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About the heads

Name – LeLutka heads – Leda, Ever, Aria, Stella, Lotte and Karin
Designer – LeLutka/Undivided
Version – v1.2
Cost – 2500L
Expression Hud – Yes – 3 eye, 4 eyebrow and 7 mouth expressions (they all operate independently of one another to mix and match)


Hud V1.2

Blinking – Yes
Eyes Open/Closed – Yes (includes one partially open option)
Mouth Open/Closed – Yes (7 options)
Teeth – Yes but not editable

 Skins & Make-up

Skin tones included – 10 (matching Maitreya’s preset skins, which are from Glam Affair)
Make up options included – 3 eyeshadows/eyeliner, 1 brow, 2 lipstick, 2 lash choices, 8 hairbase colours (thick and thin options)
Can other skin designers make appliers for it? – Yes (designers are chosen selectively for skin kits, however make-up developer kits are free)
Omega Head Applier compatible? – No


The best bits:

  • Fits all mesh bodies (except TMP) very well – TMP works on retrofit option but not perfectly
  • With the new (Version 1.2) expression options, finally the head’s ‘resting state’ can be a small smile! Yaaaay!
  • The included skins are gorgeous and very well detailed
  • Ability to control strength and ‘shimmer’ of eye makeup, lipstick and the skin itself (which alleviates that ‘shiny oily’ look you get in Ultra high settings)
  • Some of the best skin designers on the grid are making appliers for this head – DeeTaleZ, Pink Fuel, Izzie’s, YS&YS, Skinnery and Curio just to name a few (see the full list HERE)
  • The width/length of the head can be altered using the sliders, which is great.
  • The second set of heads releases (Karin, Stella and and Lotte) don’t have the ‘big chin’ or ‘wide face’ look as much as the other three, which was a bit much for me personally.
  • All creators can make makeup appliers by picking up the kit for free at LeLutka.

The worst bits:

  • Not all skin makers will be able to make skins for the heads, which is a shame.
  • The faces still look a little… stiff… I would love to see some automatic mouth opening/closing like the Snow Rabbit mesh head has.
  • The mesh eyelashes look quite dark and rigid. I know it’s a mesh issue, but it makes the fuller lashes somewhat unwearable. I’d love some alpha blending options with the eyelashes!
  • I would love to see the ability to save other skin appliers in the HUD, but that’s just me wishing again 😉

Extra note – Make sure you pick up the LeLutka gift on the table when buying the head. It’s shaped like a little lipstick and contains some free head appliers from Glam Affair!

Extra Extra note – If you can’t find the heads at LeLutka, they are on the OPPOSITE side of the building to where the hair is. When you land, go inside the side of the building with the green window ledges and look for a room in there called ‘Undivided’!

29 thoughts on “LeLutka Mesh Heads

  1. I really wasn’t sold on the LeLutka heads originally (the jawlines on Aria and Ever were too big for my taste and Leda’s mouth sticks too far out), but I love the latest three to pieces. If they come out with more expression they would be perfect. I’m now using the LeLutka heads more than my Slink Visage and TMP heads and I honestly didn’t think that would happen after my first few tries.

    • I totally agree with you Cyanide! If they had an expression HUD, and perhaps the lips were sliiiiiiightly more happy looking – I’d be a complete convert without question. As it stands, I use my LeLutka head sometimes and my system head the rest of the time, just because it looks a bit less stroppy hehe

  2. I have a problem with my Lelutka mesh head’s eyelashes. I get people sending me screen shots all the time of giant black wings on my eyes so I ended up freezing my eyes open, turning them off and placing my old Mon Cheri eyelashes on the mesh head. (Which in truth I actually like better) What I am bummed with is makeup options. I know they are still new and I’ll be perfectly honest this is my first mesh head but I am having severe issues keeping myself in it due to the limited three choices I have when I purchased my applier from DeeTalez. I hope, in time that will change and eventually there will be as many options for different looks over at DeeTalez as there are for TMP heads.

    • I had the same problem Shae, until today. I use Firestorm and I could only view mesh items if Hardware skinning was unticked in the graphics preferences. I have been having to do this for months and this resulted in my Maitreya body not looking right. I rolled my AMD graphics driver back to 13.3 ticked the hardware skinning box and I can now see the lashes for the Lelutka head and my Maitreya body now looks like it should!!! But eventually I was like you, preferred the Mon Cheri lashes 🙂

  3. I love the Heads I have Aria and Stella, but only problem is, you can only make, lipssticks and eyeshadows and hair bases, can`t make a freckle layer.

  4. Why does your LeLutka head features look so well balanced in your photos? I own all the demos and have tried playing around with my shape sliders, but either my lower jaw looks too big, or my nose bridge is too low, or my lips are too fat. If they offered a mesh head with facial feature that were more to my liking, I would say this would be the best mesh head with hud options. The only thing lacking are the mouth and eye expressions I’ve seen on some other mesh heads. Sometimes I don’t always want that resting b*tch face look on 24/7 if you know what I mean. lol

  5. Okay So I messaged one of the support team of Lelutka on one of my Alts and they replied very fast was very impressed with the support and service they have to offer, Secondly I really love these heads, but unfortunately It is not Omega Compatiable, it would be very Nice if Lelutka Consider the ammount of other women in SL I speak to really want to have these heads Omega compatiable, We are currently sitting on Head V1.1 and it is not Omega compatiable, They explained to me at this current time they do not intend on adding the Omega system to their system, I am deeply saddened by this as I may have to eventually look into getting a new head for myself and my alt, Money gone down the drain to me, Lelutka Please consider making your head Omega compatiable I speak for so many other residents Please please please consider.

  6. I have the Lotte and the Aria heads. I like the Lotte better overall, BUT I simply hate the way the nose looks from the side. I don’t know if it just me, but the nose bridge is all flat and only at the end of it it “pops” out of the face. Simply could not deal with it. Ario has a much better nose – while a square chin…
    I have lightened the full eyelashes to a medium dark brown and I am happy with the way they look that way.

  7. lelutka update v1.3 okay so they have added in expressions now for the face which is awesome and animations that you can choose to use with the faces however I do not, the expressions are for the eyes, eyebrows and the mouth, however I still wish these heads were SLUV/Omega compatiable, It really is a shame that Lelutka are going the same way as TMP and not being Omega compatiable, it would be nice if they would make two layers Omega compatiable and that is the Make up Layer and the Skin layer, would make it so much easier to Use, Still we all never know what the future may hold, Maybe Lelutka will do a extreme update sometime and make it so this is all possible, I have spoken to many women in SL that have wanted their lelutka heads to also be Omega compatiable maybe Lelutka will give the people what they are asking for, Hopefully 🙂

  8. Updating… I have Karin and Stella, Karin is my main head, Stella I use for rp, among others. I really like this head, I like its proportions and the new expressions are really nice. I wish there was an additional smile that was a little smaller than the small smile (it’s just a bit toothy still) but I am glad this new version alleviates some of RBF. Catwa’s head, though… I hope it pushes Lelutka and the others to improve even more. Catwa caught on like wildfire and it’s Omega compatible, here’s hoping that it will do the same for Lelutka – more makeup sections and options. If LOGO adds more Omega layers and options to match, as is said to be coming, the race will be on! And that’s good for consumers. Hope they’re paying attention.

  9. Yeah I have noticed that the Catwa head has been rather popular in the Make up side and in Omega Group chat however I have stayed with lelutka and that is my number one head brand and catwa for me would come second.
    I do believe that lelutka is only going to improve and I do hope they consider making their heads omega compatiable being able to change skins with an omega applier would be so much more easier and Ideal, However just have to wait and see and hopefully they will make a great update before next year comes, the first two updates took me months to recieve and so it was like a well deserved wait I guess however I do only hope it becomes Omega compatiable now and then I guess I could never look for another head

  10. Hmm…LeLutka…I realy realy realy want to buy it (mostly after update with all these expressions) but unfortunately I can’t. So many issues…maybe not SO MANY…but for me… a few important things. First, I have problem with mouth, it’s too pursed on never-ending kiss, reminding me a duck face and I realy don’t like it. Second thing are of course lashes…horrible in my opinion! Most softly and naturally, please! I’ll be grateful! Now it looks like spiders…grrr. And it will be awsome if the LeLutka Mesh Head has an animation script open and close mouth like the Nea Mesh Head. And by the way…why you didn’t say anything about Nea Mesh Head from Snow Rabbit? 🙂

  11. The nose is so ugly on a lot of all these mesh heads, this one in particular. The jaw and eyes… It’s really depressing how the heads look so bad in sl, not just Lelutka but every single one. In MMOs they seem to make heads a lot better and faces way more attractive. The skin can help sure but the definition under the skin (the model) needs to be right or it’s going to look bad. No matter what skin people use on any of these heads I can always tell which head it is immediately by the features. It seems lately I am seeing less heads at least, I just hope someone comes along that isn’t a dude making heads but a female that gets all the makeup options and puts in some sort of sliders on their head to adjust placement of features, width of them and all that.

  12. I don’t have any really big issues with the Mesh heads in second life, I absolutely love mine, I am so looking forward to one day being able to have my mouth move when talking on voice like the old system heads, I don’t know if that would ever happen but however I believe one day It really could be a possibility, I have a feeling all it would really be is a certain script and animation together, Alot of people do not like Mesh full stop, Unfortunately once we are all in Project Sansar everything will be Mesh and that is exciting, When I first came back to second life in november 2014 I did have a few difficulties with adapting to the Mesh body, however I soon got the hang of it and youtube was great for the support and learning how to use the body, all the bodies work the same and now its a piece of cake for myself, I have the lelutka Stella head and my alt wears the karin head, absolutely beautiful on high to ultra graphics anyone that doesn’t agree must have really poor graphics and unrealistic expectations, so far the creators of Mesh heads have done very well and have spent several months working in blender and doing the UV maps etc, for someone to just come along and diss the fuck out of their work is a major insult, and If they want better, how about they bloody get off their asses and get on blender and bake that shit up, otherwise respect the creators that have spent along time creating these lovely heads!

  13. This is a crazy question, but I can’t FIND the heads in LeLutka! I followed your instructions into the UNDIVIDED room and went around it about ten times, but they are nowhere to be seen. I asked a couple of people and they didn’t know either. All I want to do is give them my money…

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