have also released a dev kit for all the creative designers out there to make makeups and such. This is great as I am sure it will help expand the options of things made specifically for this head.

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