Fiore – Toni and Aylah heads


*Note – as this designer does not accept bloggers, this review is a based on my experiences with the demo versions of the heads, which whilst fully functional, didn’t really give me a chance to use the heads for an extended period of time to test them.

About the head

Name – Toni and Aylah heads (the only differences between Toni and Aylah is the look of the mesh head and the available skin tones)
Designer – Fiore
Cost – 3600L
Expression Hud – Yes, 7 expressions included


hud HUD - Accessories HUD - Makeup HUD - Lashes

Blinking – Yes
Eyes Open/Closed – No fixed open/closed option
Mouth Open/Closed – Controlled by expression changes

 Skins & Make-up

Skin tones included – 1
Make up options included – 13 brow, 16 eyeshadow, 4 lipstick, 14 eye and 10 eyelash options
Can other skin designers make appliers for it? – No
Omega Head Applier compatible? – No


The best bits:

  • The expression options are good, however the face does look a little off in some of them (as though the lips change, but the face itself doesn’t)
  • The skin tones from Fiore are stunning and highly detailed, plus it comes with Slink and Maitreya appliers so that’s great.
  • These heads just pop – they’re unique to others I’ve seen, which is always a plus to me.

The worst bits:

  • Simply, you’re stuck with the same skin for life! Being a non-applier based head, the skin you buy it with is the skin you get, period.
  • There’s something about the mouth that doesn’t look quite right to me, but that’s personal opinion so take it or leave it 🙂
  • The neck seam can be a little tricky to fit.

27 thoughts on “Fiore – Toni and Aylah heads

  1. Its good to see there is finally all of one mesh head that is not caucasian – intended. Though the features are ‘generic’ enough that the same head works for a variety of ethnicities so this is really still not meeting the demand. Too bad its non-applier and frowning in all 3 expressions. But – its a start I guess.

    • Well it has 7 expressions but you’re right…. definitely a little frowny. I’m really hoping they come out with some more ethic mesh heads…. the world is full of colour, people! <3

      • Ah, no worries. My comment was actually directed to Pussycat as she was looking for heads that look great with darker skin tones. TMP heads aren’t my favorite (they are really overpriced and the HUD system is a pain in the ass), but I do own them and have played around with a lot of skins and I’ve noticed the bone structure of the Fierce head looks great in darker tones versus lighter ones, in my opinion.

    • Agreed, Pussycat! I love that you can change the nose shape meaningfully – the Rowne head also allows you to do that but the differences between noses are pretty slight. It would be so nice if people would build these and enable third party support so that we could have more variety in skins and makeup, even though these are pretty fully featured as is.

    • I wanted to revisit this thread because I finally got around to buying the Fiore heads. There are actually five versions now (Angled, Angelic, Contoured, Precious, and Soft) and three skins (Aylah, Toni, and Jing). I grabbed them all because I’m crazy and I can’t help myself and I waited too long to give them a try. I’m actually much happier with these heads than I thought I would be originally. It appears the HUDs have been updated since Daria’s review and I’m guessing the heads may have been polished up a bit too. There is still a bit of a mouth issue in that I think the lip appliers for Toni and Jing are too thin around the upper lip, but the more I wear and play with the heads the less I think it’s a problem. Fiore is allowing people to make appliers now too so I hope we will see some on the market with different lip shapes. I used the Aylah lips (which are bigger) and they apply fine without the thin upper lip so I know the opportunity is there for loads of lip shapes (hint, hint, nudge, nudge to any makeup creators reading this).

      Also, Rowne has two mesh heads available that work with the Fiore body appliers. Jem comes in lighter tones and Dani comes in darker tones. The bone structure of both the heads are definitely not generic and are great for someone looking for non-caucasion heads. They aren’t third party applier ready but I sure hope that changes in the future. There are a lot of skin designers who could do beautiful work in darker skintones with their bone structure.

      Anywho… sorry to ramble. My whole point in coming here was just to say these heads are actually really solid options. They may not come with all the bells and whistles of Catwa or LOGO but they are lovely and perfect for a range of ethnicities!

  2. I had the Fiore head. The neck seam is awful and the blend piece that’s supposed to help fix that is even worse. In some local lighting conditions the neck blend glows like a lamp. This has been a problem for almost two months now with no update to fix it or an ETA on when it might be fixed. There is also a problem around the eyes when the head blinks.
    Those problems aside it’s a very pretty head.

  3. It is pretty, but I can’t get over the mustache over the top lip on the Toni head. That’s just not doable.

  4. It is pretty, but I can’t get over the mustache over the top lip on the Toni head. That’s just not doable.

  5. I bought the fiore head, is awesome, except for the issue of the neck and the
    size of the head, the hairs doesnt fit

  6. These heads really need to be viewed in better lighting than they are. If you use the wrong lighting then it doesn’t look so good. These heads look much better than this article shows them, and that is due to the bad lighting and the weird hair that does not fit the head. I found most vendors work well for this head under small or fitted sizes. Plus the expression you used for the Toni Contoured, I would never use that one, there are better ones, a slight smirk that show the face off better.
    I love this head, it is my favorite. And prefer it is not applier based, due to the fact the skin is amazing already and flawless and I hate sl makeup.

    • Thanks for your thoughts Raven! I try to keep all mesh heads in consistent lighting/hair to better enable direct comparison by users, however as mentioned I only had a demo version of the head so my ability to use all of the functions was very limited. I choose the most relaxed facial expression as this is often the ‘standard’ expression most people leave on their heads day to day, however with the demo version I was a bit limited. <3

  7. love all the body and head i have. i went and brought the KL* Mesh Mashenka and think it a good head for the price does more then just blinking have the Lena Perky Body to. head works with other body to there not many i dont have i think there all good in there own way

  8. I used the Fiore Aylah soft head for almost a year because it has such beautiful features even though my avatar always looked a little ‘dazed’ if that is a good word for it. Have now switched to a different mesh head because the recent update to Aylah is, in my opinion, awful. The HUDs have totally changed and are very hard to manage (why fix something that ain’t broke?) and the actual new mesh head is basically, a new and different head because it doesn’t look anything like the original (was glad that I didn’t delete the old one before I tried the new one). Fiore should have just brought out a new line of heads and leave the original as is.

  9. Please update your info on these mesh heads? Fiore now has the option of eyes open/closed (with a squint option as well), there are a good amount of options for skins and makeup (deetalez, milan, pumec, aomi, boataom, insol, remy + rowe and many more for skins; aidhona, su!, slackgirl, studio exposure, mons and many more for makeup).

  10. Recently bought the Fiore Precious head. Are the options for different brows and noses gone? I can’t seem to find them.

  11. Hello, I’m having trouble applying an Omega hairbase at Fiore, it’s very complicated, could anyone help me, thanks 🙂

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