New Vlog – Vista Animations Reviews

Hi Maddicts,

Today I have a combined Vlog and Mesh Head Review for you guys, all about Vista Animations! In this video I’m talking about their Bento Mesh Heads, Diana and Lia, giving a bit of a tutorial about how to use them, and talking about some current and upcoming bento products – so don’t miss this one!

Also for those of you who love your TMP bodies but wish you had bento hands, well, let’s just say they may have something in store for you too 😉

You can stay tuned with what’s happening at Vista by joining their group inworld, or by following them on Facebook (there are some great videos of the full bento AO’s there too).

<3 Daria

Credits in the video, but in short I’m wearing:
Top, Robe & Slippers by Reign (at The Arcade now)
Shorts by Reign (Cozy set from a previous gacha)
Full Bento Phone by Vista Animations
Mesh Body – Lara by Maitreya
Mesh Head/s – Lia & Diana by Vista Animations (skins included by YS&YS)
Hair – Mint by Little Bones (no longer available, this was a hood-fit edition released for use with Blueberry’s Nova set)

7 thoughts on “New Vlog – Vista Animations Reviews

  1. Sadly there new full bento Ao’s only work with the Vista heads hopefully they will get them to work with others like Catwa in the future. Also they have yet to make a male head. In any case i am not happy with the direction they are going with their AO’s I have no desire to change my head just to get a full bento AO.

    • Hmm that’s interesting – the animations I had worked fine with my Catwa head, though obviously as with all animations, the look will vary depending on how the head is rigged, so that is a factor.

  2. I love vista, I have used it for over 11 years in sl, i have tried other animators but always come back to vista, Sadly though i will not buy a vista head just to go full bento. If they make it work with all heads i will go all bento but not before!

  3. I love this AO!!
    I understand their decision of creating an AO only for their heads. I think it’s almost impossible to create an universal facial animation that works with perfection with dozens of mesh heads from different brands. Different heads have different rigging.
    They could create some AOs for heads A, B or C from another brands, but considering the amount of heads on the market, there will be always people complaining because they still didn’t create an AO for heads D, E, F, G, H, etc.

  4. Worked fine with Logo Alexis-Rose and Mait body tho once off the pad the Vista facial expression stuck. GA.EG’s facial anims are fabulous and all except some tongue ones work well with Logo but … I think it requires their hud to use which may be compatible with GA heads only. Has anyone tried it as in bought?

  5. All animations only move the bones of the underlying skeleton which is the same for all avatars and heads. That’s all they can do. If a head is rigged to a bone that is moved by an animation SOMETHING will happen; however, with mesh heads if one head maker rigs things differently than another or has a HUD that already is moving the same bones the thing that happens might not be what you want to see or what the animation maker intended.

  6. i haven’t been to the little bones main store in a few months but i do remember going to look for those hairs there were like 3 of them and they were in the far back of the store very hard to find though i am not sure if they are still there or not.

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