New for Eve Mesh Body and why it sucks to be a man in SL…


This week has been an interesting one for me, primarily because I’ve been ‘dabbling’ into the world of men’s fashion (particularly of course, mesh body men’s fashion), and let me put it out there – I have nothing but respect for the men and women that blog men’s fashion. It’s a difficult thing to do, especially when you’re *not* a man, but also because of the sheer lack of options available to men!!!

Starting my week with the Tauso mesh body, I threw on some shorts I had and started to make my way around the grid, searching for free/low cost items and trying to carve my personal style onto my mavatar (man avatar), AltMcAlt. I ran into problems pretty much straight away, in that I couldn’t find very much for men around, but then the strangest thing happened….

Now to give you some context, AltMcAlt is very obviously my male model alt. In fact his profile states this very clearly (along with not much else). Whilst shopping for AltMcAlt, one of my favourite groups sent out a notice about a sale for women’s wear at a store I like, so I figured, mavatar be damned, I’m going to check this out.

I landed on the heads of about 10 random women who hadn’t moved from the TP point at the store yet (stacked at the top of the pile on the head of what looked like a barbie doll after plastic surgery by a blind man), then walked my way off of them to go and look at the sale….. and then my IM box lights up… it’s demented barbie doll? Flicking my chatbox open, I see a very short comment from her “watch were yur (expletive) going you perv!!!”. Now incorrect spelling and expletives aside, I couldn’t believe that this woman had taken the time to IM me… just to abuse me!! Now granted, I was a half dressed man in a women’s clothing sale, but I honestly believe she was just going at me because I was a guy!!

Now following this (and several other run ins with women) it’s become crystal clear to me…. it’s not easy to be a guy in SL damnit!!

Eventually, tired of fighting my way around the place and needing some clothes, I had to call in backup in the form of my good (and always exquisitely styled) friend, Mojo. Mojo wasted no time explaining that I looked like an adolescent boy in my shape, and pointing out that I wasn’t wearing shoes (lol) but then took me under his wing and rushed me over to Kauna for some quality shopping. The outcome is above… what do we think? 🙂 <3

I’m wearing:
Mesh Body – Eve by Absolut Creations
Skin – Aleida Bronze by WOW Skins (available for 99L at Designer Circle for a limited time only)
Hair – Jane V2 by Runaway Hair
Jewellery – Adalina Earrings & Adalina Necklace by Rowena’s Designs
Gown – Eve Gown by Rowena’s Designs (fitmesh for Eve Mesh Body Slim and Pulpy)

AltMcAlt is wearing:
Mesh Body – Tauso by Kauna
Skin – Sam by Curves
Hair – ARATA by Argrace
Coat – XIV Overcoat (Houndstooth Grey) by Kauna
Shirt – XIV Shirt (Striped Sky) by Kauna
Pants – Tuxedo Trousers (Black, Short) by Kauna

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  1. I said ‘no’ in your poll, but it was tricky – would of course like to see your thoughts and reviews on new male fashion, but figured it would probably be a distraction from your main goals. I totally concur though, in that the default opinion of a guy in SL, by any attractive girl, is that he is a ‘creep’ until proven otherwise. it can make initial chats pretty challenging and frustrating.

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