New Fitmesh for Belleza (and understanding what fitmesh is)

Belleza Bikini

I’m always so excited when fitmesh comes out for mesh bodies – primarily because it’s still a new thing, so there aren’t that many fitmesh creators for Mesh Bodies out there. Why? Well firstly it’s the newness factor (designers still working out how to rig their mesh clothing to these bodies) and secondly, the designers of fitmesh bodies are understandably hesitant to hand over the 3D Blender models of their creations (which are required to accurately fit the clothing).

As a result, there are many designers out there who are either devising their own way of calculating the size/bones/weights of these bodies (NOT an easy task) – but more so, sadly, there are designers who are selling normal mesh clothing saying it’s ‘suitable for Maitreya/Belleza etc’ when in reality what they mean is that the item is standard mesh, and that if you tweak your body/use your alphas then you will be able to wear it.

This is something to be aware of, and I can’t emphasise how important it is to demo items for mesh bodies. When trying items on, I will always go into the ‘edit shape’ screen and make my hips wider/breasts bigger and so forth, to see if the body starts to poke through/break the mesh at any point – a tip you may wish to consider using when testing out potential mesh products 🙂

Now it’s far from a perfect science, and I’ve been learning mesh design myself recently so I can tell you this – I have no idea how those designers manage to rig/fit clothing without having the model of the body to rig it to, so kudos to those who are able, that’s incredible!!!

With all that said, one of my favourite fitmesh designers has just released some gorgeous swimwear for Belleza Venus!! With three top styles (halter, strapless and frilly) and two bottom styles (high waist and bikini) in a range of colours, you’re going to love them. The frilly version of the bikini top I’ve found looks amazing with a high waisted skirt or jeans, so you have to try them (and yes they are genuine fitmesh!!).

For a list of designers who make genuine fitmesh you can always look at Designers List, I update it as often as I can!!

I’m watching the waves roll in wearing:

Mesh Body – Belleza Venus by Belleza
Skin – Lucy (01C America) by Glam Affair
Bikini Top – Splash Swimwear Bandeau Bikini Top by *Just BECAUSE*
Bikini Bottom – Splash Swimwear Classic Bikini Bottom by *Just BECAUSE*
Hair – HIKARI  by Argrace
Jewellery – Timeless Jewellery Set by AviCandy

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