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Hi MAddicts!

The move is almost now complete and life will (hopefully) return to normal over the next few weeks, hurrah!

Now I know, I’m the worst at taking breaks from blogging – every time I say I’m going to – BAM there I am blogging a few days later… but in my defence so much happens in Mesh Body Land so fast, keeping up is a game of its own! To that effect I’m considering some possible blog changes next year, including possibly including another blogger or researcher on the MBA team (the team currently is well, me). It’s tough decision though – actually maybe I’ll poll it. Polls have decided 99% of things about this blog for the past year, so why not!

In many ways I’m excited that mesh bodies and mesh heads have grown so much over the past year, even if they’ve grown past my capability to keep up with them, it’s exciting that more and more options are becoming available for users. I am perhaps just learning what many bloggers before me have learnt – and that is that blogging is labour of love, but even if you love it, it can get too much if you let it take over.

Now, I am STILL on break until the new year, I’m just dropping some really, really exciting news on you all!

So here we go, exciting news around the grid….

1) ADAM MESH BODY IS OUT! From the creator of the Eve mesh body, Ginger Chevalier, the Adam mesh body has really grown on me over the last few days, and it finally went on sale yesterday. The body has extensive alpha cuts (including some on the feet, which is awesome), multiple hand poses (including flipping the bird, YEAH!) and lots of built in skins to choose from, however the kit for skin creators is now out so look for appliers from them soon 🙂 The body is expected to be Omega compatible (well it is compatible, it’s just up to Omega if they make the kit or not) and comes with some clothing for him  – but you can pick up more fitmesh for Adam already at the JFA (Just For Adam) store (and other stores as the kit is released shortly).


2) Linden Labs have announced some upgrades to the SL Avatar skeleton. YES!! What does this mean for you? Well aside from the cool wings and tail bones, which will make rigging super cool – they’re adding FACIAL BONES! Now for those of you familiar with mesh head limitations, essentially these new bones mean that fitted mesh heads MAY be possible in the future, and moreso that mesh heads could potentially be animated by those bones rather than creators making 20 versions of the same head just to create that ‘animated’ effect. This is HUGE, and if nothing else should show the commitment LL has to maintaining the SL grid as it is now, in spite of the VR-focused world of Sansar being in the pipeline. SL’s here to stay as long as it’s profitable kids! Find out more about that here.

3) Akeruka have released another new male mesh head – Mike! Like Keith, Mike is selling at a special price of 2,499L for the first 50 buyers (and 3,499L thereafter) and comes with multiple expressions, beards, skin types and other goodies. Both Mike and Keith fit Adam and SLink male avatars (and even my TMP male avatar with a little tweaking). You can grab a demo here and watch their features video below.

[AK] Mike Head Mesh[AK] Mike Video FeaturesTry NOW!

Posted by AK – Akeruka Creations on Saturday, December 12, 2015


4) A new mesh body has hit the grid – SelinA mesh bodies! I love that these female bodies have lots of add-ons, including pregnancy versions, which is something that is asked for a LOT – and separate nipple attachment options. The body comes with all kinds of nice features, like RLV, and you can demo them and purchase them on the MBA Sim!

SelinA Mesh Body Big Ad

Okay so – that’s the rundown for now MAddicts – don’t forget the next round of MBA Bi-Monthly is on January 10th and you can get the details here!

<3 Daria

4 thoughts on “News and Updates – December

  1. I just wanted to say that your blog is amazing and is so needed in this ever evolving world of mesh bodies.
    I answered your poll with “yes, I’d enjoy seeing more” but in the end you have to do what is best for you and what makes you truly happy. If it ever stops being a labor of love for you and becomes a chore then slow down and take the time to enjoy yourself.

    • Thank you so much Hope! I love my blog and won’t stop blogging, don’t worry!! I’m addicted to blogging hehe – I just really trying to work out the best way to move forward, and I”m starting to think a team might be a good idea 😀

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