GA.EG – Hugo

Basic Information

Mesh Head Name(s) – Hugo
Designer – GA.EG
Where to buy it -
Reviewed Version – v1.0
Cost – 2,500L
Addons - Yes, available in store


Expressions - Yes (8 expressions & 7 animations)
Blinks - Yes
Talking (mouth movement) - No
Omega Compatibility - Yes (relay required)
Skin tones included – 8 skin tones included
Make up included – 2 brow types, 5 tintable hairbases, 4 beard styles & 9 lip colours.
Can other skin designers make appliers for it? – Yes
Ears - Yes (rigged & unrigged), you can use other ears



  • The head is Omega compatible, something that will become more important to men as the Omega skin/beard etc. become more available to them.
  • It works with TMP mesh body (at least for me), which is a definite plus. I also managed to fit it very well with Signature, Adam and Slink bodies.
  • I really liked the skin it came with, and the fact that it comes with beard options!
  • The lip style options are a nice touch (these aren't lipsticks guys) but rather appearance of lips for different skin tones and such, it's a nice touch.
  • The availability of addons for beards/hairbases opens up the possibility for men a lot more. I like that their addons get added to the one HUD, making it much simpler to use in terms of not having to navigate appliers and such.


  • Whilst I like the fact that GA.EG use a mix of animations and expressions, I would really love to see more of these, and perhaps a more obvious system in the HUD (such as picture based, like LOGO, or event emoticon based like Catwa). The words 'sexy' doesn't really tell me what the animation will be.

1 thought on “GA.EG – Hugo

  1. This head actually looks creepy/stalkerish to me. I think it’s the eyes, but I’d like to see the head first hand to really get a good look. From a glance though, it just looks… Weird

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