Catwa (Basic male)


Mesh Head Name(s) – Justin & Paul
Designer – Catwa
Where to buy it - Catwa
Reviewed Version – v4.10
Cost – 900L Basic head (static); 4150L Fatpack including all addons (5 static lips, blink & talk animations and 9x9 eye and lips animations)
Addons - Static lips, blink animation, talk animation, 9 full face animations or 9x9 mix and match eye/lip animations.


Expression Hud – Only with addon purchase or fatpack purchase (note, sections of the animations HUD become available as fatpack/addons are enabled)
Blinks - Only with addon purchase
Talking (mouth movement) - Only with addon purchase
Omega Compatibility - Yes
Skin tones included – 7 tones, each with 5 eyebrow colours 
Features included – 5 eyeliners, 12 beard options plus eyelash, eyebrow, hairbase and many other options.
Can other skin designers make appliers for it? – Yes


  • The heads feature a fit button (neck size adjuster) for Adam, SLink, Niramyth & TMP bodies (Signature body users, just use the SLink size)
  • These heads offer the ability to purchase 'add-on's' as you want them, which is great for those on a budget. I love the ability to buy blinking and a handful of expressions, basically paying for what you'll use. It's important to note that the heads don't have the ability to upgrade to the many expressions available in the Catwa Premium heads though.
  • The HUDs for these are essentially the same as for female mesh heads, and I think they're quite intuitive. The heads come with an animations, a main hud (for skins/features) and a HUD for hairbases/beards etc.
  • The animations are smooth and quite cheeky, definitely something I think users will enjoy.


  • Honestly there really are no particular 'cons' for these mesh heads. Being a 'basic' mesh head they don't have all of the animations you've come to expect from Catwa, but that's the trade off for a lower price.
  • It's not a con really, but we need more male heads Catwa! hehe.
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