New Mesh Body Review – EBody by ABAR


Read the review HERE.

I always love a new mesh body release and this one is no exception! This time I’m reviewing the EBody, a new mesh body by ABAR!

Typically mesh bodies are a very unique shape in comparison to the SL System Avatar body – which is why we need to wear specifically created fitmesh on them (unless we’re using the alpha HUDs). Well this creator has taken another direction with their body – the EBody is designed to work with standard sizing, and  to fit standard fitmesh! For that reason the body is quite different to the Slinks, Bellezas and Maitreyas of the world – but I still really like the concept.

The body is Omega compatible, and above you can see me wearing it with a standard fitmesh dress and the new release skin from mangomoon, Kensi (using Omega and Slink appliers) which you can pick up for 325L this weekend (including all appliers) only at the Tribalista event!

To read all about the EBody, click here to see the review! In the meantime, I’m writing up my Mesh Head reviews, so thank you to everyone for your suggestions about which heads you would like to see reviewed – and fitmesh finds for this week is coming up very soon!

<3 Daria

I’m being taken over by the shadows in:
Mesh Body – EBody by ABAR
Hands & Feet – High Feet & Casual Hands by Slink
Skin – Kensi Cream 1 (with Freckles) by mangomoon (Available at the Tribalista event for 325L!) (includes appliers for Slink, Maitreya, Omega & Sweetlips)
Hair – Pia by [DUE] – Free in the Wayward Hunt until May 1st!
Dress – Bandage Dress by Garbaggio – Free in the Wayward Hunt until May 1st!
Pose – Charli 07 by .GlamRus. (Available at the Pose Fair!)

7 thoughts on “New Mesh Body Review – EBody by ABAR

  1. see i have to disagree with this post. i wear standard size mesh clothing with my maitreya. the mesh body itself has NOTHING to do with whether or not you can wear standard mesh with it. it’s the SIZE of the shape UNDER the mesh body – if you tweak the shape and it’s not a standard size shape it won’t fit standard mesh clothing. in fact i have found i like the look of standard mesh clothing over my mesh body MORE than the fitted mesh sometimes.

    • I do agree that the shape plays a big part in it, but standard mesh and standard fitmesh are different fits. The EBody is designed to work with standard fitmesh, meaning the design of the body is closely matched to the SL skeleton in terms of weighting and rig points. A mesh body can make a big difference in how standard mesh fits – for example the TMP body has a higher skeleton than the system body (the arms are higher, in particular), so standard mesh which is rigged at one point typically, will cut right through the top of the shoulders (unless the sleeve is created to be quite high). Shape (and willingness to change shape) will always factor into how well standard mesh will fit a body for sure, and I personally do that with most standard mesh items, which looks great – but a standard fitmesh dress for example, is rigged to say (for example) always sit 2cm above the breasts. Now if the mesh body itself is set further back from the system body than that (let’s say 5cm for the breast area) it doesn’t matter how much you change your shape, a standard fitmesh item will just change shape with each slider you move, and will always be 3cm off. A rough explanation, but I hope it made some sense <3

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