Catwa – Annie (Human and Vampire)

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About the heads

Name – Catwa – Annie (Vampire)
Designer – Catwa
Version – v4.3
Cost – 2,500L (Vampire version); 3,599L (Human version)
Expression Hud – Yes – 9 expressions that can be frozen or played as an animation


HUD 1 HUD 2 HUD 3 HUD 4 HUD 5 Hud6

Blinking – Yes
Eyes Open/Closed – Yes (includes two partially closed options)
Mouth Open/Closed – Yes (three ‘standard’ mouth poses)
Teeth – Includes 3 teeth and 2 ’empty mouth’ textures

Skins & Make-up

Skin tones included – 8 tones (matching The Skinnery body appliers)
Make up options included – 5 eyeliners, 3 blush, 16 lipstick and 4 lash options.
Can other skin designers make appliers for it? – Yes
Omega Head Applier compatible? – Yes (read about Omega info here)


The best bits:

  • Fits Maitreya, Slink, Belleza, EBody, Tonic and most other mesh bodies very well.
  • I LOVE the animation features in this. Whilst I would probably only use the ‘normal to small smile’ animation, I like that it’s there as an option. Basically the ‘gestures’ make your face go from whatever your standard facial pose is (I use open eye with a small smile) to that expression and back again, over and over. Kinda like the old facial expression animations.
  • The HUD save spaces are incredible, I LOVE that I’ll be able to save all of my favourite appliers right there in my HUD.
  • The lashes are gorgeous, and Catwa did so well to think to include a ‘mask mode’ option for them, because the reason they look so good is that they use alpha-blending, which can cause issues with hair sometimes.
  • The teeth options! Love love love them.
  • The eyes – I’ve noticed mesh heads have a tendency to look odd around the eye, so it’s great to see some more big-eyed options coming out.
  • She’s set the new standard for mesh heads with this release, that I’m sure of. It won’t be to everyone’s taste, but I know that everyone will be watching her future releases keenly to see a head that they feel is ‘their’ style – because the features are unparalleled in sl at the moment.
  • The skin tones matching The Skinnery’s appliers is a great touch.

The worst bits:

  • I would love to see some softer eyeliner options included. Eyeliner is always so ‘harsh’ on mesh heads, my kingdom for a little natural smudging! hehe. But then again, I’m sure I’ll be able to purchase this when someone makes one no doubt 😉
  • Adding bodyfat can make the head sit a little weird, but playing with the options can even it out a little.

2 thoughts on “Catwa – Annie (Human and Vampire)

  1. A problem I’ve noticed with “Annie.” She sits lower on your frame than the system head does. This has the effect of making rigged mesh hairstyles sit “too high.” This is problematic – especially for me – because there’s a particular hairstyle that I simply can’t bear to part with. Very few hairstyles look “right” on me but this hairstyle is one of them. And as this hairstyle is rigged mesh, it is fitted automatically and cannot be adjusted. So I find myself in the position of deciding between a L$250 hairstyle or an L$8K mesh head!

    I have not demo’d the other Catwa heads but I imagine this will be present there as well. This issue is less prevalent with the LeLutka head, and virtually non-existent with the Logo head.

    I would have noticed the root cause of this issue had I not taken pictures on a pose stand and A/B’d them quickly.

  2. Oops, I meant to say I would NOT have noticed the root cause of the problem without the back & forth between still shots.

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