Labyrinth – Omega Heads

About the heads

Name – Labyrinth – Omega compatible heads
Designer – Labyrinth
Version – 1.0
Cost 250L (includes mesh head only, so be aware you’ll need to buy skins etc as well)
Expression Hud – No


Note – I am using the ‘Fox’ skin applier HUD for this review – this skin/HUD is available at Labyrinth
Blinking – No
Eyes Open/Closed – No
Mouth Open/Closed – No

hud - fox skin

Skins & Make-up

Skin tones included – None, head is white until a skin is purchased and applied to it.
Make up options included – Will vary depending on skin HUD creator – but Labyrinth’s include smooth, stubble and heavy stubble beard options, plus guyliner!
Can other skin designers make appliers for it? – Yes, the system is Omega responsive
Omega Head Applier compatible? – Yes


The best bits:

  • The heads are gorgeous, there really wasn’t any that I didn’t like (from a female point of view anyway), so rawr! Shape C especially…. hellooooo sailor! By the way in the pics above I’m wearing Slink Physique male and there is zero seam (I didn’t edit these images). The fit is incredible.
  • They’re omega compatible, which doesn’t mean a lot to men since there are so few omega skin products available for them, but hopefully this will encourage more skin makers to make skins for these gorgeous heads.
  • I like that they come with a beard/tattoo layer. This will give more options for men as designers create more omega compatible face tattoos and beard options for the guys. Labyrinth sell a bunch already and they look amazing.
  • The guyliner – now I know, this may not strike a cord with many men, but the guyliner is VERY subtle (though this is more a skin feature than a head feature, so be aware of that) but I love that the head can handle subtle makeup for men. One of my big gripes about SL men’s heads has always been the squinty/boxy eye look, and this helps soften that without making a man look like Prince (or #, $ or & – whatever his name is today).

The worst bits:

  • It doesn’t have an expression HUD, but that’s okay, the first female heads didn’t have one either, but let’s let the guys have some expressions!! At least let them blink, I felt like Dario (who is apparently who I ‘become’ when I wear a male avatar for review purposes) had a bad case of dry eye going on.
  • I think separating the heads and skins was both a good idea and a bad idea – I think many buyers may put their head on and go ‘what? I’m all white?’ and not know what’s going on – on the flip side though, it DOES mean you only pay for the skin you want to use with the head, so it’s a Catch22 on this one.

7 thoughts on “Labyrinth – Omega Heads

  1. Tested it out. The system is straight forward to apply. Quality (shape) of heads is really good, even if they look very similar to each other, especially from the front. The skins suit it nicely as well.

    One big issue is the (un)responsiveness of the creator. All reviewers have this issue with him, and unfortunately helps is needed. No redeliver, updates might be messing things up…

    Good basic quality, the lack of expressions is survivable, but unfortunately the “business side” is bad.

  2. I realize you’re not really a question/answer page but you seem to have it together so I’m going to be a pest and ask you I’m new to the mesh thing (blame my girl) but I bought the Adam body (and Omega kit for it) and the Logo head (and the Omega kit for that). I wore all my huds, all my relays and all my appliers. Wore the Logo Omega head too. Was able to demo some competitor skins well enough on head and body. Tried Labyrinth body demo and thought it was great, tried to put on the head skin and it wouldn’t work. The only way I could get the head skin to work is if I wore the Labyrinth mesh head. Is there any way to use their skins on the Logo Omega head? I know I’m not as quick as you women to figure this stuff out but I’m pretty sure I did everything I could. Labyrinth skins are terrific so I’m really hoping to have the head and body I already own…match. Thanks for any help you can offer.

    • Hi Rec! My first question would be did you install Omega into your logo head? If other Omega skins work on it, but not Labyrinth, I would say that they’re using their own applier system for their appliers rather than Omega, so they may not work. They do say Omega though, so I would potentially send them a notecard and ask 🙂

  3. My boyfriend bought a Labyrinth head and an Elysium skin to go on his SLink male physique ava. He tried on the demo first, and it seemed to work just fine, so we went ahead and purchased it and now he’s got this strange line on his neck, like the head matches his body, but then there’s a light strip between head and body, and we can’t get rid of it. Is this a common problem? Is there something we’re missing? He says he’s tried everything he can think of and looked in every possible place for a neck blender, and there’s nothing. Help!!

  4. I went and tried these heads on my male avatar, I do love C with the Fox skin, but when I went to check prices I about died. Over L$1,700 for the “head skin” another L$400 for the head itself, and L$400 for body appliers, so to complete this look it would cost L$2,500+ Not really a bargain after all. Back to looking.

  5. Hi! I just got a Labyrinth head after reading this. My question is. I can’t see to make both the beard and hairbase appear. When i apply the hairbase, the beard I got disappears and vice versa. Any thoughts?

  6. Much as Raylene, I went for a head for my main, that doesnt looks like “16 and pouty”… run into this one, opted for shape H, demoed Clifford skin, loved it, went to go get it to realize that face applier is ridiculously high. For that kind of money I can get full fledged head and all the bells and whistles (and this one sadly have none)…
    Also one huge issue I have with particularly H shape is the fact that it adds over 40,000 to avatar render cost, which is ridiculously high, indicating completely un-optimized mesh… Shame really as this is probably closest I could find to suit my needs regarding the look and shape of the face…

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