Catwa (Basic)


Mesh Head Name(s) – Aisha, Alice, Amelie, Amy, Bibi, Cami, Candy, Cindy, Destiny, Dyana, Linda, Sarah & Tumble
Designer – Catwa
Where to buy it - Catwa
Reviewed Version – v4.10
Cost – 900L Basic head (static); 4150L Fatpack including all addons (5 static lips, blink & talk animations and 9x9 eye and lips animations)
Addons - Static lips, blink animation, talk animation, 9 full face animations or 9x9 mix and match eye/lip animations.


Expression Hud – Only with addon purchase or fatpack purchase (note, sections of the animations HUD become available as fatpack/addons are enabled)
Blinks - Only with addon purchase
Talking (mouth movement) - Only with addon purchase
Omega Compatibility - Yes
Skin tones included – 7 tones, each with 5 eyebrow colours (matching The Skinnery body appliers)
Make up included – 5 eyeliners, 3 blush, 20 lipstick, 1 eyebrow style and 4 lash options.
Can other skin designers make appliers for it? – Yes


  • Fits Maitreya, Slink, Belleza, EBody, Tonic and most other mesh bodies very well.
  • These heads offer the ability to purchase 'add-on's' as you want them, which is great for those on a budget. I love the ability to buy blinking and a handful of expressions, basically paying for what you'll use. It's important to note that the heads don't have the ability to upgrade to the many expressions available in the Catwa Premium heads though.
  • The HUDs for these are essentially the same as the Premium heads, so the same makeup options and abilities are all the same.
  • I like that she has included the ability to chose between purchasing an add-on that gives you the full facial expressions or operate the eye/lip expressions independently. This gives a great ability to mix and match if you're a photographer.
  • The skin tones matching The Skinnery’s appliers is a great touch.


  • Honestly there really are no particular 'cons' for these mesh heads. Being a 'basic' mesh head they don't have all of the animations you've come to expect from Catwa, but that's the trade off for a lower price.
  • Not really a con, but I would love if the basic heads would have the same kind of expressions. For example, on Aisha she really pokes her tongue out when you press the 😛 animation, but on Sarah she doesn't, it's a different kind of tongue twist. Again it's not really a con, but I'd love to know what whatever head I buy (because I like the look of it) I'll be getting the same stay of animations 🙂

20 thoughts on “Catwa (Basic)

  1. ooh yee.. So my first mesh head is Sarah..I watched so many Youtube videos and all these women are so beautiful with this head..then I click on Strawberry Sighn video and she made this head so geogerous..No high checkbones..bee stung lips just look nice. So i decided on it. Got it and hate it! The cheeks bones are too huge, lips are like someone bitch slap me. I look as if I am going to war, looking so fierce, How did you all get that soft look, those lips “normal” looking…cheekbones not showing as if my avi gone on hunger strike. I have collected so many demos for this brand and still cannot get me that soft look…Help! I am just gonna throw it out if I cannot get that nice soft look..
    Ps. I decided on Maitreya and this body is just great! some clothes and shoes made for this mesh body so I dont have to play much around with the alpha..

    • Hi Simi! I recommend going to Collabor88 and trying on Glam Affair’s vanessa skin – it’s the skin that makes the head soft, and the skins they come with are really harsh, so you don’t really see the best effect in my opinion. My favourite is the Candy head with this skin, it’s so soft <3

      • Hi hi.. So I took your advice and got me GA vanessa skin and mesh head Candy. It does look more “feminine” than Sarah. I also got me eyeshadow and lipstick. I am still looking around for makeup that makes the lips not so buffy.. Thanks for the advice.

  2. Hi Just would like to add I own now 3 mesh heads from Catwa and from all 3 Alice is my fav..exactly the mesh head I thought I would like to own..

  3. Can’t say that I’ve really looked at any of the basic heads, but would any of them be similar to Lelutka Stella. I’ve tried one of the Catwa premium heads, forget which, just didn’t like the way it looked on me, but love the range of facial emotions as opposed to my Stella which love the way it looks but not enough on the emotions

  4. Well almost all Catwa heads have so hudge eyes and pouty lips that are far from anything realistic. Most of them look nice though, but in a dolly cartoonish way, not in a realistic way.
    Lets hope that we will soon see from Catwa a more realistic looking head, as she surely knows how to create beautiful faces

  5. I like this head but the lack of documentation on how to use it is so frustrating. I hit the damn reset button and now my face is white, and I’m clearly missing something. Will press on tho 🙂

  6. Thanks!
    It’s funny, the thing that help the most was the tutorial I watched on the Jackson head, lol. I get all the buttons now. It was two evenings of figuring it out, but now I have!
    Love the head.
    So much thanks for your website. It really helped me make the jump to mesh. 🙂

  7. Thanks for all the brilliant info here! I bought the Camri head and some of the add-ons. If I buy another Catwa head, do I need to buy the add-ons again specifically for that head, or will the ones I’ve already bought work?

    • Yes, you have to buy the huds and add on’s for each head, they are not one hud fits all. (no money to be made that way *winks*)

  8. I have the catwa Alice, and was actually able to make it look almost like my system standard head. I think a lot of people buy the heads, and think because they are mesh, there isn’t much modding that can be done. While that is true to a certain extent, there are a few things that can be done to the heads to change the look. Stretch, length and size are all moddable options, and can take an out of the box head, and make it uniquely yours. I had gotten demo’s and didn’t find a look I liked. My significant other came over while I was trying them on, and when I expressed my frustration about not finding a look that looked like me, he asked if I had done anything to change them. He then explained what was able to be changed, and I found after trying them all on again, and playing with the slider bars, the Alice head looked the best. He was actually blown away, and said that I looked like me, but more refined. I got off that pose stand, and marched myself back over to the store and bought my new head! lol

  9. Anyone know if the catwa works best with the maitreya body? or is there a better one that does? Im looking around for a good mesh head to work with it. tired of the standard head lol and the line on the neck form the mismatched skins gotten it as close as i can and theres still a line…

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