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Hi MAddicts,

It seems like a quiet week in SL this week – or maybe it’s just the public holidays over there in the US that are making it seem that way 🙂 Either way, it’s been giving me a chance to catch up on some blog maintenance (it’s the fun stuff, really) haha. Part of what I do with my blog is maintain lists of designers (appliers, skins, fitmesh etc), and I started doing this all the way back at the start because mesh body fashion designers were so few and far between. The time has come now though that mesh bodies are quite literally everywhere you look in SL, and designers for the bodies are becoming more common too, so I’ve decided to stop maintaining some of the lists. Now don’t worry, I will be keeping the Fitmesh Designers, Skin (body and head) designers and Accessory designers lists active, because these areas are still very sought after, but I will be dropping the applier designers and shoe designers lists. They’ll still stay there, don’t worry, but I won’t be updating them, because honestly the huge amount of work required to keep these lists, fitmesh finds and all those other things active is getting a little too much for me. I hope you all understand! <3

I considered the possibility of having two ‘weekly’ lists – one for fitmesh as usual, and one for other mesh body items (my favourite new bodies/attachments/skins/appliers of the week) – what are your thoughts? Would that be useful? I’m thinking it over, because at the moment, since most items are released at events, I’m not able to blog about the new fitmesh items until the event is open – and then (just like everyone else really) it’s a fight to get in, let alone take pictures in there haha, so the efficiency of my ‘finds’ is under scrutiny as well. Before you ask – yes I have approached the event coordinators about getting early access to take my pictures, but had no response (which is fair enough, they’re busy and probably have never heard of my fitmesh finds list, let alone think people read it!). People do read it right? Well whatever, I do! hehe. So I’ll let you know what I decide on that front, but if you’d like to have your ‘fitmesh’ shopping lists ready before events start, make it known guys, maybe we can get them to listen to us 🙂

Now on to other topics, and this one is for designers out there!! So, if you’ve been watching my blog lately you’ll see a very interesting trend in my Monthly polls. Last month, out of those who participated in the poll (1,071 people), Belleza users outnumbered Maitreya users! We had 400 Maitreya users and 403 Belleza users (175 wore Isis,  105 Venus and 124 Freya). This is an interesting trend, especially given that Maitreya users have outnumbered Belleza users for the last 6 odd months continuously. This month so far Belleza is streaking ahead again, so perhaps, particularly those designers who focus on Maitreya exclusively – it’s time to branch out to Belleza too? Time will tell!

That’s it for now MAddicts, but remember, the MBA Sim is now open, so come and hang out, shop, help out at the learning centre and above all, make suggestions! I’d love to hear what you want to see in our sim! You can visit the sim here – and join the subscriber to hear about when I’ll be running in-world workshops for mesh bodies too. The first one will be for all you new Mesh Bodied men!! What other topics would you like to see?

<3 Daria

I’m wearing:
Mesh Body – Lara by Maitreya (Polar skintone used)
Mesh Head – Stella by Lelutka
Skin – Diore 4 by Glam Affair (available at We<3RP) Lelutka applier skin only in Polar tone
Headdress – Valkyria by Glam Affair (available at We<3RP)
Hair – Paige by MINA Hair (available at The Chapter Four)
Wings – Sya Wings Plum by Glam Affair (available at Collabor88)
Dress – O-Ren by Dead Dollz (available at We<3RP) Includes Maitreya and Belleza Venus sizes
Pose – The white room prop by Exposeur

12 thoughts on “Musings and Mesh Bodies

  1. Belleza kicked Maitreya of number one .. very interesting … now I have them both on seperat accounts and i have TMP also .. all three good bodies but depending on your body types and personal preferences.

    I do like Belleza a lot and I really hope this poll will encourage creators / designers to start making more for it (all three types of Belleza) its a fab body with all those little extras that just put it a nodge above the rest 🙂

  2. and yes a list of other mesh than the fitmesh would be fab I think .. people need more help to find stuff that isnt fitmesh but can still be used with the bodies. Also YES ! we read your lists .. and I totally blame you for the pain my wallet goes through ..ok you and the designers lol

    I always try and encourage people to subscribe to you and especially more (!) men in the group !

    (Razor has said he will be updating / making mesh for the Slink boy \o/ )

  3. I’ve been wearing Belleza’s Isis for months, and recently switched to Maitreya due to some clothing I fell in love with that was perfect for Lara and not so much for Isis. Love both bodies, though.
    Annnd love this blog! Every time I got frustrated and removed my mesh body, I’d read something here that would make me log on and give it one more try. Finally starting to not only understand but even enjoy wearing mesh bodies. Glad you are here and I appreciate your posts!

    • Aww thank you Avalon *big hugs*. I’m so glad you’re starting to enjoy wearing your body!! I know how you feel though, the first time I put one on, I took it off and put it in the ‘too hard’ basket!! Stick with it, you definitely won’t regret it, it becomes second nature after a while 😀

  4. Aww thanks Treacle babe, you’re amazing <3 I don't mind if people want to subscribe or not really, even if there are 5 people out there that find it helpful, that's enough for me to do it for sure 🙂 I'm pretty sure there are, because there are a lot of people who blame me for the pain in their wallets hahahaa.

    Maybe a weekly favourites list that includes the non-fitmesh stuff, I like that idea <3

  5. It doesn’t surprise me that Belleza and Maitreya jockey for position at the top.

    Both are solid products. Solid enough where it just comes down to “which one looks better with my personal style.”

    And Belleza lost a LOT of ground by not having an update for almost a year during a time which the flaws were known for most of that year. It is now regaining that ground as word spreads that hey, the update is really, really nice.

    Maitreya right now… has no news. To my knowledge, there’s no pressing need for an update…

    Kinda starting to think a smart builder would put out an update every 2-3 months just to stay in the blog-news… even if it was just to fix things that weren’t even broken… 🙂
    – Sure that’d be really annoying to us customers… but to the blogs and the hype-train, it’d be great…

    And now… I’m kinda already waiting for the next Belleza update, because auto-hide on Belleza is causing me no end of troubles as each item I wear unhides all my alphas of the last item(s)… But despite this the body is still very nice and my current choice (Freya).

    • Actually…
      I am surprised that 105 people (so far) said they were using Belleza Venus. I think Belleza themselves meant that body to be seen as retired. At least I got that impression from the update announcements – but obviously it has popularity.
      I’m starting to see designers that ONLY support Isis – and I’d say that is a mistaken move to make if both Freya and Venus have popularity. That said the task of supporting all three has got to be a headache unless Belleza is giving these clothing makers ‘work files’ / data to know how to rig them all…

  6. I have both the Belleza and Maitreya body. I love them both, and yes their is a lot more mesh clothing out their for the Maitreya than the Belleza right now. And you can see why, with all the other mesh bodies, you just have that one body. But with the Belleza, you have the 3 bodies, which each come with 3 different breast settings and the body is different around the ankles and the wrists from wearing the Belleza hands and feet, to the Slink one’s. I’ve no idea if they get different info for each of those settings in the development kit, so with all that in mind, you could say most designers are put off from making mesh clothing for the Belleza bodies.

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