Catwa – Jackson

Jackson Head


About the heads
Name – Jackson
Designer – Catwa
Version – v4.4
Cost – 3,599L
Expression Hud – Yes – 9 expressions that can be frozen or played as an animation

Blinking – Yes
Eyes Open/Closed – Yes (includes two partially closed options)
Mouth Open/Closed – Yes (three ‘standard’ mouth poses)
Teeth – Includes 3 teeth and 2 ’empty mouth’ textures

Skins & Make-up
Skin tones included – Many (including tones designed to match L’Etre Slink & TMP Body appliers, and tones to match Niramyth body skins)
Make up options included – Ability to add eyeliners/lipsticks if that’s your thing!
Can other skin designers make appliers for it? – Yes
Omega Head Applier compatible? – Yes (read about Omega info here)

Jacksonv4.4 HUDS


The best bits:

  • The animations, by far, are some of the best I’ve ever seen (especially for male mesh heads this is quite new). He even tilts his head and mouths the phrase “fuck you, you fuck” when you put the ‘angry’ expression on. I’m so jealous, I want that on my girl-head haha.
  • The customisation is fantastic, from make-up (if that’s your thing), to beards and eye lashes – he has all the great features we women we have had for a while, but in a much more ‘manly’ way.
  • He’s Omega compatible, which I know doesn’t mean much to you guys yet, but more and more is coming out for Omega mesh heads (and male ones too), so you’ll love this feature when skin designers get on the bandwagon!
  • The neck size buttons are THE BEST. Simply click which body type you’re using and the neck adjusts to fit that body – and it does it really really well. Even TMP body which surprised me a lot.

The worst bits:

  • Honestly I don’t think he has many ‘worst’ bits. The only thing I’ve heard some men say is that he’s too feminine, which is always a matter of taste – everyone’s different. I didn’t like the look as much when I first put it on – but after playing with the animations it really grew on me.

7 thoughts on “Catwa – Jackson

  1. The biggest issue with this besides the fact that Catwa has 3 different Male heads and no one is reviewing them is lack of hair choices here!

  2. Yes the face is bit too femine that is why I liked the Justin one more, but you haven’t reviewed that one yet or any of the other catwa so its kind a like finding out blindly!

  3. imo he looks alright. “too feminine” is a bad excuse. market is way too oversaturated with the “i like things up and put them down” looking male avatars.

  4. Tried the Catwa ‘Paul’ demo head, and I have to say, while not perfect, it’s pretty good. For 1k L it’s also a decent price for a static mesh head. Personally I can’t see myself using the different mouths, expressions, and all the extras. I like being able to purchase JUST the basic head and then Role Play (or simply describe) a smile a wink, or a smirk. Let’s be honest here…most people READ what you write…and never look at your Avi’s expression.

    As far as getting the Catwa to match my TMP…would LOVE it if someone could tell me a skin that would match color 27 in the TMP standard skins…cause none of the Catwa standard ones do.

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