LAQ – Trinity


Mesh Head Name: Trinity
Designer – LAQ
Where to buy it - LAQ
Reviewed Version – v1.5
Cost – 3,100L


Expression Hud – Yes, 13 animated expressions. All can be used frame by frame for static expressions
Blinks - Yes
Talking (mouth movement) - Yes
Omega Compatibility - Yes (out of the box, no relay/installer needed)
Skin tones included – Wilma skintone (pictured above) - 7 shades.
Make up included – 7 eyeshadow, 7 Lipstick, 6 hairbase, 8 eyebrow options.
Can other skin designers make appliers for it? – Yes


  • Fits Maitreya, Slink, Belleza, EBody, Tonic and most other mesh bodies very well.
  • The default skin tone 'Wilma' is STUNNING and so detailed. Love love love this skin, and the makeups that come with the head are really nice too.
  • Neck size options, ears on/off and neck blender options are available which is great, plus a head size setting that helps line the mesh head (eyelashes/eyes) up with your shape's settings is really handy too, so if your lashes etc look weird, play with that!
  • The head has two scalp sizes, making it much easier to fit different hair sizes, as well as a scalp alpha.
  • Save slots for other skins (which you can see, I'm already using in the HUD above)!


  • I find the default expression to be kinda.... sad looking. I wish I could change default expression to a small smile (similar to what you get if you press 'Skip Forward' once under 'closed smile'. Now, you could just leave that static smile there (which I do, btw), but the problem comes in when you choose an animated expression. If you want to leave the full 'closed smile' animation running for example, it will play, but then once it completes and before it animates again, her lips drop to that sad expression again. So, I wish for a default expression setting to smile hehe.
  • The head is a little 'larger' than most mesh heads. With the addition of scalp sizes and alpha in version 1.5, it's now much easier to fit hair, but for fitmesh hair the face can still look a bit too 'large' in comparison.
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