Absolut Creations – Adam


About the heads

Name – Adam
Designer – Absolut Creations
Version – vBeta
Cost – 850L during Beta, 1,690 after update.
Expression Hud – No


Adam head HUD

Blinking – Yes
Eyes Open/Closed – Yes
Mouth Open/Closed – No
Teeth – N/A

Skins & Make-up

Skin tones included – 11 tones (includes appliers for Adam mesh body in the HUD)
Make up options included – 4 beard styles
Can other skin designers make appliers for it? – Yes
Omega Head Applier compatible? – Yes (men, get an update of your Adam Omega relay)
Mesh Body Skin Appliers included? – Yes (Adam)


The best bits:

  • I am really fond of this head – unlike some of the male heads I’ve tried, after wearing him around for a while he just felt so… real to me, and still in a sexy-man way!
  • The beard options are great, I know you guys are going to struggle with this, but use the colour palette at the bottom of the HUD to tint the colour to your liking! Just select the beard icon next to it and tint away!! (hint – the browns are around the red area).
  • I love the thought that went into the design of the head. The ears can be alpha’d out, as can the eyelashes – and though most men won’t use it, I really like that he has makeup options. We express ourselves through our avatars, so if you want eyeliner or eyeshadow, you should be able to have it I say!
  • The head will be omega compatible! Omega are currently working on the system for it, so stay tuned!
  • The head is (obviously) a perfect fit for the Adam mesh body, and I found it worked very well with SLink as well.
  • NECK TATTOOS! Two are included, but I’m really excited about these, as often with mesh heads because of the end point of the neck, they’re not possible.

The worst bits:

  • I want expressions! hehe. They’re coming, don’t worry guys, but I honestly can’t wait to see how he looks with expressions.
  • The lashes – I’m not sure why, but the lashes felt a little too long and feminine to me, and of course, he looks weird without them. If you encounter this issue too, what I did was tint them to a medium brown colour, that took away the ‘sweeping feminine lashes’ feel 🙂

Best suited to:

Adam mesh body avatar users (though it can be worn with others, don’t worry), and men who want an easy to use and configure mesh head and don’t want (or can wait for) expressions!

2 thoughts on “Absolut Creations – Adam

  1. Males have longer lashes then females usually. I’m totally jealous of my RL hubby because he has amazingly long lashes! I think that’s a great touch!

  2. I finally went mesh head 🙂 and bought the beta last night.. it didn’t take long to get match up look and skins, BUT give me expressions! He looks so very serious with no smile at all and just a deadpan model look. I’m using one of the stock face skins along with a Concord body skin and matched up nicely. How about a combined Body/Head hud? Would be great not to have to add two huds to make changes, but I suppose once locked in on a look it wont be that big of a deal. Will play with applying the matching Concorde head skin, but all in all pleased. This beta has been out for a long time… its time to crank up development and release with expressions, please!

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