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About the heads

Name – Burton, Kyle, Kyle Aged & Cyrus (left to right)
Designer – Samurai
Cost – Heads are 1,890L except Kyle Aged which is 1,990L (limited edition heads vary in price)
Compatibility with Mesh Bodies – Compatible with Slink/Adam mesh bodies (possibly others also) – special editions of Cyrus and Kyle for Aesthetic mesh body are also available.


Blinking – No
Expressions (static expressions) – No
Animated Expressions – No
‘Talk’ Animation (mouth movement when typing) – No
Eyes Open/Closed – No
Mouth Open/Closed – Yes


Cyrus - HUD 4 Cyrus - HUD 1 Cyrus - HUD 2 Cyrus - HUD 3

Skins & Make-up

Skin tones included – Heads are purchased by tone (so 1 tone)
Make-up/Beard options included – 10 beard styles
Can other skin designers make appliers for it? – No
Omega Head Applier compatible? – No
Mesh Body Skin Appliers included? – No, but SLink Physique + hands/feet, Adam, Auricle & Midnight Lotus appliers available


The best bits:

  • On all of these heads, the stand out feature is definitely the skin quality. You can notice it more on the Kyle Aged model, but the fact that the designer has used his own uv map (as opposed to the sluv which would make it omega compatible) has enabled him to get a much higher quality texture. Probably my favourite ‘comes with skin’ mesh head range so far!
  • The beard options are a really nice touch and give variation and ‘personality’ to the heads, they look quite real too.
  • The heads work well with Adam and Slink mesh bodies, and the recent release of Aesthetic compatible versions gives Aesethetic users the chance to use a different mesh head with that body too which is great.
  • The Kyle Aged mesh head is by the far the best ‘older’ male mesh head I’ve seen in SL so far – I would really love to see them produce more ‘older’ looks for men, the options for older (and even middle aged) men are very limited, so I really loved this head.
  • I liked this (may not matter to men, who knows) but the skins come with the option to purchase an applier for the Midnight Lotus penis, which is the first time I’ve seen an applier for genitals (though it may not be the first to do this, who knows) I still thought it was a nice touch to give men a complete skin option.

The worst bits:

  • I would love some expressions on the heads – or at the very least the ability to open/close eyes and blink; mostly because I’m a photographer and use these functions a lot haha, but for every day use blinking would really add to the realism of the heads.
  • I like (and appreciate) the design choice with the HUD, but I think it will confuse users a lot (or at least make them squint). It’s a bit hard to read which bottle to click for what, and then know which button to press. Sometimes with HUDs it’s almost better to throw design out the window and go with ugly and functional if you ask me LOL.
  • Odd though it may sound, I would have liked the ability to make the beard white. The closest colour in the pre-set colours was blonde, and no matter how you tint blonde you can’t make it white or grey, which I really wanted to do to match the eyebrows on Kyle, so I would love to see a ‘reset to white’ or even just a white colour included for facial hair.
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