My first day in SL & why I wanted to be a cloud…


Before I ever joined SL, I was a clothing designer in another game. It was in fact, the fashion of SL that drove me to land on Welcome Island that fateful day (although trust me when I landed, the fashion on my schoolgirl looking avatar and the various other newbie avatars wasn’t much to write home about), and it has been the fashion that has kept me captivated ever since. In fact, looking back I remember some of my first thoughts about SL, they went something like:

1) How the hell do I move?

2) Is that a gummy bear talking to people? There’s a bot gummy bear? OMG THAT’S A REAL PERSON…

3) I just got hit by a cloud. OMG that’s so cool, I want a cloud avatar too!!

Little did I know that I’d spend more time than I’d ever care to as a “cloud avatar” (read – the firestorm rezzing cloud).

Anyway back on topic – so once I figured out how to move and get around SL, I fell in love. The world I was seeing was so rich in different shapes, sizes, colours, textures, attachments…. it was as if everything these people were wearing was making a statement about them, and I LOVED it.

After that, it was learning – so much learning. Inventories, rezzing, buying things, HUDS, attachments… and of course, finding my own style and identity, and realising that my style… my identity… was to be in constant change. I am addicted to skins, hair, clothing, attachments, unique items… and my avatar style changes almost daily as a result. So that’s what I realised – I’m not edgy, or glamour chic or hipster – I’m experimental, and I love it that way <3

I’m experimenting with cute, fluffy and pink in:

Hoodie, Skirt and Arm Warmers – Pink Panda by MOOH

Leg Warmers – White Leg Warmers by ViVi (50L per play gatcha, comes in a variety of colours)

Sneakers – GIOIA by KC Couture

Hair – Haters by Truth Hair

Mesh Body – Slink Physique by Slink

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